Mind Power Seduction: Deep Rapport with Psychic Seduction

HOW ALLURING ARE YOU?  If members of the opposite gender treat you like the invisible man, read on.

mind power seduction

What’s she thinking of?

Psychic Seduction and Hypnotic Conversation

There is a powerful method of questioning females that makes them feel that you’re listening with your soul.  Converse in such a manner and you’ll appear irresistibly magnetic

Before I give you the formula, remember it is vital to deliver the following lines as slowly and seductively as you can. After you ask the questions, shut your mouth and let her speak her piece. Pepper your conversation with numerous pregnant pauses.You’ll give the impression of being sensitive- it’s something women crave.

The hypnotic words that you wish to use are

“What about XXX that …” 
“How do you feel about XXX …” or “What’s important to you about that”

Here’s an example:

You:  So what do you like doing for fun in the evenings

Her: I enjoy having sex. A lot of wild sex

You: Ah. Oh, What particularly do you enjoy about sex

Her: It makes me forget my problems. Focus only on the moment. My mind flies free

You: So when you’re having sex, how do you feel

Her: Release. Fun. A lot of freedom. It’ an incredible sensation. Nothing can compare. Makes me want to do it now.

BAM! You’re now interacting with her at a DEEPER level. And if you didn’t get the last reply, that was already an open invitation for more internal exploring. Take note: emotional questioning works on both genders – and even the third gender. 

Enhanced Mind Power Psychic Seduction

The hypnotic conversation is merely the opener to creating rapport. You can go the extra mile and use psychic seduction bring in more fanatic allure. All you have to do is accomplish the following covertly:

  • Flood yourself with chi energy while carrying out your lines. Chi energy radiates a warm vibe around any individual. Athletes, politicians, celebrities have a great deal of it. It shrouds them with the star aura. People are enamored by it. One way to absorb more chi is through pranic breathing. A faster way is through the use of energy mind machines. Here’s a popular device.
  • Raise internal energy. Ascetics have discovered 7 key ways to unfurl the chakras of the human body. With Psychic Seductionthis surplus power, you can hurl electric energy at other humans and create excitement, arousal or cooperation. Here’s a tip: Play a pure tone of 288hz to activate your sacral and sex chakras. You will be instantly subliminally attractive. Some notes on this:
  1. The Sacral Chakra involves feelings of separation, personal magnetism, and your patterns of sociability, control and emotions. An imbalance in the Second Chakra may be experienced as drug or alcohol addiction, depression, eating disorders, and intimacy issues, such as impotence and frigidity.The Navel Chakra is located just below the navel. It is also known as the second or Sacral Chakra. It represents creativity, sexuality, pleasures and frustrations.
  2. The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is nearest to the grounding of the Earth. It represents vitality, survival instincts, and the emotions of desire, anger, jealousy and greed. An imbalance of the first chakra may show as a loss of interest in the real world and practical survival, obsessions, addictions, volatile emotions, restlessness, selfishness and a lack of energy.
  3. Here’s another killer tactic. Play a pure tone of 256hz near your genitals to activate the root chakra. Spend five minutes of activation. Then alternate between stimulating the root and sacral chakra to create a minor kundalini awakening.  The energy the floods upwards create a very powerful, influential and attractive you. There’s a lot more to this arcane method of psychic seduction. Click here to learn more.
  • Wear red. Red clothing sends out red energy – both on the visual wavelength and the infrared. People see red and feel aroused. It’s one reason ladies love their little red dress. This psychic seduction tactic isn’t so mystical but it helps your remote influence.
  • Carry a rose quartz crystal. It’s known as the love stone for a reason.
  • Keep your focus on your hara chakra. The hara chakra is the seat of your primal energy. With physical focus on it, you compel the chakra to release your core energy which people around you will feel. A powerful soundform that activates the hara can be downloaded for free. Grab it here.

You’ve just learned the basics of mind power seduction. Delve deeper into the sordid world of mind power tactics with this primer.