What if you can goad major decision makers to your suggestion- by pushing a switch in your head?

Here we have an exciting revelation. Key centers in your body, when stimulated, leads to greater internal energy flow- the type of power that can create spooky action at a distance. Or manifestation. Or influence.

About a decade and a half ago, a fellow named Neil Slade published some findings on the activation of the amygdala and its correlation with certain mental capabilities. Stimulate it enough and you get the perpetual  “zone effect”, higher mental processing and ultimately the activation of latent powers.

I’ve found from experimentation that dual stimulation of the amygdala alternated with stimulation of the base chakra opens a strong circuit of energy within five minutes that anything you project or desire by sheer force of will have a strong chance of happening.

Let me share an instance, I attended a board discussion where more than half the board were deciding to a disastrous course of action. They couldn’t see the inevitable failure of the decision. I called for a recess and used the 15 minute break to activate both centers. Fully energized, I flooded the other members with a sense of forboding on the pending decision while simultaneously communicating the viability of an alternative.

I did this all remotely- from the executive lounge on the toilet. 😉

At the end of the day, the decision had long been abandoned and my espoused action taken.

How did I do it? It’s easy. Here’s the full body activation method.

  1. First find a quiet spot. Sit straight. Place your palms on your knees, with arm pits open. You want the energy flow strong.
  2. Close your eyes and relax. Breathe deeply and slowly.No need for pranayama since you will draw energy another way.
  3. Direct your attention to both temples. Feel and imagine a feather stroking clockwise on bothe temples. You do this because directly in that area is the amygdaala. The construct of the feather activates the amygdala which releases energy and good chemicals. Do this 30 seconds. You will feel intense pleaure,
  4. Direct your attention to the base of the spine where your coccyx ends. Imagine the same feather spiraling and stroking lightly that area. Instantly that point of kundalini force lights up. Do this 30 seconds. You may feel aroused.
  5. Alternate stimulation between both  sites for about 5 minutes. You will feel like a train is moving up and down your spine- between your head and fanny. A bubble may begin forming at your chest and you will feel the tips of your appendages tingle.
  6. If you’ve ever taken feel good drugs before- the sensation from the energy will dwarf whatever trip you’ve had. That’s a promise. Provided you did this right.

You’ll know you’re activated when your entire body appears to be humming. Or vibrating. That’s when you start visualizing what you want as though they’re already happening. Throw all that energy at the big bright picture of your desire.

Things will move fast. Really fast. Often I’d do this prior to interaction with hardy people or when I want to influence my forex trading. To date, I’ve had nothing but a string of victory at forex by creating an ambience of recptiveness to market action. Last Thursday, Jan 15, 2015, I hit numerous 300 pip profit targets when the Swiss Central Bank released the artificial pegs on the CHF. That was enormous profit. All thanks to empowered intuition.

The Solomonic Transfer Spell

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