Psion Master One

How To Manifest Like a Pro – Secret Mind Software for Psionic Masters

Psion One

You got dozens of psionic devices and scrying instruments… but things aren’t working out…

There’s a disconnect. Your brainpower is down. Your chi is flagging. Such a waste… all that power…untapped. But fear no more.

Psionic Master. The latest audio system that will hotwire your etheric connections to your manifestation tools- and beyond.

The bottomline: You will unleash your inherent power of creation. You will seize the laws of attraction. And you will finally get all your implements of manifestation working.

Whether paper radionics, software psionics or hardware generators… you will control them effortlessly. And bend reality to your will.

The Psionic Master destroys all blocks that hinders success with your manifestation efforts. Expect to create concrete reality out of fantasy… even with a JU99 or HHg.

Transform your Vision Into Form. Today

Bristling Power.  Imagine what it would be like to flip those dials, light those candles, burn that incense and get the results you want with all your tools.

The Psionic Master is a unique mind expansion tool meant only for those who use physical or software tools for manifestation projects.  We designed it to rapidly help you link your thoughts to these constructs to shape reality. . Easily, Naturally, Effortlessly.

All you do is kick back and listen to the 340kbps mp3. No concentration or prior experience needed. Then as you listen, go about using your radionic or psionic tools! Watch as your results go from zero- to hero.

Three Steps Two Using the Audio

1) Listen to the audio on your mp3 player for 4 minutes.

2) Activate your radionic device and visualize your outcome. You should make the visualization vivid, crystal and forceful. See the desire MATERIALIZE before you, then reach out with your hands to handle, examine and touch your desire. Pretend as though you were Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible moving the object with your hand in 3D sapece. Automatically, the audio creates within you the most fertile energetic environment for maximum success. Your fingertips, particularly that of your RIGHT hand crackles with manifestation energy and the audio forces it into your vivid image.

It’s so fast and easy!

3) Await faster results that is consistent, measurable and concrete.

Three TechnologiesBrainEngine 2 (TM)– Utilizing far more advanced frequencies than that found in Kundalini Activator, the audio sparks the creative and spiritual fire necessary for manifestation.
Subliminal programming- Embedded within the binaural harmonic matrix are irresistible suggestions crafted to create within you a dynamo of influence.
Vivid Magick- The audio is interlaced with ancient chants of power that resonates with your higher self to release the pent up forces that can bring you WHAT YOU WANT. Note: During the creation of the audio, chaos manifestation and wiccan chants were conducted. Each time you play the audio, you draw from that very energy. It’s all through psionic structural links. Picture that: it is as though the magi are conducting the operations all over again!

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Please email us with the product desired desired as well as other details. Services will be started with a paypal request and delivery rendered online. Software will be sent via Google Drive. Physical products. if any, will be delivered within 7 to 14 days depending on customization