This system was designed to fulfill a very special need, specifically to block out outside psychic noise while in the same time, cocooning your mind and body in tangible forces that enhance manifestation and psychic power. It’s also useful for conditions where you demand heightened brainpower.

Find the following:

1: A straight backed armchair. No, the couch won’t do

2: an amplifying pattern

Amplification pattern

3: aluminum foil:

4: stuff to create a headband with (if you don’t yet have a Psionic Amplifying Helmet. In the event you do, make use of the helmet where the directions say headband)

5: brads -any kind

6: a few six foot lengths of wire with alligator clips at every end

How to Make Your Psionic BioCircuitworkout your mind

Refer to this page for the full theory on biocircuits

First make the headband with a strip running along the very top of the head. Push a brad through at the stage where the strip touches the crown of the head in order that the points come out the top as well as the head of the brad touches the head. Paste a foil ring over the head of the brad.

Make a foil contact plate for each foot. This can be accomplished by pasting a piece of aluminum foil to a sheet of posterboard.

Paste the amplifying pattern to a sheet of posterboard and shove a brad through at the centre of the pattern. Paste a sheet of foil to the foundation in order to own a sandwich, the design, the posterboard and then the foil in the underside.

Setup Yourself

Wrap a part of foil across the seat arm where the palm of your right hand will rest so the hand will lay on the foil.

Spread the amplifying pattern on the ground or a table close to the seat and attach the pattern to the foil in the seat using a wire.

Adjust the foil plate so that your feet will rest on it when you are in the seat.

Attach the foot plate to the headband by cutting a wire from the footplate to the ends of the brad on the headband. If you’re donning a psionic helmet, cut the wire to the end of a patch cable (such as you’d utilize to link the helmet to the radionic box) from the jack on the helmet.

Have a friend strap you naked to the seat as follows.

  • Your arms along the seat arms so that your right hand rests upon the foil electrode.
  • Your midsection and upper body strapped to the seat back to maintain your spine erect.
  • Your feet strapped together at the ankles
  • Your legs strapped together just over the knees.

When you’re tied to the seat, have your helper position the headband or helmet on you so the foil touches your crown chakra and set the timer for one hour. Afterward ask the friend to hold your hand … . All you need to do afterward is concentrate on broadcasting your thoughts to the ether.

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