Objection Mastery: The Seven Gates

7 Gates Objection Mastery

Now there’s an overwhelming and fool-proof way to…

Slam Irrational Objections in Five seconds.  You  Can Unleash Scores of Tactics  I’ve used To Transform Losing Deals into  High-Flying Transactions!

Penetrate the SEVEN GATES into the consciousness of anyone you want to influence. . . unleashing magic lines that quickly handle objections and dissipate all resistance.

I’d like you to   stop for a moment… and imagine what it  would be like to quell any type of opposition. Visualize yourself with the assurance that comes from knowing you can dominate even the most taxing negotiation, executive board meeting, or collective bargaining agreement. Can you see yourself emanating such confidence?

You’re probably aware of those unstoppable negotiators who are able to come out on top regardless of how adroitly you advance your arguments.

Would you be  surprised to know that you too can easily master this seemingly preternatural ability to persuade, to influence, to dominate? You can handle objections with ease!

What if I tell you that you can actually master such skills… in just SEVEN DAYS?  You will readily throb with such mental dexterity that  objections  you used to dread  will actually excite you.

Consider what it would be like to join ranks with those empowered individuals who naturally:

• Negotiate with savvy
• Dominate boardroom mergers
• Close major transactions
• Bargain for best prices at the flea market
• Impress their bosses
• Thwart con artists
• Repel unfavorable committee decisions
• Triumph in panel discussions

Based on the theory of meta-levels, meta-models and meta-states, this book draws upon the strength of Neuro Linguistic Programming, to bring you a potent set of tools to achieve an astonishing objection mastery. The  magical concept of NLP meta-states governs the core of The Seven Gates. Since this book is geared towards real-life persuasion, you shall be spared the conceptual dissertations that the harder-to-understand NLP books dwell upon. Our aim is to present the seven powerful methods of crushing objections in a format that makes it simple to understand and quick to master.

What if You Could…

Discover how to defuse the evidence of any objection in ten seconds.

Learn how to completely muddle their beliefs, they’ll accept whatever you say.

Exude unstoppable confidence in any interpersonal relationship.

Discover the power of weaving a story that will subtly melt any struggle.

Discover how to alter what they mean so that they become your staunch advocates!

Prove how their opposition reflects on them as person. You’ll shake up their reality!

Discover how to take their very objections and turn them inside out to support you points.

Deploy subtle methods of getting your lines under their radar and making them think it was their own.

Find out how to use a person’s hidden values so that they will naturally reconsider their attitude.

Discover how to blow opposition into so many discrete parts, they won’t know why they held that belief in the first place.

Unleash the force of empowered directives and laser-like questions that incite blazing action.

Have you ever heard of the highly effective martial art of Aikido? The antagonist’s strength is turned against them with minimal effort on your part. The same techniques allow Judo masters, Ju Jitsu advocates and Kung Fu practitioners to quickly neutralize incoming blows.

The Seven Gates analogically follows the principles of these martial arts. You will learn to transform any opposition into an advantage for you. You will take your opponent and effortlessly compel him see your perspective in a non-hostile manner. You will master the various arguments and quickly generate the best counters that will diminish them. All in seconds! Handling objections couldn’t be easier!

All those who debate you will eventually realize how argumentation has become completely ineffective against you. As they struggle to rebut, you can even offer them objections to use… and render them useless on the spot! Can you now feel what that would be like?

Life is no box of chocolates. No matter influential you already are, you are bound to run into objections. This is true whether you are a salesman on a cold call or a CEO at a board meeting.

What do you do when you face those inevitable objections? How do you frame your response to save face? Most people spew standard lines like “see it as an investment, not a cost”. We hear this all the time; it no longer works..

Ask yourself now how many objections you’re bound to face in your lifetime. A hundred? Maybe a thousand? Won’t that be so daunting? It’s like people are just out to stop you for the pure pleasure of it.

Now imagine that you not only have a counter for everyDestroy any objection in seven seconds objection you’ll ever face. . . you have a Formula of Seven powerful come-backs, each with a subset of three strategies. These aren’t canned remarks. They’re more than twenty one verbal sleight of mouth tricks to twist an opponent’s argument  so completely they’ll be reeling in confusion.

What’s even better, you have no memorized lines to master. Simply focus on internalizing the easy  SEVEN GATES to the mind… they easily and naturally yield an infinite set of responses  to any objection!

Imagine being able to weave twenty one overwhelming responses to any objections and annihilating them in seconds.

The Extreme Power System II consists of the  ebooks Seven Gates to Altering Thoughts and  21 Rules to Attacks. You’ll find them bursting not just with the potent formulas to kill the opposition, but also a truckload of exercises designed to hone your ability to create objections and counter responses on the fly.

In the exercises you’ll learn how you can use the formulas to change people’s convictions with a few questions, embed your counter suggestions and make them see how compelling your arguments are. In just seconds!

And to take your skills to the extreme, we’re also throwing in a BONUS  subliminal Subliminal programming for conversational mastery programming soundtrack, The Master Communicator. With this powerful half-hour harmonic, you will absorb the attitudes and behaviors of truly gifted speakers. Simply lie down, grab some stereo headphones, adjust the volume till you can barely hear the voices… then prepare to be astounded! You’ll be swirled into euphoria as binaural beats entrance you into the alpha learning state. Subliminal affirmations will saturate you with empowering suggestions. And a special experimental frequency will attempt to stimulate your throat chakra… the seat of communication.

Expect startling changes in your personality within four months of daily use!

The Master Communicator is 18MB and instantly downloadable from our website once you make the decision to empower yourself!

If you’ve loved  our best selling Extreme Power System I, you’ll readily find this new technology a breathtaking eye opener to new possibilities. We’ve taken great pains to make Seven Gates and 21 Rules a natural enhancement to the skills you’ve quickly internalized with our first four books.

If you deal with people for a living, you simply must try out this course…

So, what’s the investment going to be?

Can you put a price tag on gaining the ability to close astonishing deals left and right… to forge harmonious relationships with friends and loved ones … to keep even your most demanding clients happy? How about satisfying your boss with articulate answers so smooth that he can’t help but give your raise after raise?

I’m already confident you’d gladly pay hundreds, if not several thousands of dollars to gain just one of those happy scenarios…

Here’s the good news: one of our aims is to make this technology as accessible as possible. Hence, we’ve decided to price this invaluable system at a level so low that even the most cash-strapped can afford it…

We want YOU to use the manual NOW to build your own personal fortune. For us, that is a  reward in itself.

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