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Ascension Seats await you. It’s your Evolution.

Ascension Activator

Discover your Higher self

Ascensions exist to  raise your consciousness and your vibrations to higher dimensional awareness. This process can be freely accomplished through many visits to the ascension seats.

With every visit to an ascension seat gain wisdom and the vibrational essence which is unique to that ascension seat.  Over twenty ascension seats exist,  calibrated to endow multi faceted dimensions of conscious awareness and growth on your evolutionary journey. Each ascension seat is governed by an Ascended Master, who is an Entity of Light and with motivation to witness your growth.

Ascension seats resonate with vibrations that allow you to tap wisdom which infuse you as you sit in the ascension seat.

Numerous seats beckon to you from various levels. This includes your planet, your solar system, your galactic, your universal and multi-versal level.  It is vital to commence your visit the ascension seats starting with your planet. Allow your vibrations to increase and , you may begin to visit other ascension seats.
Ascension Seats are FREE

Anyone can access the power of ascension seats. Simply sit quietly and connect with your higher self to identify the ascension seat  appropriate for you to visit in your current existence. Ask your angels to take you there. The effect is instant: you will bilocate to this ascension seat, where you will be welcomed by the Ascended Guides ministering to you as you visit the ascension seat.

You may sit in the ascension seat as long as you want in the process of bilocation as you carry out your activities in the real world. You will have an intuition when your visit is complete. Readily your guides and angels will complete the bilocation process by returning you to your physical body.

Typical visits to an ascension seat will most often last for one  earthly hours. Continue your growth as you sleep by asking to bilocate to an ascension seat as you dream or astral project. The unfolding of intuition and psychic emanations will be dramatic.
The most visited Earthly Ascension Seats

Begin visits to your earthly ascension seats. These include an ascension seat at Mt Shasta, an ascension seat within Telos, an ascension seat in the Pyramid of Giza, and the ascension seat of the New Jerusalem, located over the southwestern states of your United States of America. You may visit the Ascension seat of the etheric city of Shamballa, overseen by Lord Buddha, who is the earthly Planetary Logos.
Access the Seats With Far Greater Ease

The Ascension seats are free and anyone can access them in the right state if mind. There is no price for evolution!

Now if you want an easier and more immersive time accessing numerous seats at the same time, try the Ascension Activator. It’s not imperative, but it helps a great deal. Based on the ascension spell, bolstered with angelic resonance tones and powerful angelic invocations, Ascension Activator makes the process a lot more fun and effortless. The guided script is a popular meditation track recommended at ascension conventions, but shortened for your purposes. You’ll be shredding karma and gaining awesome etheric body awakening in no time.

Usage IS Easy

Simply sit with high quality speakers behind you about 5 meters away. Complete your microcosmic orbit by joining your thumb to index fingers as you sit in the yoga squat. Intone the angelic invocations included in the instructions for 3 minutes, then follow the subsequent guided meditation. As you sit with full intent and desire, you will be transported to the desired seats almost simultaneously. Angelic harmonics will resonate across your entire skeletal structure catapulting you to a state of etherial well being.

Twice a day usage is enough. After one month, take not of the marked difference. You will be amazed at the changes… and so will all your friends.

How Does Ascension Activator Work?

  • The recording was conducted during a chaos magick ritual designed to aid with the ascension process
  • Angelic resonance frequencies permeate the carrier music, helping bolster your fields.
  • Standard solfeggio and chakra frequencies charge your lower energy bodies.
  • Angelic invocation chants play repeatedly in the background of the guided meditation, raising the energy cast during the original recording.

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What You Get

A power-packed 340kbps download,  the  Ascension.

The CD contains an MP3Pro track at  CD-Quality recording; you can play it on your computer, your home MP3 player or even upload it onto your Ipod! You will also find a host of other secret mind power bonuses in your package

All you need are a set of high qualityspeakers, a comfy couch, and  quality listening time  every day to literally unleash the power within.

What to expect after Ascension

(one months maximum)

1) Shredding of your karmic knots

2) Potential break from the cycle of reincarnation (provided you live your life well).

3) Unfolding of most latent mental and spiritual powers.

4) An aura of vast beneficience that only monks and wizened masters emanate


* Please understand that these frequencies are THEORETICAL. Despite being drawn from various  Eastern and Western sources, they are not yet confirmed by traditional western medicine.

How to Order

Please email us with the product desired desired as well as other details. Services will be started with a paypal request and delivery rendered online. Software will be sent via Google Drive. Physical products. if any, will be delivered within 7 to 14 days depending on customization