XtremePower One

XtremePower One

Now there’s a fast, easy, and fool-proof way to…

Create Instant Rapport with Everyone!   Learn Controversial Methods of NLP, Mentalism and  Psi Influence for Unparalleled Success in Relationships!

Have you  found yourself groaning at a lost deal or a lost DATE?? Damn, hurts doesn’t it. What if you had the power to prevent that– forever? This page teaches you how to create an army of friends, to attract women and bring all you desire into your life.

XtremePower One: NLP Techniques For Irresistible Persuasion

Extreme POWER Level I is laser-focused to to recreate your total being for ultimate influence with anyone. GUARANTEED. Using an irresistible array of over 300 stealthy tips, tricks and traps, this unparalleled system re-engineers your behavior at the lowest level  to discard the “loser” in you and accept a new YOU. A fundamentally different design, a vastly re-vamped, upgraded you. A YOU that is infinitely more  powerful and successful with everyone. Your boss. Your workers. Your girlfriend. Your wife! Unleashing cutting-edge  NLP, and advanced mind sciences  to totally transform you into a man that others adore…

Stop… and discover for yourself how to manifest that total person you’ve always wanted to be… in THIRTY fantastic days! We present Your tools of power:

An insider  map to mastering persuasion skills that willApplied NLP ebook: irresistible persuasion techniques, NLP and personality development empower you to take charge of your business, your fortunes, and your life… even if you’ve never sold anything before!  Ask yourself… what would it be like to instantly tantalize the minds of others? The power to influence is naturally a vital skill for material and social prosperity. Interpersonal communication takes place everyday, and if you can’t sway others to your side, then you place yourself at a vast disadvantage. This book teaches  the secrets of unstoppable verbal and non-verbal strategies to unleash breakthrough spells of indomitable influence. Based on NLP techniques and sleight of mouth, unleash your fullest potential– instantly command the attention, respect and love of others! Once you begin to absorb this rare knowledge, you’ll naturally discover how easily it works for you.  Learn to be utterly irresistible-attract women and dominate men rapidly!

Ph.D of Persuasion 2006 edition  173pages

ISBN: 0-9785922-1-2
An intrepid exploration into the world of unstoppable telepathyPsychic Seduction ebook:advanced ki control techniques, psychic seduction and mind power techniques to attract women and chi control.  Easily unleash irresistible attraction within anyone… using PURE MIND POWER! It isn’t NLP or speed seduction. It’s subtle thought transfer over the emotional centers of the brain. Learn how to induce interest… attract women and control and fan the flames of attraction with your will alone… inflame others with amazing fascination. Psychic Seduction melds the worlds of science and the occult, ranging from modern brainwave states, neurolinguistic anchoring and chakra/aura manipulation. Psychic Seduction is uni-sex, applicable to any situation and extremely powerful! Meet women like herAttract women. Dominate Men.  We have over 1000 active practitioners and they call it an indomitable form of psychic pheromones. Armed with these unstoppable techniques you will naturaly master subtle thought transfer, power chi control and stealthy psychic influence. PLUS: pranic healing, psionic manifestation and cosmic force tapping! Learn more about this controversial book

Psychic Seduction 2006 edition  104 pages

ISBN: 0-9785922-3-9

Psychic 101’s Review on PS6

A magnetic guide to bringing in more romance than youMagnetic Attraction ebook: secrets of behavioral chemistry to attract women can ever handle. Discover the Seven Power Principles of Chemistry which instantly enable you to provoke states of enthrallment. The Seven Power Principles draw from an impressive array of behavioral and esoteric mind techniques proven in the study of emotional stimulation. Incite fascination in the minds of anyone by inducing a sense of incredible rapport. Stop… and realize the unparalleled potential… choose from techniques such as the Alpha Gaze, Thought Radiance, and Trancing. Ideal for all romantic social purposes. Learn magical rapport for romantic escapedes! It’s more than a book on how to get girls, win negotiations or close deals. It’s a system to overhaul your life.

Magnetic Attraction 2004 edition  88 pages


A relentless array of persuasive tactics developed withNLP,neurolinguistic programming techniques,persuasion techniques,self-improvement methods one purpose: unstoppable influence. The advanced follow-up to Ph.D of Persuasion, Lethal Tongue  adds more than twenty verbal sidewinders to the breakthrough tactics already introduced by its predecessor. With it, you master the art of irresistible hypnotic speech, allowing you to instantly invoke any emotional state at will. Your listeners will fall in rapt attention and rapidly carry out your suggestions as if it were there own. You will naturally demolish negativity like a bulldozer, inflame intense receptivity, and maximize your charisma ten-fold. Thrice as powerful as Ph.D of Persuasion, it is best for impossible sales and negotiation scenarios– get anyone to do anything, anytime! Read its sequel, The Seven Gates for full mastery of this unstoppable skill.

Lethal Tongue 2004 edition  139 pages

ISBN: 0-9785922-2-0

Seduction Harmonic  Downloadable Mp3

Use in conjunction with Psychic Seduction 5 for OVERWHELMING INFLUENCE. This unique Mp3 soundtrack is especially formulated to spark the  theta brain state of the mind whilst simultaneously stimulating the 3rd eye chakra. Multi tracked with THREE key binaural frequencies. You will experience floating sensations,  hear fantastic sounds and relive old memories as they rush back into the video screen of your mind. The purpose of this mp3 is to assist you to reach the ideal mental state conducive to chi/energy work and telepathic projection.

For more info on our special frequencies, click here

Instant download! 25 minutes / 23 MB

A Mere Glance Into What You Will Discover: 

  • How to approach anyone with the confidence of a James Bond… no matter how shy youMaster NLP persuasion techniques and chi control are.
  • Within TEN seconds, discover how to magically open an irresistible conversation with any man or woman and keep it flowing… that they just won’t let you go.
  • How to use your eyes to create magnetism so powerful– you’ll instantly attract women in THREE seconds.
  • How to elicit burning emotions within your conversational partner… and powerfully steer him or her to your side.
  • How to structure your phrases in such a way that what you say becomes instantly and subconsciously accepted.
  • How to deliver the most magnetic sentences that will captivate your audience under any situation.
  • How to use words of POWER which can persuade even the king of cynics.
  • How to fire away vollies of questions to create psychological confusion that leads to agreement.
  • How to eradicate objections and transform antagonists into fawning supporters… within five minutes.
  • How to create sizzling rapport with any acquaintance… and make the leap from being “just” friends to intimate friends… after just the FIRST meeting.
  • How to use magic touches that will make people melt and desire for your company.
  • How to read body language and understand their secret thoughts.
  • How to use body language to exude supreme sensuality and power.
  • How to project ki / chi / prana to transmit thoughts of radiant sensuality…  and people instantly will gravitate to you the moment you step into a room. This is a rare “Jedi-mind” trick which only few skilled martial artists know.
  • How to project a powerful presence in any situation… become a leader in any situation.
  • How to easily and naturally assert yourself, even against the most aggressive people.
  • Within TWO minutes, expand your aura field, charge your energy centers and use your unique “energy signature” to either attract or repel any individual.
  • How to readily acquire the most potent attitudes of desirable people.
  • How to ignite unwavering attention with the stealthiest word play imaginable. Captivate your listeners after eleven seconds of conversation!
  • How to deploy ambiguities, stories and powerful presuppositions to hammer home your point and get them nodding in agreement.
  • How to find out what they really REALLY want, so you can satisfy their hidden drives.
  • How to be the life of any party, the indispensable guy at the office, the most sought-after woman, or the campus heartthrob.
  • AND MUCH MUCH more!

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Please email us with the product desired desired as well as other details. Services will be started with a paypal request and delivery rendered online. Software will be sent via Google Drive. Physical products. if any, will be delivered within 7 to 14 days depending on customization