Imagine: a recording that can make you wealthy.  Watch this video then grab the 20MB audio at the end of this post and change your life.

Dr Pillai  discusses the origins of the BRZEE mantra and how this powerful mantra can give you both spiritual and material wealth (taken from His Day of Enlightenment Seminar in the 90’s).  His lecture has reached thousands of individuals with even skeptics discovering a windfall and turn around of dire finances.

The secret?  Chanting either of the following:

  • Shreem Brzee
  • Om Brezee Namaha

Brzee is pronounced BRA- ZEEEH

Thousands of testimonials can be found on the internet regarding this powerful sound stream- and personally, I’ve witnessed how friends down in the dumps used it for a quick turn around. None of these friends are users of psionics, magick or mind machines:



A Bonus Surprise for You

XM has compiled a penetrating soundstream containing the mandatory 108 Chants necessary to activate the financial abundance that thousands have enjoyed by personally chanting the invocation.

To avail:

1. Download the 20MB soundstream

2. Play into your PC or MP3

3. Mentally or Verbally chant the words as you hear it.

We have coded this soundstream to work for anyone even on low tech equipment.

Now for those with a copy of the Psionics Software, there’s an even bigger surprise. Elements of the soundstream had been designed to resonate with the coding of XCaster or UltraPsionics to funnel massive Godcaster force into a spiral of energy during the release of the soundstream.

You can seriously expect things like closing big business deals, winning more card games… or tumping a lotto.