Battered again by incelement weather?

Where I live, there’s something like a dome of energy that keeps nasty formations at bay. Typhoons and calamities cut swathes through surrouding cities except where I stay.

There’s a secret. It’s weather control.

Now I do admit cheating. I created psi energy devices like that pictured on ths article (It’s the Storm Sword Mk2) that makes things easy, but there’s the manual method.

You can  exert moderate force on the weather with your mind and project amplified bolts at a raging sky. Learn the method and spare yourself storm damage.

  1. Procure a double terminated quartze crystal. About 6 inches long will serve your purpose. No wrap a caduceus coil around the middle part about two inches wide. Search through this site for information on caduceus coils.
  2. Get a bottle of hot sauce or wintereen oil. Now wait for a day of bad weather
  3. When the eye of the storm approaches your city, go barefoot on the grass and put dabs of the hot oil on your base chakra, your navel chakra, your chest and heart chakra and on your third eye. Stand shoulder width apart and grasp your crystal wand on your right hand.
  4. Close your eyes and raise energy doing Breath of Fire for five minutes. There’s more information on this in earlier posts. Keep your awareness on all the points hit by the hot sauce.
  5. Point the wand into the distance, at a spot in the center of the storm and throw your consciousness into the very center.
  6. Start chanting “aram adam axadam”
  7. While your consciousness is in the center of the storm, flood yourself with pink unconditional love and feel it radiate outwards in tsunami-like cascades.

Was that a little involved? The results will stun you. Often it takes just 10 minutes of the meditation and a moderate storm dissipates.