Ultimate Gambling Sigils

Love gambling but keep losing? You’re in luck- for once.

The High Heaven Gambling Sigils are Taoist-Santeria fusion of magick designed for one sole purpose: to let you win at the gambling tables. These are not general purpose talismans hence these must be used only for the card games at casinos.

*If you know nothing about gambling, do not even bother to gamble. Not even high magick can change your lack of skill. This talisman is intended for those who have the basics tacked down.

Usage is simple.

  1. You are to print five copies of the image on this page.
  2. Each one, you are to breathe upon each three times while muttering “aram adam axadam”
  3. Fold one three times in your pocket and proceed to the gambling table.
  4. Start gambling. You will have  a streak of luck.
  5. STOP gambling after you have three consecutive loses. Burn the sigil you carried and flush it down the toilet.
  6. You can resume gambling within 6 hours with the remaining sigils.

Gambling Talisman

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