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You have a lot of subtle energy tools but you don’t know how to wield them? You need this 400 page book: the PsychoTronic Generator. Download it.
About 9 years ago, Bob Dratch released a software that reached cult status. Called the Tachyon Creator, it infuses almost any object with chi. Soon after, he pulled it from public eye. Guess what? We have a copy. Download it . (Set compatibility to Windows XP)
 Pulled from the market in 1996, and originally conceptualized in 1984, this system unleashes the powe of your chakras for healing- and destruction. Download it.
 Created in the year 2000, and still the best ever psionic program ever made. It’s free but largely gone from the internet. You need 40MB. Download it.
 The Santeria Lust Chant. Powerful invocations to Santeria overlords that create intense attraction. PUAs have noticed that this totally replaces the need for NLP. Overlaid with chakra frequencies. The words taught by Norberto Claudio. Overlay and energy frequency by Xtrememind. Download it. Goes well with Get Her PDF and Do Her PDF
 And the rest of our stuff are in this page

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I. Jan 15 toJan 20: Only 3 Units at 60% Off

The Aphrodite Chalice- cast in silver and gold and programmed with High Magic for unbelievable attraction, charisma and rapport. Includes a lust ruby in a vial of Charm Elixir which causes a flood of libido, test surge, and romantic attraction others will feel. Anything placed into the chalice acquires the charm and power.

$500 only

Each individual element’s price: High Magick Chalice ($350), Lust Ruby ($599), Elixir ($250)


special projects
II. Cascade Ring  V3.0 Mage Edition

The Unity Ring, Infinity Ring and Ultimate Talisman’s have all sold out and will no longer be available.The replacement is the Cascade Ring which utilizes embedded mantras, sacred geometries and psionic programming for impenetrable auric protection, energy generation, and manifestation enhancement. Expect unfolding of your clairvoyance, things going your way and a lack of aggravation in your life.

V3.0 Is the Mage Edition – giving you the power simply draw images of your desire on paper in in red ink and having those drawings become self-sustaining psionic emblems for life (provided the emblems maintain reasonable integrity). Also included is the new Hex Box V2 bearing far more power than previous hex boxes. Crafted from wood used in demolished temples, the new Hex Boxes not only charge your ring or food, they also radiate vibes 12ft in all direction that repulse negativity.

SRP of $399 . Old Buyers Get Massive Discount

(Your ring may look different to ensure uniqueness)

cascade ring

Can you feel the power

Hex Box




 Hera Engine

We are releasing the 14 core Hera Engine which interfaces with computers using a USB controller and mp3 players using audio interface. The device provides enough energy to cast 15 simultaneous spells and can attack 15 simultaneous targets for good or bad.

The Tachyon engine is V3, absorbs sunlight and reacts to sound. Beware- most couldn’t sleep next to a Hera

If you’re reading this article, you can claim a 50% discount off the $1995 release price and buy the device for only $995. 


Hera Engine Chi Generator