Environmental Tower of Light

Reclaim Your Power: Clear Geopathic Stress and Toxic Energy with the Environmental Tower of Light

Geopathic Stress


Under assault from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune? The Tower of Light meditation is an excellent armor that not only repels and clears geopathic stress zones, it creates amazing well-being around you. Today you get access to the manual method of the tower of light- and an automatic encapsulation of it’s energies in high quality energized MP3 for free

Benefits of the Tower of Light Anti Geopathic Stress Method

  • Charges your aura to the point of luminousity
  • Raises potent shield of spiritual protection against spirits, entities of people.
  • Awakens your higher self

The Tower of Light Anti Geopathic Stress Zone Manual Method

  1.  Be aware of your aura, knowing that it will become stronger the more you work on it. The stronger your aura becomes, the stronger you become. Now breathe deeply and evenly.
  2. Progressively relax your whole body.
  3. Stand erect without stiffness, arms at sides. If sitting, sit with spine erect, feet parallel and firmly planted, hands palms down on thighs. Always stand unless unable.
  4. Visualize all about you a long ellipsoid of intense bright blue light. It extends to about 9 inches beyond the surface of your body all around and to about 16 inches above your head and below floor level at your feet.
  5. Visualize within the summit of that aura, slightly above not touching your head a globe of brilliant white light.
  6. Concentrate your attention on this globe so that it becomes brighter, glowing white like burning magnesium. You don’t need to look upward, just sense it’s presence. You are making this image to represent the light of your Higher Self, which is truly there and you imagine this globe above your head not touching you because you do not in any way identify your Higher self with your conscious self, your ego personality.
  7. Be aware of these two images: the intense bright blue ellipsoid in which you are entirely contained and the white globe over your head occupying the apex of the auric shape. Aware of the brilliant globe over your head, aspire to the highest good you are capable of conceiving.
  8. When you feel ready, see that dazzling globe sending down glittering white light. This light, filled with silver sparkles, floods your aura and at the same time completely permeates you, coursing vibrantly through you.
  9. The outer shell of your aura remains sharply defined as an ellipsoid of intense bright blue all filled now with the living vibrant, sparkling white light. Continue this for some time (as long as you can effectively concentrate on it) seeing it as a living, moving reality. The brilliance flows down continually into you and around you – it is inexhaustible, for it is a part of the Source of All – and in your aura it continually circulates, sparkling, reinforcing that hard, sharply defined and brilliant blue outer shell.  Be aware of yourself, blissful and alert at the center of this glorious manifestation of Divine Power. Let it fade from your consciousness, knowing at the same time that it has not faded from reality.

Tower of Light – Under Assault Method

1. Visualize at once the auric ellipsoid of intense bright blue around you, and within its apex, just above your head, the brilliant white sphere of the light of your Higher Self.

2. Aware of the brilliant globe over your head, aspire to the highest good you are capable of conceiving,realizing though this globe is a visualized symbol, it represents a part of the true Divine force.

3. See that dazzling sphere sending down a glittering white light.This light, filled with silver sparkles, floods your aura and at the same time completely permeates you, coursing vibrantly through you. See the sharp blue outline of your aura’s hard protective shell.

4. Keep this in visualization for as long as the need lasts or as long as you can. When you let the image fade from your consciousness, know the reality of this protection is still invisibly around you.

Tower of Light – Energized MP3 Method [FREE]

Our team has created a free Environmental Tower of Light that requires no meditation. This is the encapsulation of raw energy in frequency form. Through resonance, the same tower is raised, with all the protection afforded by the normal meditation.

98Megabytes. High resolution audio


Tower of Light – Enhanced With 4 Servitors 

Sometimes, frequencies are not enough. If you need to control a wide swathe of space- such as the entire floor of your office or all floors of your home, you may want the Tower of Light MP3 energized with Santeria and Chaos Magick. Coming with 4 servitors, this version is as potent as Armada and will work within 1 acre wherever you play it in low volume.

You can use this MP3 wherever you please, but only you and your direct bloodline can play it.


  • Gain luminousity of the light body of ALL individuals within its playing area (one acre)
  • Cooperation and harmony enhanced
  • Expulsion of all negative entities
  • Elimination of geopathic stress
  • Enhanced commercial activity in the area.
  • Heightened feelings of love (orgasms will be easy!)
  • To a certain extent, heightened intution… perfect for chance games.

You will need to send in a photo or symbol of yourself and five persons you want to directly benefit. Thereafter, the energized file will be sent to you via Google Drive. Usage of the product is simple. Simply follow the one time activation ritual and begin playing the music in low volume. For a rush of energy into your auric fields, you can use headphones

$49 USD Only. Allow 1 day to create your unique energized MP3 spell after your send in your symbol to our email

Note: this will be a limited release.

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