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  1. Our long time merchant processor Tinypass closed down Dec 2019. For MP3s, PDFs, software and services, please  email us with a paypal request. We do not provide automatic paypal buttons at this time due to Covid.
  2. Email us the product you want to order if for physical devices. We stopped commercial manufacture 2012.
  3. Decide whether to use  Paypal, Western Union, Skrill or Bank Transfer as a payment option.
  4. If we decide to manufacture, we will send you payment details and send the product . Discounts may apply on case to case basis.
  5. DISCOUNTS: Yes we grant them on ocassion to previous buyers. Email us for a discounted invoice 10 to 40% off on case by case basis.

Emails: exceedglobal[at]gmail.com  support[at]xtrememind.com


High Energy Personal Instruments

Endless Rise

Based on tensor, orgonite and sacred geometry principles, the Endless Rise is a 1.2Million bovis personal energy instrument that provides astounding results for rejuvenation and manifestation

Metatron Gates

An array of energy discs that provide full body and room revitalization. 10 Million bovis at 40,000 mictrotesla. Can be used as a peronal energy portal

Sagar Tensor Tech

Sagar is is leading provider of tensor technologies. Discover tools comparable and even better to Life Lights original versions

Life Light Tech

Light Life Technologies started the tensor technology revolution under the leadership of Slim Spurling. Fancy golden tools that can heal?

Welz Mind Machines

We carry the most powerful Welz psionic mind machines at the lowest prices. This is the Engine that started the Orgonite Revolution


The JU99 Mind Machine

The JU99 Mind Machine

Entry level chi generator

Propel chi energy anywhere on the planet. Popular for healing. CLICK HERE
Welz Performer

Welz Performer

Sports mind machine

The sportsman’s chi generator. Gain unreal endurance, strength and focus. CLICK HERE
Welz ATG1200

Welz ATG1200

Ultra Heavy Duty Mind Machine

Influence 48 simultaneous targets even on other planets. 5 acre sphere of influence. CLICK HERE
Chi Gun 2400 Mind Machine

Chi Gun 2400 Mind Machine

Mid Line Welz Mind Machine

Propels chi at light speed.PC or MP3 interface. With free Ultrapsionic Software.CLICK HERE
RAD2400 Mind Machine

RAD2400 Mind Machine

Heavy Duty Mind Machine

Irresistibly influence minds from across the planet.Just push a button. CLICK HERE
PFC2400 Mind Machine

PFC2400 Mind Machine

Mid Line Welz Mind Machine

Remote hypnosis and telepathy can never be easier.CLICK HERE
RAD5 Mind Machine

RAD5 Mind Machine

Heavy Welz Mind Machine

Control a crowd of people, influence the ether and determine your reality. Multi-frequency with 5 independent chi generators CLICK HERE

Professional Manifestation

Alter reality with the aid of hardcore energy bending practitioners. Since 1995. Please email first before ordering as we have scaled back this service


Prove the power of magic and energy bending. Experience free chaos magic and life force projection

Spell Catalogue

Explore the most powerful energy invocations of our Britsh and Chinese spell casters. Life could never be more amazing.
Xtrememind VIP
Xtrememind is one small facet of the massive empire that dominates multiple industries. Now stop and ask yourself – what would you do with our insider knowledge on success engineering. And by knowledge, I don’t mean abstractions and generalities. Imagine have the exact blueprint to building true dizzying power on several fronts: financial, social, relational and metaphysical.

Click the image to the left to learn precisely how we built an armada to the good life- and how you can do even better.

This is XtremeMInd VIP– launching this January 23, 2017.

Best Selling PDF Guides


Learn  sneaky NLP tactics, unstoppable seduction tricks and quantum mind power. Over 120,000 copies sold!

Cosmic Abundance

There’s one thing that the Rothschilds, Mark Zuckerberg and the Ascended Masters have in common. Can you handle the truth?

Objection Mastery

Learn how to counter any objection and argument with effortless NLP. Uses stealth reframes and sleight of mouth.

Ascended States

A secret breathing method with four thought forms turns you into a throbbing battery of tachyon energy. You knew part of it since birth.

Maximum Influence

Our top-tier workshop manual used in our advanced $1000 NLP Magnetic Influence Masterclass Workshops  .

Seduction Advanced

Sexy dating guru Melissa reveals why you’re always friendzoned- and how to enthrall even the iciest queen with just 7 words. Guaranteed sex on first date.

Dating MasterClass I

Transform even the biggest loser into a dating expert in one evening. Get ladies wet on command.

Seminar Masterclass Recordings

Psionic WishCaster Software

Android-based psionic software for wish-casting while on the road

Ultra Psionics V1.2

Mobile/Tablet WishCast software with energy drawn from GodCasters. Works with all radionics brands. Create amazing magic on the go.

Dark Psionics

Android-based manifestation software with energy drawn from DOR generators. Not for the faint of heart. Only for the nefarious.

XtremeCaster Ultra

2018 evolution of the 2014 XtremeCaster. Multiple forms of magickal operations, 10 simultaneous operations- and 100% faster operations

XtremeCaster v2.0

Professional wish casting software for android-based devices. Handles 6 wishes at the same time. Turbo Explode function. Linked to 15 Godcasters
Super Manifestation

Welz Super Manifestation

Legendary Welz wish casting software for Mac and PC. Can influence 22 wishes at the same time

High Energy MP3

Shift the flow of chi within your mind, your aura and your personal space

Kundalini 3.0

The 2016 version of the world famous Kundalini Activator. This safe variant initiates a rising in 60 days unlike earlier versions.

Kundalini One

Stimulate your energy centers; develop psi capabilities. Greatly increases personal charisma and power over relationships. LSD high!

Kundalini Two

Revamp Kundalini Activator One. Full stimulation of all chakras. Integrates chaos magick. 2012 release

Psychic Seduction MP3

The much imitated, never paralled energy seduction matrix. Remote influence and telepathic abilities- install the Ultra Seducer into your energy field.

Grand Unity 2.0

The 2015 version of Grand Unity. If there’s one thing you want in life, and can it so – this audio makes it happen in 30 days.

XM Power Alpha

Acquire xtreme charisma, chi energy and confidence. A Bestseller with 300,000 copies sold in Europe- the all in one human optimizer

Dark Attraction

Exude the extremely entralling charms of vampires, satyrs and nymphs…In 20 minutes. It’s like virtual pheromones

Reality Matrix Xtreme

Can’t afford a mind machine? Reality Matrix turns your brain into a psionic manifestation system. Easily influence reality from your thoughts.

Grand Unity 1

If you need just one source of power that does everything from health, power, wealth and protection, this is it. 100,000 sold.

Psion Master 3

Restricted mind software only for assault psionics. (third party product) Destroys energy fields rapidly. Exercise caution or illness can ensue

Ascension Activator

Jump right into the ascension seats with angelic resonance frequencies.Spark your soul into a blaze of pure light

Warrior Xtreme

Conquer fears and phobias fast. Utilizes healing frequencies and subliminals to empower in mere days. Achieve full potential after 45 days of use.

Vanquisher Xtreme

Acquire ultra assertiveness in just 2 days; finally seize command! WARNING, causes some people to be obnoxious.

Psion Master I

Achieve almost 100% success with any wiccan or psionic device. Bonds your mind and your tools for rapid manifestation.

Psion Master 2

Achieve almost 100% success with any wiccan or psionic device. Bonds your mind and your tools for rapid manifestation. Increase your power.

Tidal Wetness

Perhaps the ONLY subliminal / energy music combo that will turn YOU into a SHINING STAR in an entire room. (third party product)
No, psionics is no longer fringe science. Watch this special media report featuring our very own UltraradX measurably affecting reality.

source: Collective Consciousness

UltraMind Mind Machines

Bleeding-edge radionics that utlizes tensor technology, rodin coils and sacred geometry for accelerated manifestation. Starting 2012 we stopped mass production  but may build one on case to case basis. Email us your good reason for reconsideration.

Wealth Diamond 3.0

Unparalleled tool for mass wealth building. Simply carry this high powered devastator and swamp yourself in wealth opportunities! Produced in Tibet


Upgrades any chi-powered mind machine by ten times! Using an advanced tachyon engine, the Evolution transforms a JU99 into a RAD2000 or a Pulsar into a  Rad-Longhorn class device. Read FAQ first

Godcaster Odin

Runs rings around the original Godcaster Ultra. Comes with 5Million Bovis natural heavy carat ruby and 185 cores. Transfer discs are all precious gems more than 10 carats each. Read FAQ first

Lust Rubies

Energetically impregnated real rubies from Myanmar which transforms you into an irresistible Alpha Male in two days. Sex appeal unleashed!

RAD Imagine

Achieve multiple targets! UltraRAD-Imagine allows 20 trend operations upon one target through its Reality Reactor. Integrates magnetic, scalar, and audio stimulation. Boosted with trace U-238. Read FAQ first

Empire Ring

Exquisite tibetan ring for Prosperity, Protection and Purification. Strongest in its class! 250,000 bovis. Serivtor enhanced. (third party product)


10x the power of the Imagine. With precise signal generator and 30 core Reality Engine Reactor. Influences multiple acres of space! Comes with $1000 worth of psionic software. Read FAQ first


Secretly influence your friends – and that sexy stranger! Midline mind machine radionics with automatic digital trend generator and energy Xplod function. Read FAQ first

GodCaster Ultra

Runs rings around the original Godcaster. Comes with 5Million Bovis natural ruby and 60 cores. Influence sixty targets at the same time. Read FAQ first
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