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Kundalini Activator - unleash the personal power gene

  • “People seem to avoid me…”
  • “I destroy everything I touch “
  • “People seem to avoid me…”
  • “I destroy everything I touch “
  • “I want that gal to notice me, but she ignores me!”

Sounds like you?

Whether it is a malady or disease,  depression or anxiety,  waning energy,  lack of sleep,  uncertainty, or just a craving for people to notice you , there’s a powerful technique  you can explore to explode your energy without resorting to drugs.

And with that massive energy explosion, you will begin to feel better about yourself… depression  fades away… you will find it easier to cope with life’s painful blows… your physical conditions rapidly improves… people  naturally gravitate to you and you will be able to accomplish much more.
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Care to know the secret?

As we are well aware, energy works non-stop within us. Science points out that  the body exists within a surrounding energy field called the Aura. The aura vibrates at specific frequencies and changes colors based on the frequency it generates. With a special Kirlian camera,  it is possible to take a picture of the aura, and many people have learned to see the aura with the naked eye. Taking a closer look into the aura, you will discover fantastic whirling balls of energy called chakras, the core energy centers within the body. They are:

The Root Chakra – also known as the survival center or kundalini. The root chakra controls our fight or flight mechanism and is located at the base of the spine. The associated color is red.  This prime chakra represents the survival instincts a sense of grounding. An empowered root chakra brings us health, prosperity, security, and irresistible presence.

The Spleen Chakra – is located two fingers below the belly button. It is the seat of emotions  and center of creativity. The associated color is orange.It connects us to others through feeling, desire, consciousness, and interchange. Ideally this chakra brings us fluidity and grace, clarity of feeling, sexual energy, and the ability to evolve

The Solar Plexus Chakra – is located two fingers above the belly button, at the center of the chest… it is the center where our mental control seizes our bodily desires. The solar plexus governs instinct. The associated color is yellow. When vitalized, this chakra floods us energy, productivity, spontaneity, and dominating power.

The Heart Chakra – is located directly where the physical heart rests. The heart governs love and connectedness with humanity. The associated color is green. The chakra relates to love and is the fuser of opposites in the psyche: mind and body, male and female, ego and unity. A vitalized heart chakra allows us to love unconditionally, feel compassion, have a deep sense of peace.

The Throat Chakra – rests at the throat… it is our locus of communication, inner hearing and clairaudience. The associated color is blue.

The Third Eye Chakra – floats at the center of the forehead just above the eyebrows… it is the center of our inner sight, clairvoyance and  links to our higher consciousness. The associated color is purple. The chakra governs the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively. As such it opens our psychic faculties and our understanding of metaphysucal levels. When healthy it allows us to see clearly, in effect, letting us step back and absorb the big picture.”

The Crown Chakra – is located in the top of the head… it is our connection to the Universal Spirit or God. The associated color is white violet. It relates to consciousness as pure awareness. It connects us to the greater world beyond, to an infinite, spaceless place of omniscience. When unfolded, this chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection, and euphoria.

Kundalini Yoga, Tai-Chi and the  countless Eastern disciplines bent upon activating the chakras  have one purpose: to skyrocket the practitioner’s health, intuition, psychic functioning and energy signatures. Common to these disciplines include meditation on the specific chakras and sinking the mind into a euphoric altered brain state. It takes years of meditation to achieve mental readiness necessary to unleash the latent bioenergis, fully activate the chakras and open the flood gates to better health, increased psychic powers, and an unstoppable charisma with people

What if you could cut that time by 1/4th? Are you prepared to explore the unlimited potential of a fully expanded chakra system?

We’ve taken unparalleled HYPNOTIC INDUCTION technology, combined it with cutting-edge binaural beat matrices and infused it with NLP behavioral change techniques…. all to quickly and explosively energize your aura. Light years ahead of the Level III System, The Kundalini Activator relies on these technologies:

Key Technologies

BrainEngine (TM)– Building upon the wildly successful Deep Mind series developed by Exceed Global in 1999, the CD harmonics irresistibly nudge the user from the hectic Beta brain state down into the euphoric Theta state where hypnotic reprogramming easily penetrates the mind and unleashes a payload of life-enhancing suggestions. Seeming to come from within your own consciousness, these suggestions ultimately hotwire your brain and spark the awakening of your chakras. There’s more. Our BrainEngine technology  uniquely resonate at theoretical frequencies which reportedly can activate your subtle energy centers (chakras). Click here to see the frequencies we use. You will experience throbbing sensations, a lightening of your spirit and a sudden expansion of your consciousness. Flashes of light may criscross your mental screen as various parts of your body heat literally up. Don’t worry, it’s just your mind altering to accommodate to the released energy. In time (a week at the most), you will adjust to  your elevated  energy levels and these wild sensations will minimize.  Think of it like taking a roller coaster ride into the astral planes of your psyche.
HYPNOTIC programming- Embedded within the binaural harmonic matrix is a unique hypnotic guided visualization crafted to unfold the chakras and recreate you into a powerhouse of charisma, energy and boundless vitality. The hypnotic induction itself is  taken from an ascended master who used the very same imagery to guide his students into magnificent awakening. You will find the suggestions  clear at the onset and as you sink into an altered state of consciousness, your mind will  absorb the vivid visualizations like a sponge, releasing energy you’ve never felt in your life!
NLP- As we are well aware Neurolinguistic Programming is naturally  the most persuasive form of communication ever created now. What if NLP where used on YOU to reshape your mind for the better? Our CD deploys subliminal suggestions crafted with NLP affirmations in the imperative and permissive modes to home in on both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. To date, we are one of the few to utilize such techniques.

Here at XtremeMind, we’ve developed this unique sound formulation light years beyond our original 1999 Deep Mind brainwave technology to jump start your kundalini into ENERGY EXPLOSION. In TEN minutes FLAT.

Read up on the scores of independent www.bwgen.com testimonials to our old Deep Mind formulation since the year 1999 here:

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Utilizing  proprietary software custom built for us (LiquidExpansion) as well as Adobe Audition, we are pleased to present your  Kundalini Activator.

Core Benefits of this Program

  • Rapid stimulation of the body’s 7 primary energy centers (chakras)  which leads to;
  • Possible awakening of the third eye which leads to;
  • Explosion of intuition beyond levels imagined.
  • Some increase in physical endurance and health due to awakened energy centers.
  • More available chi energy that can be used for manifestation techniques, remote pranic healing and martial arts
  • Easier access to astral projection.
  • Based on the Kundalini Yoga Meditation Method of chakra activation

Some User Reviews

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What You Get

A power-packed MP3,  the Extreme Power System Level IV Kundalini Activator.

An MP3Pro track at  CD-Quality recording; you can play it on your computer, your home MP3 player or even upload it onto your Ipod! You will also find a host of other secret mind power bonuses in your package

All you need are a set of high quality headphones, a comfy couch, and  quality listening time  every three days to literally unleash the power within.

Unlike most other hypnotic systems, the Kundalini Activator strives  to effect permanent change. Listen to the magical harmonic every three days for six months and you can store the CD away forever. You will then burst with permanent enthusiasm, boundless energy, and a charisma so overwhelming, you’ll attract all the prosperity, romance, and opportunities you’d ever desire. FOR LIFE! Picture yourself wanting something… and getting it within days? It’s not fiction: ascended masters have the uncanny ability to manifest their fantasies into concrete reality!

Create yours…. now!

What to expect after constant stimulation of the chakras

(six months maximum)

1) A near-permanent state of tranquility. Say good bye to headaches, weakness due to stress

2) Fewer instances of sickness. Relatively rapid healing. Your immunity will go up.

3) More focused mind, a sense of alertness. Your capacity to process information may increase.

4) Energy energy energy. Say good bye to a sedentary life.

5) Some instances of psychic ability– heightened intuition, telepathy, precognition.

6) Sharpened hearing (within a few weeks)

7) People commenting how “nice your energy is” and wanting to be with you.

8) Amazing, relaxing dreams.

If you’re dissatisfied after the 6 month period, we’ll refund your money! No questions asked!

*Note, This CD does not provide a full  Kundalini Awakening.What it does is to tap a portion of your latent kundalini for healing purposes. It’s effects are similar to high level Kundalini Reiki. Kundalini Reiki is a few notches lower than Full Kundalini Awakening.


You will also receive a bonus INSTANT DOWNLOAD of our Chakra Activator mp3. Thirty minutes long, this sound file resonates at key frequencies theoretically designed to rapidly accelerate the stimulation of your chakras. Listen to this MP3 once a week as a “recharger” in conjunction with the Kundalini CD

The frequencies* included are:

  • The 1.5 Universal Abrams Healing rate (pure sine wave)
  • 35 Hz pure sine wave to balance the chakras
  • 256Hz pure sine wave for the root chakra
  • 315 Hz pure sine wave for the diaphragm chakra
  • 320 Hz pure sine wave for the solar plexus chakra
  • 341 Hz pure sine wave for the heart chakra
  • 416 Hz pure sine wave for the psychic center chakra
  • 448 Hz  pure sine wave for the third eye chakra
  • 480 Hz pure sine wave for the crown chakra
  • 2675 Hz pure sine wave for auric field clarification
  • 33Hz to 4Hz binaural beat sweep for psychic development
  • 5000, 6955 and 8000Hz pure sine wave Tomatis Effect carrier waves (to stimulate the brain)
  • Mozart Effect primary background music.

As you listen, use stereo headphones in a lying position. Prepare to be amazed!

* Please understand that these frequencies are THEORETICAL. Despite being drawn from various  Eastern and Western sources, they are not yet confirmed by traditional western medicine.

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