Controlling the Chi – The Basics First

Here you will learn to control, and use your own life force energy to enrich your existence. Your life-force energy is called Ki. You will be using this energy largely in kinetics. Take Note: Learning Ki is much more challenging than you may think it is. If you want a short-cut to chi control, this secret software raises the power of 100 qi gong masters. You can also download over 20 free energy raising mp3s based on chakra stimulus here.

OK, now for visualizing your ki. To visualize your ki, merely begin to see the colour blue or white(or what ever colour you select)as a bleary, mist, sparkle, or liquid in your body, all over. You also need to visualize where the primary ki is kept. It’s called your Dan Tien, or Tan-tien. It’s about two inches below your solar plexus torus field. This Is a pool where the key ki lies. Now that you have the visualization, let’s attempt controlling your ki. Here are a couple of steps to help your management your internal energy.

STEP 1: Place your most dominant hand(The hand you utilize the most)in front of you, along with your palm faced upward

STEP2: Visualize your ki(You can have your eyes shut if that is more comfortable.). If you can’t visualize, then feel it as heat.

STEP3: Now concentrate on transferring your ki to your hands. Do that for of a minute or two. After moving your ki for your hand, you should sense heat, or a tingling sensation. Once you feel these specific things that mean you’ve successfully moved your ki for your hand.


Controlling Fire
Fire is the component of fury, anger and life. If practiced correctly firebending teaches self control. For fire controlyou must fill your chi with fury and life. Fire is an alarmingly un-predictable component-just just like the peolple who practice it.

Fire is essentially  the exploitation of heat so technically it is likely to pull fire out of thin air.

Beginners’ Technique
First you will need to get your chi prepared for firebending. Go into a meditative trance and see your chi (white silvery material if you have never fire-bended before,)  streaming through you like snakes of flame. Afterward envision it turning a gold yellow colour. This could make fire bending much easier.Do this every day to get a week.

Controlling Fire #1
First above evrything else you have to learn control. Fire is a element that really needs to be controled or else you’ll get injured . Get a tiny candle and light it.Then go into an ethereal trance and stare at the candle in your mind (you could also put yourself in a firey scene) subsequently set your hand out and picture chi coming out of your solar plexus (chi colour = firey yellow) in your chest,subsequently into your arms and into your hand. Imagine the chi going into the fire through a twine. Feed the fire with finger chakra chi and it should get brighter and taller.Do this for 10 minutes.

Afterward envision gold yellow energy coming from the fire into your body,the flame should get smaller/ duller. If it doesnt work on the first attempt, use some hot pepper sauce on your chakras to activate them more

Fire Technique #2
Ok….go into a meditave trance. Link with the Fire .(the tech aforementioned) Feed the fire a bit of chi,then imagine the cord (that you used to feed the fire chi) divide into 5 tendrils coming from your fingers. With the pull of a finger you must be able to manipulate the fire.

Setting Paper & Leaf On Fire

Get a piece of paper or a leaf(have it in your hands).Go into your meditave trance. See your chi flowing through you (pristineyellow) .Visualize your chi coming out of your solar plexus into your chest afterward into your arms and finally into your hands (both of them)make your chi enter the paper/leaf,and disperse it all over it. Gradually have your chi go deep orange and feel it getting hotter slowly…feel heat….afterward when smoke is coming from the chi, ignite all your fury. The more passionate, the greater the likelihood  the target goes up in flames. You must genuinely feel the chi turning into TRULY feel it.

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