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Psychic Seduction: Attracting women made easy

So Many Women, But Always Alone? It’s The Final Solution After Even NLP Fails

Did you experience SUCCESS with the remote influence techniques from the Psychic Seduction5 ebook?

Are you ready to take your powers TO THE NEXT LEVEL?

Introducing the unspeakably easy way to use the overwhelming mind control telepathic techniques…

Psychic Seduction 6. Deploying cutting edge subliminals, guided meditation, mind altering harmonics and tomatis effects, this 20 minute mp3 program takes the guesswork out of mental telepathy… and puts you in the Commander’s chair of irresistible thought transfer… whether your target is in another room… or another continent. It’s mind control at its finest

Attract Women with this System. Guaranteed. Imagine Real Power Like This:

Mental Telepathy is a natural skill. We were born to it, but as we grew older and relied on conventional speech, we gradually lost this amazing faculty.

Nonetheless, science has proven that with the proper mind state, we can effect a reasonably clear transfer of thoughts and impressions… in the minds of others.  Mind control is possible!

Psychic Seduction Activates Chi Energy!

We’ve taken unparalleled subliminal technology,  combined it with cutting-edge binaural beat matrices and used a powerful script…. all to quickly and develop your skill of telepathic mind control transfer:

How does it work?

BrainEngine (TM)– Building upon the wildly successful Deep Mind series developed by Exceed Global in 1999, the CD harmonics irresistibly nudge the user from the hectic Beta brain state down into low alpha state where the brain reaches an awakening. Psychic faculties theoretically reach optimum. Mental telepathy becomes easier. There’s more. Our BrainEngine technology  uniquely resonate at theoretical frequencies which reportedly stimulate your psychic energy centers. Click here to see the frequencies we use. You will experience throbbing sensations, a lightening of your spirit and a sudden expansion of your consciousness. Flashes of light may criscross your mental screen as various parts of your body heat literally up. Don’t worry, it’s just your energy patterns altering to accommodate the released chi.

Guided script (TM)– The Psychic Seduction5 ebook taught 18 methods of telepathic transfer. If you found them easy, welcome to the easiest method of all! With our unique voice script, your mind will be forced to absorb tremendous psionic energy necessary for thought transfer. From there, the script laser focuses your thoughts onto the target of your choosing and naturally allows you to fire a barrage of emotional commands straight into his or her mind! Versatility is unlimited. You choose the commands; the script simply makes the thought transfer  highly efficient

Subliminals – You don’t believe in telepathy? Doubt can be the biggest stumbling block to success! Pulsed at a carrier wave of 12,000hz to 18,000hz are  special commands reverberating within your inner ear… to convince you of your power to send thoughts and impressions…. just like you did back when you were a child! You will control your mind effortlessly

Here at XtremeMind, we’ve developed this unique sound formulation light years beyond our original 1999 Deep Mind brainwave technology to jump start your brain into OVERDRIVE in TWENTY minutes FLAT. And yes- it works on men.

Core Benefits of this Program

  • Easy mastery of telepathy. Use it to attract women, increase client rapport and more!
  • Automatic acquisition of the necessary mental state and energy levels to project thoughts. Just plug, play and transmit your thoughts. In 15 minutes!
  • A unique visualization method that makes your thought streams easier to transmit.

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What You Get

An instant download,  the Psychic Seduction6 Mp3 Mind Control Program

All you need are a set of high quality headphones, a comfy couch, and about 23 MB of quality listening time  whenever you want to send out your thoughts to a special person. Attract women or close business deals. Any intention will work!

Usage Notes

1) Before listening to the Mp3 file, have a clear idea of WHOM you want to contact mentally. If possible, get a picture of the target and internalize the image in your mind’s eye

2) Also, before listening to the Mp3 file, have a focused idea of what the telepathic message is to be. Get a notepad and write down the message in a short crisp sentence of no more than 20 words. Make the command/ message highly emotional and visual. Remember that the mind will process thoughts more easily if they can be SEEN, FELT, TASTED and HEARD. Avoid abstract messages. It’s easier to send a message that has images of a monstrous thief breaking into your house, than a message of a complex algebra equation.

3) Put on a set of high quality headphones, lie down, close your eyes and listen to the guided script. Allow the special frequencies to entrain your brain, energize your chakras and empower your thoughts. Within 9 minutes, the script will reach the point where you will be tasked to focus on the target and bombard him/ her with your commands.

4) Expect your target to receive general impressions of your thoughts. Depending on how emotionally charged your commands where, and how altered your mental state was, the commands/thoughts will have an impact on your target. It takes a few days for you to see  good results.

5) This is NOT coercive mind control. You are simply communicating with your target on a psychic level. He or she can choose to obey the impressions received from you.

6) Practice makes perfect. Ask a brother, friend or lover if you can send thoughts to him/her at a pre determined time every night. After every thought transmission, ask her what impressions she receives. Gauge your accuracy. With time, your powers will increase and thought transfer will be more precise.

7) The CD is saturated with ultra frequency subliminals that aim to make the skill perfect. You may no longer need the CD after two months; in fact you will naturally find yourself lapsing into the appropriate mind state and sending mental thoughts when you desire.

The frequencies included are:

  • The 1.5 Universal Abrams Healing rate (pure sine wave)
  • 35 Hz pure sine wave to balance the chakras
  • 256Hz pure sine wave for the root chakra
  • 315 Hz pure sine wave for the diaphragm chakra
  • 320 Hz pure sine wave for the solar plexus chakra
  • 341 Hz pure sine wave for the heart chakra
  • 416 Hz pure sine wave for the psychic center chakra
  • 448 Hz  pure sine wave for the third eye chakra
  • 480 Hz pure sine wave for the crown chakra
  • 2675 Hz pure sine wave for auric field clarification
  • 33Hz to 4Hz binaural beat sweep for psychic development
  • 5000, 6955 and 8000Hz pure sine wave Tomatis Effect carrier waves (to stimulate the brain)
  • Mozart Effect primary background music. Helps with the mind control effect.

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How to Order

Please email us with the product desired desired as well as other details. Services will be started with a paypal request and delivery rendered online. Software will be sent via Google Drive. Physical products. if any, will be delivered within 7 to 14 days depending on customization

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