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Maximum Influence

Now there’s a fast, easy, and fool-proof way to…

Create Unbelievable Command with People.  You too Can Unleash The Same Methods I’ve used To Amass Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars!

Joe, I’m still rubbing my eyes. This must be a dream! Your book taught me the very info I’ve been after in NLP- minus the fluff and jargon. I just wish I found this sooner
Bert Sykes

Do your people-skills suck?

Are your conversations getting nowhere? Do best friends find excuses to run… and blind dates  leave you cold?  Can’t even sell sleeping pills to insomniacs????

You don’t deserve the aggravation!

You want a massive upgrade in your influence quotient. And when folks demand hardcore skills that seal deals like crazy, I’m the guy they call. And now, so can you..

Be a Persuasion Juggernaut. In Two Days

I don’t know about you, but I get excited when I come across the latest bag  of Killer Influence Tricks to maximize my own personal power. So, you can only imagine my thrill as I now release the very Manual used in our power-packed $250-a-head 2-Day Maximum Influence NLP Workshops.

Derived from  cutting-edge NLP, DHE, negotiation, conversational hypnosis and rapport-building techniques, our Workshop transforms participants into awesome  communicators of staggering influence.

Salesmen, businessmen, students, teachers and even players- these  average men and women leave our seminar rooms transformed. You’ll be amazed at how they deploy newfound skills to easily crush social challenges head on. The energy they exude is contagious.

Don’t be left out!

Are you ready to take your power with people to the maximum level? Do you want unstoppable influence  right now but cannot make it to our live workshops?

No Problem. You too, can win.

With this Home Study Course, it will be like you’re right here, with us. You’ll learn the most powerful, enduring, and masterful techniques to unleash the most penetrating covert patterns known to exist today. Each page is crammed. Packed with unbelievable sidewinders to slip straight into the minds of your unsuspecting prospects. Each chapter is bursting with exercises to flex your exploding skills of persuasion.

So ask yourself: would you like to quickly weave spells of instant rapport – on the fly — and achieve your personal goals easily and rapidly?

NOW, is your chance, to do that!

The Maximum Influence Advantage training guide is your key to supreme social success.

  • Unleash Magnetic Rapport – If you’re not on the same wavelength, you just can’t connect! Maximum Influence reveals the quickest and easiest way to get along. Even with the most disagreeable persons!
  • Resonant Voices – TV anchors and radio DJs radiate a charisma so compelling, so convincing. Learn the top 8 tricks to allure others with a voice so irresistible.
  • Electric Words – Some words positively and negatively call attention to themselves. Find out how to talk in Word Pictures to create awesome impact!
Your material rocks! Thanks for developing a system simple, yet so EFFECTIVE. By laying Maximum Influence out step-by-step everyone from the Newbie broker to the seasoned Marketer wins. This is a certainly a “MUST Have Product” if you are serious about touching more people, Period!! You certainly did it again!Reynold Angeles Ayala Land Inc.


  • Hypnotic Language Patterns – Ever found yourself saying “Yes” several times to someone you just met? Tough luck. You ran into a Master Persuader. Fight back with the 19 most powerful hypnotic patterns that demolish resistance. Now, no one can erode your will. Ever again.
  • Man-handle Objections – Learn a very simple four step formula that judo-throws irrational objections and slams them to oblivion! It’s a small subset of our $300 Seven Gates Objection Mastery Workshop.
  • Destroy Limiting Beliefs – You may be your worst enemy! Understand what’s holding you back and how to annihilate those strength-sapping assumptions.
“You’ve made Persuasion and Influence so easy!” Joey, I am a big fan of all your books, but Maximum Influence is on a whole different level. I know you have been working on this for some time and all that sweat makes this book worth every cent spent. I’ve been having problems dealing with stuff shirts. They just don’t listen to me! After mastering your coursework for a month, I got my promotion and now am their peer!Angela Wakefield
  • Power Presuppositions – Presuppositions are magical words that create near irrefutable belief in virtually any assertion. Unlock the secrets of presuppositions and you will easily twist minds inside out… towards agreement!
  • Revitalizing Reframes – When the office jerk throws you tomatoes, toss back a delicious salad – with flair. It’s easy when you master the art of artful reframing.
  • Charisma Charisma Charisma – We compiled a trove of gems that make people feel all warm and fuzzy around you. Now all you need to do is use them!

In TWO days you’ll learn:

  • scores of words and phrases to tweak belief systems! Yours and others.
  • scores of words and phrases to move useless emotion to the past.
  • piles  of  phrases that shift subjective experience for the better!
  • tons of words that create states power!
  • words that make problems appear temporary!
  • ultra sneaky sleight of mouth!  Great for negotiation.
  • how to move problems between the past, present and future!
  • crafty analog marking to increase compliance!
  • Conversational hypnosis. Keep them latching to every word.
  • Over 18 hypnotic language patterns to twist the mind inside out.
  • Tweaking Modal operators for objection mastery
  • Cartesian Logic and its power to overwhelm antagonists
  • How to elicit pleasure experiences and inspired states!
  • Inductive language patterns and its capacity to open minds.
  • Using emotionally charged words!
  • Speaking like a DJ on a high..
  • And much, much more.
Since I finished your workshop, I’ve closed more sales than ever. That’s even with the blockheads who like to contradict me.Janice Trent Crown Asia


I was a little hesitant to try Joey’s Maximum Influence’.” Okay, I know basic sales scripts, and have all these superb computer guides to help my outbound campaigns. What do I need with a new fangled system called NLP? Once I tried it, I was sold! It’s the heart and soul of creating rapport. Very elegant. I found out how to get past thos “Oh God” scenarious when scripts and by the book responses get me nowhere. Now I meat vendors and customers head on without thos canned guides. Laura Jansenn Call Center Manager


“You’re the Man!” I bought scores of dating books, but none came close to yours in helping me with the girls. Your book gave me the confidence, and more importantly, the ammunition to keep the babes listening to me. I now have a girlfriend. Thanks J!Norberto Reyes AFC


You Learn a Timeless System of Creating Chemistry!

Whether its sales, promoting an idea, winning a hot date or simply boosting your confidence, Maximum Influence Advantage arms you with the social tools to get ahead. You’ll never be at a loss for words. Imagine… what will it be like to be the life of the party? The unstoppable closer? The Man all ladies are after?

You can do all that. Now.

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