Cascade Mage Ring Mind Machine

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What if You Can Have One Ring That Make It All Happen

The Unity Ring, Infinity Ring and Ultimate Talisman’s have all sold out and will no longer be available.The replacement is the Cascade Ring which utilizes embedded mantras, sacred geometries and psionic programming for impenetrable auric protection, energy generation, and manifestation enhancement. Expect unfolding of your clairvoyance, things going your way and a lack of aggravation in your life.

V3.0 Is the Mage Edition – giving you the power to simply draw images of your desire on paper in in red ink and having those drawings become self-sustaining psionic emblems for life (provided the emblems maintain reasonable integrity). Also included is the new Hex Box V2 bearing far more power than previous hex boxes. Crafted from wood used in demolished temples, the new Hex Boxes not only charge your ring or food, they also radiate vibes 12ft in all direction that repulse negativity.
What To Expectcascade ring
  • Fortifies the energy system with the V3 Orgonite disc.
  • Ward of stressors and negative energy up to 10 ft away.

  • Keep brainwaves in the optimal zone. Chi energy keeps you primed for alpha state thinking.

  • Enhance manifestation efforts. Your focus becomes laser sharp and vivid

  • Enjoy more lucid dreams.

  • Have things always go your way-  financially romantically, socially. The programming in the talisman is a derivative of egyptian spellwork and modern chaos magick. An entity is assigned to the disc and works for your unreal success even from other dimensions.

And Your Benefits

Imagine business ideas popping into your head. Creative ways of resolving problems. Running into people who bring you to higher social experiences. Transforming even your tiniest radionic tools into beacons of power. Radiating a charisma almost similar to that enjoyed by those with the power ruby. And finding parking slots at the zaniest places.

The Full Energizing Process

The ring will work for you and only you. To ensure that the maximum benefits are enjoyed, please email us once the package arrives. You will then be emailed a special sigil/talisman. You are to place the ring near the talisman with your signature or symbolic scribble made on the talisman. Email a photo of this back to us and we will complete the circuit of energy. Your tool will be empowered long after your death.

SRP of $399 . Old Buyers Get Massive Discount

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(Your ring may look different to ensure uniqueness)

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