Create Chi Balls for Healing or Defense

Prana Ball: Visualize your ki interior of your body, or flowing from the  dan tien. Now bring that energy up your torso like a river, and dividing into two columns. Next visualize your ki going down both arms, and into your hands, making the form of a ball. Make sure you keep visualization on the core of the ball or it’ll evaporate.

Prana ball shielding: This enables you to create a shield around your energy, and keeps it from entirely disappearing. To protect a ki ball, as you add energy to the ball, place some of blue energy around it. Blue energy stabilizes the ball.

Compressing a prana ball: Compressing a ki ball is merely simply making your ki ball more powerful. There are two ways I know of compressing a ki ball. The first method to compress a ki ball would be to allow it to be larger, then shrinking it to a smaller size. The 2nd manner is to only keep adding energy to the ki ball. Especially blue energy.

 Programming a Prana ball: Programming a ki ball is simply making the ki ball do everything you want it to do. To program a ki ball just visualize exactly what you desire it to do indoors of the power ball. Or it is possible to tell it what you want it to do.

Prana Blast: To do a basic ki blast, what you need to do is get a regular ki ball, then keep visualization in the ki ball, visualizing your ki inside of the body about to explode. Now thrust your hands forward in a double palm strike, releasing the ki ball, and letting the energy within your body explode. Don’t forget to shoot the ki ball through your target. For damage, you must feel the ball rupturing the frontal microcosmic orbit. Distance does not matter.

Chi Blast 2: This ki blast technique may be a little simpler. Put out one hand together with your palm faced toward your objective. Now charge your palm with ki energy. Once it’s charged enough, simply blast the ki in your palms through your target. Feel the energy reverse the microcosmic orbit.

 Ki Undulation: Concentrate the ki to your own hands and gently shove you hands foreward and feel the ki push as a wave to a piece of paper. When you’re able to knock over paper move to bottles or something harder.

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