Dark Psionics Caster

Dark Psionics Wishing Software – For the nefarious in you.

Dark Psionics

If you don’t fancy yourself a white lighter, this software is for you. The Dark Psionics Caster implements modifications to the algorithm of the white UltraPsionics Caster. The energetic symbol library likewise takes a deep dive into the abyss. And here’s the worst part: Dark Psionics is linked to an array of our Inferno Black Orgone Machines. Yes those are DOR generators.

We have built in failsafes to this software becauase we don’t want you to go around attacking people. The software will refuse to directly kill, maim or permanently and energetically destroy people. Rather, the software can work on situations and scenarios… of a dark kind.

So in a nutshell by virtue of its algorithm and the Chaos Magick backing it up:

  • Dark Psionics will not directly attack people. But it can influence events around people things, animals, events
  • Dark Psionics will directly influence and attack non-humans. That means your neighbors rabid pitbull
  • Dark Psionics will directly influence situations and events. Like the ongoing flea market where you were held up.

 Download The Full Manual Here

Sample Operations

  • Casinos: Create atrocious mental fog on competitors. They make mistakes, you win
  • Marital discord: Your wife keeps an affair? Create an ambience of fear loathing and disgust on the third relationship (take note, you are attacking the situation, not the persons)
  • You were held up: You know the thief is escpaing on a black sedan with Plate Number ASS 6969.  Quickly attack the fuel line of the car. Or generate a traffic event near his escape route. Call the police

Some Screenshots

Dark Psionics


  • Runs on Android platforms with 1Ghz  minimum
  • Includes psionic negative energy music library
  • Includes psionic symbols
    • Ethereally channeled Chaos Sigils for every nasty purpose imaginable – very powerful.
  • Psi and Physical operations
  • Embedded with direct link to a decomissioned Inferno Array. Hence even without your own chi generator, your copy will tap the powerful forces of a 2012 Inferno
  • Turbo Blast mode being developed. In honor of a masterful caster it is called the JobetClaudio Faust Manifestor
  • ClaudioFaust Engine: Based on solfeggio frequencies for rate generation. The magic, however will be derived from chaos magick programming linking the sofware to the Godcasters and several energy spots during operation.
  • File format: APK- to be emailed to you for installation. ANDROID Only
  • Fully compatible with all radionic devices: Welz, Ultramind, Metamind.
  • Fully compatible with Imprinting plates and Quantum Stars
  • You can blank the screen and the app will run- pumping massive raw power to your desires

Psionic Dome Protection

Yes- all nefarious things have nefarious consequences. So we built in via algorithm and Chaos Magic a shielding effect for the user. See Archangel Michael there. Think of him as your guard. However, the darker your plans, the weaker the protection. Utterly malevolent operations can shatter that  dome and come back to hit you.

Take note of that.

Power Sources

The Dark Psionics utilizes several power sources. Unlike with the Ultra Psionic Program, this software draws from negative energy:

  • Dark Chaos Magick that endows the software with black force
  • Reformulated psionic rate engine
  • Dark symbol egregores for every nasty thing imaginable. (Do NOT target people)
  • Linkage to 9 Inferno DOR Generators buried at Mt. Makiling- near a site where mass murders had been reported to the Police.
Mt. Makiling

Peaceful? Mass executions took place on this mountain

And Speaking of the Nefarious Operations

Let’s look at some of the very nasty operations in the Dark Psionics. These egregores are programmed with various forms of magick. Load it into the Wish Desired and you’ll feel the regret, despair and loathing radiate like a firey furnace.

Not for the faint of heart.

Of course if you’re a skilled artisan in the dark arts, you can use your own talismans.

Dark Library

Some Caveats

First: You cannot  install the software on the same phone running the White UltraPsionics. They will conflict. Occasionally, they will overwrite each other. Worse, the phone will be connected to both the black and the white radionic array. You’d get really messed up. The symbol libraries cannot also reside in the same phone. It’s like putting angels and demons in the same ring.

Think about that.

Still thinking of ordering? I recommend you don’t. We personally don’t like using dark tools, but there are Bad Boys who find pleasure doing bad things.

Your License

You can install your purchased copy on up to five of your personal devices or that of a single relative by blood. This is a magical tool with protection.  The core programming that gives it power also shields against malicious theft.

Sharing and pirating the software beyond the limits of this license will lead to tangible and real effects which we take no responsibility for.

**Note: This software requires a one-time manual activation from our end after purchase (instructions provided) to provide full power.

$300 Only. Paypal

How to Order

Please email us with the product desired desired as well as other details. Services will be started with a paypal request and delivery rendered online. Software will be sent via Google Drive. Physical products. if any, will be delivered within 7 to 14 days depending on customization

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