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Real Mind Control Power of the MK Ultra

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With our cutting-edge techniques and proven methods, you can tap into the limitless possibilities of your mind.


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Real Mind Control Power of the MK Ultra

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Real Mind Control Power of the MK Ultra
Real Mind Control Power of the MK Ultra

Learn the deepest secrets of mind power developed by the MK Ultra Program

Master  mind power techniques and you master your stars. The mind is the most powerful computer in the world and capable of things not even your most lucid of dreams can fathom. Imagine being able to:

This site covers vast mind control techniques and technologies taken from the MK Ultra program of the US Government. Theory is briefly explained and bolstered with hard core mind power applications. You will find no fluff in this community. Are you ready to change your stars? Let’s start with your mind. It’s time for a neural and spiritual upgrade to freedom.



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This is more than a mere brainwashing or silva mind control site.


It’s been proven and tested: you can warp reality to your whims with mind power software. Grab it right here. We’re the only ones to develop reality altering software that works on the android phone. This goes beyond hypnosis. This is real quantum mechanics.


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Occult Tactics

Learn 2000 year old arcane methods of remote influence over matter and energy.  Here’s a sample. You can even induce tantric orgasms remotely with this method! Yes, the scientists of the MK Ultra program had a lot of fun

Mind Machines

Yes- you can influence events with secret mind machines – even mere drawings. Learn how

Wish Casters

Software is the latest rage for remote influence. Did you know you can make it rain, you can heal and you kill debilitate with software

High Magic Forum

Learn from a community of mind masters.  We have built four forms and one reddit community. Join us. Click here.

Learn to project thoughts fast

Try this Mind Power Experiment: Close your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly. Touch your tongue to the top of your palate and close your thumbs and index fingers to create the OK sign. Transfer your awareness to both your navel and the center of the earth. Eventually the energy will rise through you. You will feel your entire body throb with energy. Store the energy into your chest. Look at the sky and cast the life force at the clouds. Fill with rage. The clouds will melt. There’s a lot more you can do with this mind controlled energy. One dark secret? It can kill. Learn how.

How to Control Minds with Words
Leery of energy mind control? Then try NLP instead. Conversational hypnosis can sway events to your desires. Learn one killer technique here.
How to Unleash Brain Power
A little known area of the brain called the amygdala can awaken latent ESP power. Learn more here.
How to Get Rich with Chants
The entire universe is frequency. Certain sound streams can heal. Some can destroy. Others can even make your wealthy. Learn about the 2000 year old secret chant… Shreem Brzee – and become a very rich man.

I’m a beat reporter for one of the biggest news agencies in the world. Your free tutorials really enabled me to get out of my shell and make things happen… almost like a miracle!

Maria L.


I’ve read this blog since 1999. I’m impressed at the weird stuff here- and they all work like bonkers

Ethan K.

Just one thing. Psychic Seduction. That’s all I needed to know from you guys and my life changed.

Mario P

Real Mind Control Power of the MK Ultra

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Are you ready to learn all the secret technologies of the MK Ultra? This is the review site for everything pertaining to mind control, psionics, energy manipulation, hypnotic influence and quantum entanglement. Much of the information here is free. Drop us a line anytime, and you’ll get a response. Oh- and join our mind power forum. We’ll blow you away!