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Affiliate Program

Getting Started With The Xtrememind Affiliate Program

Many of our affiliates generate $250 to $800 a month  in residual income. Would you like to share in their success? Become an affiliate! Simply place a special link (instructions follow) on your site or email ,and every purchase resulting from that link earns you explosive commissions! Even if your visitors purchase 90 days after they click on your link, that sale is credited to you!


About the XtremeMind.com Affiliate Program
XtremeMind.com’s affiliate program is managed by DigiResults which allows publishers, resellers, and web site owners to advertise our products to their users and visitors, and earn 25% -40%. Signup is simple and free, and you can spread the word about these fine products and earn commissions in the process.
What You Can Earn

XtremeMind ebook/ CD products range in price from $21.00 to $200. Many users buy multiple products at a time, with the average order size exceeding $100. You will earn 25% to 40% on each order you enable through your advertising of XtremeMind.com products.

Here’s what real affiliates are making:

Affiliate performance

Signing Up to be an Affiliate

Becoming a  Affiliate is quick and easy. Our affiliate program is managed by Digiresults.

To Get Started, simply Sign Up . You will then receive an email providing you with the linksMaster NLP persuasion techniques and chi control and details needed to start advertising our products today. Tomorrow, you may already begin reaping a windfall of revenue! No need for monthly maintenance; just wait for the check in the mail– or the wire transfer! Imagine how fat your ledger would  be like as you earn on automatic pilot?

Sign Up Here

Ok, that was the hard part. After completing the signup, you will be emailed the affiliate account activation instructions. Activate your affiliate account  as instructed in this email. You will then be sent login instructions. Log into your  affiliate account. Click the Relationships link , simply hunt for products you’d like to promote! It’s that simple! Every sale made as a result of your promotional links rewards you with 40% commissions!

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