Lust Ruby Mind Machine

Carry the Ruby and Women Will Fall For Your Fast

Lust Ruby

Beware. Alpha males would make attempts on your life.

What’s In It For You

If you’ve relished the power of our Charm Manifestation or basked in the power of your self-crafted love spells , you’ll be blown away by the Lust Ruby. Here’s a tool of power that simply leaps exponentially beyond.

Consider the following instant benefits:

  • You will radiate monstrous Alpha Male vibes and dominate any room.

  • You will seize the fancy of almost any woman not currently in a nurturing relationship.

  • You will kick open doors to harmoniously intense interactions.

  • You will exude raw animal passion in bed.

  • You will create lingering lust with sexual partners.

  • You will make more friends and influence people.

How Does It Work

The Lust Ruby was discovered accidentally on a trip to Myanmar in South East Asia early 2011. At a  bustling section of a tourist hotspot, I ran into the scion of a magnate involved in the jewelry business. Little did I know of the magic he would share.

We got to talking. He was an amiable fellow involved not only in the gem trade, but also in the paranormal arts. He and I eventually discovered our mutual fascination for subtle energy and all its practicable applications. Then he shared a secret.

Turns out Mr.X had a sideline. Rubies that were of B grade were hard to dispose on regular commercial scale, so he transacted these rubies for a special purpose. Mr. X processed them energetically, then sold them as “Attraction Gems” to a very focused market.

He called the process “sacral fire”. With a special ritual he discovered, then further refined with like-minded associates, the rubies acquired the capacity to stimulate  and explode the chakras involved with sexual attraction (the base, perinuem, sex, hara and heart chakras). The end result: instant sexual appeal for those who carried the rubies- especially if carried in the back pocket near the sex chakra.

Needless to say I was excited at his new technology. I stripped myself of all extant energy devices, dismissed my pranic constructs and shut down all forms of mentalism. It was important to establish a baseline to test this ruby.

I carried one for myself and noted very measurable effects (startled eye contacts with strangers, head turning, deep conversations with new acquaintances). The rubies worked!

Mr. X agreed to an exchange of technology: a shipment of radionic devices and implements (it was his first time to discover technowizardry) in exchange for a limited number of these powerhouses.

I hurriedly returned to homebase with my new treasures.

Taking the Power Higher

Mr.X. knew his stuff. Back at HQ, I ran a battery of tests on the stones. Not only were these crafted out of high quality Corundum that held intrinsic commercial value, they also radiated extremely  high bovis levels and ALL frequencies on the Vesica pendulum scale.

But even a powerhouse could be made better. In conference with the team, the rubies have begun undergoing further energetic imprinting using both chaos magick and radionic operations on top of the line machines. It was the team’s goal to amplify Mr.X ‘s original programming as well as expand its benefits and create an everlasting permanence. This may be the final solution to those socially challenged.

 What You Get

You acquire a real ruby registering 9.0 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. With a clarity of VS1  and sized at about 8mmx10mm octagonally, the ruby was appraised at about $1200 for replacement. (But you won’t be paying that much due to a special arrangement)

The LustRuby is linked to energy reinforcement accessories and will require to be charged on them at least once a month for full effect. This is not required however- as Mr. X. said his ritual is permanent.

Easy To Use

Simply pocket the Lust Ruby in the morning (you can leave the supportive accessories behind), close your eyes and fill your mind with unconditional love your yourself and the world. As with the Power Diamonds, the energy impregnation requires just a split second of focus to channel your thoughts and the core programming into concrete, measurable results.

Keep the Lust Ruby near your right side to exude sexual aggression and near your left side to exude mellow charisma and charm. You may decide to fashion a ring for it and switch hands accordingly.

Walk into the world and go about your business. And notice the things that simply go your way…. everyday. Nothing else to do

Measure Your Results

Look for frequent eye contact. Head turning. New conversations. New friends. Ease of debate. Intense romances. An ever expanding circle. And of course, a permanent seat in the hierarchy as an Alpha Male.

Caveat: while the gem creates wondrous new impressions amongst new acquaintances, it may not override impressions already extant among old friends. This is the limitation of the Ruby’s “sacral fire programming”. The team has attempted to circumvent this limitation acknowledged by Mr.X., but it is too early to tell whether we succeeded.

If your results don’t mirror that in a few months, you get an unconditional money back. Guaranteed.

Limited Stocks


Package Inclusions:

  • Real ruby charmed with power.

  • Accessories and charging box

  • Social Success that will rapidly manifest  later on.

The Full Energizing Process

The ruby will work for you and only you. To ensure that the maximum benefits are enjoyed, please email us once the package arrives. You will then be emailed a special sigil/talisman. You are to place the ring near the talisman with your signature or symbolic scribble made on the talisman. Email a photo of this back to us and we will complete the circuit of energy. Your tool will be empowered long after your death.

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Select “Linked to You” if you want the Ruby to work only for you and not anyone else. In this case, you must email a picture of yourself to our support line.

Learn about our special rubies on this post on our fan page

Other Ruby Variants

Limited quantities of 20 to 100  carats of the Super Rubies exist The rare versions pose a far reaching field and work ten times as fast. It comes with its own energy charger box.

Email us for a special invoice for these devices

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