4 Hour Tantric Orgasms  – Touching Not Included!

(secret surprise at the end of this article)

The average male can achieve an orgasm that lasts for only 5 seconds. Women have it better- their orgasms can last for almost 3 minutes and on top of that, achieve multiple orgasms in a row.

Now ask yourself this.What would it be like if you can enjoy a four hour long orgasm without even touching yourself? Sounds unbelievable?

Watch this video and learn howto have tantric orgasms far more explosive than that achieved with regular sex:

Tantric Sex Orgasms

That was awesome wasn’t it.

But here’s How to Make it Even Stronger:

  • Channel the excess energy towards both your hara and heart chakras. Don’t touch yourself. Use the waving gestures.
  • Channel a lot of the energy towards your anal region. Do some kegels if you’re a female
  • Throw the energy from the sex chakra into the anus then up the spine. You will complete the microcosmic orbit

This is a promise: Do this for a week, and you’ll have the power to do the same to a loved one. Similar to this:

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