Evolution Psionics Mind Machine

Evolve Your Radionics

Evolution Mind Machine

Transform your JU99 to a RAD2400+  

Limited edition. Take any radionic tool  and multiply its power by ten.  The UltraRAD Evolution single-handedly transforms a JU99 into a RAD2400-class device and a RAD1000 into a RAD5-class monster.

Imagine what it can do for your Longhorn, Shivas, Pythons, RAD5s or Orgone Ultimates?

You won’t have to buy ultra expensive chi generators anymore. Simply place your existing radionic array next to the Evolution and you literally evolve it into the next generation. In just a second.

radionic chi generator

Transform your JU99 into a RAD2000 (2007 Evolution)

Usage is simple. Place your radionic device atop the Evolution. Plug in the AC Controller and set the desired voltage. With it’s easy-access  selector, you can increase the power from 1V to 12V. Keep it at 6V if the energy overload gets you too high.

Of course, the Evolution can be used on its own. Charge water in a manner of seconds. Project your thoughts by infusing them with prana. Cheat at martial arts by engorging your aura. Whip up a storm of chaos magick for unstoppable protection. And  keep those nasty entities at bay. You decide. The uses are limitless.

The Evolution in low-light with generators activated.

This 6lb behemoth uses cascaded tachyon cells, tachyon crystals, two EMF stimulators and two scalar generators to work its magick. Energy is propelled at a continuous pulse rate for up to 30 meters in all directions.

radionic chi generator

 This is a picture of the 2007 Evolution.

Don’t sleep next to it. It may be difficult.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are still unsure I promise you this… if this product is not everything I have said and more, I will refund your money 100% if returned within 30 days without any questions asked. This is an unconditional  satisfaction guarantee! Please view our terms at the FAQ

No longer fringe science. The RADX on Mainstream Media

TAKE NOTE: This is a heavy device. Please read construction turn around time and shipping period here. Please email XtremeMind regarding availability.

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