South Spin Increases Bovis Levels in Food and Drink

Here’s a shocker. Scientific research has  recognized that there is a direct correlation between a positive or negative bovis measurement and the direction in which the atoms of the water molecule spin. It was discovered that things measuring below 6,500 Bovis have molecules that spin to the right (dextrorotatory) and exhibit life depleting characteristics. Cancer cells for example, exhibit right turning molecules. Living things measuring above 6,500 Bovis, exhibit left turning molecules (levorotatory) and exhibit life enhancing characteristics.

Can We Do Something About It?

Fortunately for all of us the answer is a resounding YES! After being diagnosed with cancer, German researcher Manfred Bauer, set off on his own journey to discover both the cause of his illness and a way to arrest or reverse it’s effects. What he discovered was a unique process by which ordinary water could be energized to levels much higher than the neutral point of 6,500 bovis. Once the energizing process it’s self was perfected, it was a natural progression for Bauer to begin manufacturing products that would enable anyone to energize their own water, food and environment which all directly serve to improve the energy of the human body as well.

You Can Induce High Bovis Levels with a Mere Hand Gesture

South Spin Energy

The First South Spin Technique:

First, place one hand on either side of water glass or food.

Left Hand: Fingers together, pointing forward, thumb pointing upward.

Right Hand: Little finger, ring finger, middle finger all touching thumb, creating a “tunnel” or vortex. Forefinger pointing straight ahead . . . same as fingers on left hand.

Rotate right hand so that “tunnel” or vortex is open to subject food/water. This can be done either by rotating hand so the back of hand is turned down, thumb up, or, aim tunnel/vortex, again at subject with back of hand on top, thumb down The important thing is to have the open vortex attracting energy directly through food or water, attracting it from the palm of the left hand.

Taste the water – note the texture and flavor

Draw energy via the right hand tunnel/vortex, drawing it from the palm of the left hand.

Maintain this flow for about 15 seconds.

Taste the water, or food again. Note the difference. Are you shocked?

This is free energy from the vacuum, used to revitalize food and water.

Try treating your food before cooking or preparing it. Better taste! Better health!

And here’s the second technique:

Northern or Southern Hemisphere?

Some researchers have found that the left vortex is for the Northern Hemisphere and the right vortex is for the Southern Hemisphere. People have tried it and had success both ways. To know it is working, test it on a glass of soda or beer that has a lot of foam on top. When done properly, the foam will go flat.

Right Hand

Thumb pointing straight up

Four fingers pointing straight ahead, close together like a “karati chop.”
Hand is wide open with palm able to “receive” energy from left hand.

Left Hand:

Little finger, ring finger, and middle finger: all three touching thumb. See the “tunnel” these make? This becomes the energy vortex. Forefinger points straight ahead.

Depending on flexibility, back of hand can be at the top, flat to the ceiling, or
you can roll the hand over with the back of the hand now lying on the table.
Either way, one end or the other of the vortex, or tunnel opening is facing the glass or plate.

Hold hands on left and right of liquid or food and allow vortex to send energy through the liquid/food to be “caught” by the palm of the open right hand positioned as a “karate chop.” Send energy for about 30 secconds.

Test the energized changes: Water will taste sweeter, fruit will taste sweeter, soda and beer will go flat, wine will taste smooth and expensive, especially dry, red wine.

The vortex hand can be left or right. Actually, making the vortex with the right hand will draw healing negative energy from the open left palm, through the liquid or food, to the right vortex. Good results (see above testimony) have been had using the open right palm, but … exceptional results will happen drawing energy FROM THE OPEN LEFT PALM.

The vortex hand can be”thumb up” or “thumb down,” — it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the energy being drawn from the open opposite palm. No harm can come from reversing the procedure, but benefits are outstanding using the open left hand with right vortex. This draws all of this wonderful left-hand negative healing energy directly through anything placed between the hands.