The Ultimate Persuasion Talisman

What if You can Persuade Like Pro with a Powered Sigil

Persuasion Talisman

Three years ago a friend approached inquiring about the creation of a special sales magic spell that can increase conversions. Xtrememind carried a standard Unreal Sales Spell but this didn’t fit his requirement. The regular spell created an unbridled passion to buy upon the visit of a prospect at a website or store. What he needed was a sales persuasion spell that made him an effective salesman. This led to the creation of the Ultimate Persuasion Sigil now released for free for you.

The sigil consists of four units in one and derives its roots from traditional taoist magic enhanced with Hebrew ritual.

  • Socializer Sigil– Creates a natural gravitation compulsion during networking and social events.
  • Glib Sigil – Lets you say the right words at the right time
  • Mild Draw Sigil– Allows you to have a likeable sheen
  • Impulse Sigil- Increases impulsiveness of listeners by 20%

The succeeding sigil will work for at most 50 individuals using it at the same time (meaning close to the body) after activation. Activation merely requires spreading your DNA (saliva, blood, etc) on it for 24 hours.

Use the persuasion sigil with care and caution!


Enhance its power with Shreem Brzee

Using Black Ops Hypnosis or playing the following soundstream help greatly augment the power.

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