Psychic Seduction Masterclass Video

This is the Masterclass that Blows Away The Rest. Including our Early Works.

Psychic Seduction

Are you ready to take your powers TO THE NEXT LEVEL?

Psychic Seduction allows you to create penetrating thoughts that originate in the mind of your partners. Your thoughts become her thoughts. You become one mind. Then everything becomes possible.

The lady begin believing these ideas of want, of attraction of desire. That means that you will occasionally feel their own thoughts in your own mind.

The power all comes from the driving force of energy, kundalini and concerted thought.

The new remote seduction masterclass is light years away from the original Psychic Seduction manual we released covering the OHM Method and Brain Entrainment. You will have success even if you can’t visualize.

Watch this video for a subset of what you will master

Attract Women with this System. Guaranteed

What you saw is a mere sample. We conducted our masterclasses live here. This is the four hour coverage:

  • Energy work on the brain and specific chakra centers. This includes the amygdala, corrector and hypothalamus
  • Manipulation of of the microcosmic orbits
    Goetia emblems which produce the most impact- we eliminate the demonic aspect
  • Effective astral projection (you will do it that same night after the workshop) that help you project into others minds.
  • Basic technical remote viewing
  • Telepathic transmission and how you can do it in a week
  • Pure energy sources for your RI efforts-even without radionics
  • Frequencies, tones conducive to building your power
    Psychic kiss, handshake, gestures that unleash emotional control
  • Everything in Psychic Seduction 1 to 5 brought to 2013- after 10 years of upgrading.
  • Why power circles help and how specific ascension seats can make you a dating master.
  • Casting the perpetual Golden Aura.
  • Casting the invisible Shield – mask yourself from attackers and miscreants

Psychic Seduction Activates Chi Energy!

The Masterclasss is in Mp4 format conducted with 10 students. You will learn why the old methods of Psychic Seduction (and the rest of the stuff out there) is no longer so potent. Then we proceed to give you the blow by blow directions to being a sex god master. Even if you know no NLP or PUA

Are you ready to be this good? The ladies will never forget your hands… even if remotely.

What You Get

An instant download,  the Psychic Seduction Masterclasss MP4

Download on a 5Mbps line should take 30 minutes. It will provide you 24/7 ecstasy and sheer bliss

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Some Concepts and Techniques You Will Learn