Have you ever imagined how to take down an opponent with psychic combat? We covered the same topic a few newsletters ago. In today’s article we discuss an advanced method of psychic combat that allows you to destabilize the opponent even before the fight. Essentially you’ll look this kick-ass.


Psychic Combat 101

The trick to effective psychic combat is to connect yourself to the earth core energy through grounding. Once rooted, the energy will be channeled from the core into your fists where you unleash energy to shred the enemy combatant’s aura. Note: this can be done on the fly. That means if a mugger attacks you on the street, you can execute these techniques if you’re sufficiently energized. Let’s begin with your psychic combat technique:

1. First stand shoulder width apart. Feel the center of the earth hundreds of miles below you. It helps to Sense as though the ground opened and you’re straddling a ball of fire. Feel that fire go up your feet and into your hara. Lower your stance.  Now channel that fire into your hands- and as the fire flows see it turn into liquid cold flame. It helps to play this energy music for a rapid chakral boost.

2. Create an image of your enemy before you. Form the energy in your hands into icy spears. Do quick thrusts at points 3 inches behind the eye chakra , the chest chakra and the base chakra of the opponent. Twice is enough. Form the claw fist and rake upwards from the groin to the third eye, seeing the front of the opponent rip. You’ve just destabilized the microcosmic orbit.

3. The coup the grace: place your left hand behind where you think the chest chakra is. Place your right before it. Do a twisting motion with both hands as though you were unscrewing a cylinder and throwing out the chakra.

4. At this point the opponent will be in a very confused state, THEN you can launch a physical attack. There will be minimal resistance, maximum damage.

5. Steps 1 to 3 can be done very rapidly- in just 5 seconds. In fact you can do this all in your mind provided the procedures are seen and felt crystal clear. If you’re familiar with dim mak and chi gong, you already know this.

The Cascade Ring – Combat Edition

Sometime ago we released the  Cascade Ring which utilizes embedded mantras, sacred geometries and psionic programming for impenetrable auric protection, energy generation, and manifestation enhancement.  Early buyers wondered if such a ring can be crafted for uses in psi combat , protection and reflex increase.

The good news is, our suppliers have modified the previous programming to release the Combat edition. Wearing the ring perpetually connects you to the earth core without the steps above. The immediate result is a sense of being well grounded. Very little can shake you or throw your confidence. The second is that strikes to the opponent deal more damage while providing energy without depletion of your own. And finally, your intuition goes up during combat. There’s a sense of dilated sensory input. While in a fight or simple verbal argument, you will feel as if everything else slows down and you can calculate your next step at leisure. Never again will you say “I should have said this” or wish you did something. (Yes, cognitive processes goes sky high)

The secret is in the new programming of the ring, it’s linkages to key Ascension seats and the new Hex Box Version 2 which comes with 2 servitors and is crafted from wood taken from demolished temples. There’s a lot of power there! (Note, all buyers of the Astral Wings got this new Hex Box V2 by default)

The ring normally sells for $399, but if you’re an old buyer, you get a hefty discount.

Interested in the new Cascade Ring? Here’s what it looks like with its V2 Hex Box:

cascade ring combat

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