Kundalini Activator 3.0

Kundalini Activator 3

Release the untapped energy pathways for REAL Dominance.. with Kundalini Activator

You’ve used Kundalini Activator 2.0 for years. Things have been nothing short of miraculous. But you want more than mere base chakra stimulation. You want a rising of epic proportions.

Kundalini Activator 3.0Behold the power of Kundalini Activator 3.0 This final version (there will be no KA4) tweaks all key chakras that Kundalini Activator 2.0 energized- plus creates a spinning vortex between the 2 core chakras that unleash the full golden glow. You’ll break through the barriers in record time.

In 60 days.

  • You may never get sick again.
  • People will feel your dominance from afar.
  • And you’ll be a reality creating engine.

Blow your mind
: Read this amazing scientific research on the effects of Kundalini Awakening.

Is Unreal Kundalini Power Your Goal?Kundalini Activator 2

This final release enables the full protocol of the Twin Hearts Meditation while utilizing chakra frequencies and tomatis tones to create a blissful explosion of kundalini. Cyclic subliminals unleash moods so high -you’ll feel like you’re on prozac.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve used chi generators or dabbled in psi practices in the past. Whether you know the difference between yoga and reiki. Using Kundalini Activator 3.0 will bolster your fields and make you feel unstoppable. And people will just love to bask in your presence. After all- doesn’t it feel grand stretching out in the warmth of the sun?  You will be noticed. In control. Fully in command.  You can cast out your  explosive chi and influence the flow of events.  Of course you must use it wisely.

What would it be like to feel eternal calm. Imagine feeling that oneness with universe. Visualize the unity with the cosmos as things just get better and better.And of course you savor all the protection of your chi shielding as you cast your influence to your environment like a gladiator sweeping his net.

Kundalini Activator 3 is miles ahead of Kundalini 2.0

What if You can DO This With Your Energy

How Does Kundalini Activator 2 Work?

Refer to Kundalini Activator 1.0. Everything it does, version 2 accomplishes the same with  added programming

  • Full slate of chakra frequencies. KA 2 stimulated all chakras equally. KA3 does the same while causing a stronger bloom on two key chakras using the Twin Hearts Protocol.
  • Solfeggio frequencies. Various sacred tones play at different tracks to create more than just the touted DNA repair that solfeggio adherents swear by. It creates a shield of power like the tower of light ritual.
  • Full energetic manifestation. The recording of KA3 was crafted as chaos programming was chanted in a circle of power to infuse every copy of KA3 with a link to the ether. You will hear the chaos chants in a very deep relaxed state. Whether you have financial or social needs, you will discover that the manifestation programming zeroes on every one. It’s almost like having several Law of Attraction operations cast on you.
  • Subliminal programming and Emotional Boom . Motivational commands take your euphoria to tiger-roar highs!
Core Benefits of this Program

  • Chaos programming- almost like having master magi at your beck and call 24/7
  • Rapid stimulation of the body’s 18  energy centers (chakras)  which leads to;
  • Faster awakening of the third eye which leads to;
  • Explosion of intuition beyond levels imagined.
  • Some increase in physical endurance and health due to awakened energy centers.
  • More available chi energy that can be used for manifestation techniques, remote pranic healing and martial arts
  • Easier access to astral projection.
  • Based on the Kundalini Yoga Meditation Method of chakra activation

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What You Get

A power-packed 340kbps download,  the  Kundalini Activator 3.

All you need are a set of high quality headphones, a comfy couch, and  quality listening time  every three days to literally unleash the power within. It’s recommended to use the music on both headset and speakers at the same time

Unlike most other hypnotic systems, the Kundalini Activator strives  to effect permanent change. Listen to the magical harmonic every three days for TWO months and you can store the CD away forever. You will then burst with permanent enthusiasm, boundless energy, and a charisma so overwhelming, you’ll attract all the prosperity, romance, and opportunities you’d ever desire. FOR LIFE! Picture yourself wanting something… and getting it within days? It’s not fiction: ascended masters have the uncanny ability to manifest their fantasies into concrete reality!

Create yours…. now!

What to expect after constant stimulation of the chakras

(two months maximum)

1) A near-permanent state of tranquility. Say good bye to headaches, weakness due to stress

2) Fewer instances of sickness. Relatively rapid healing. Your immunity will go up.

3) More focused mind, a sense of alertness. Your capacity to process information may increase.

4) Energy energy energy. Say good bye to a sedentary life.

5) Some instances of psychic ability– heightened intuition, telepathy, precognition.

6) Sharpened hearing (within a few weeks)

7) People commenting how “nice your energy is” and wanting to be with you.

8) Amazing, relaxing dreams.

If you’re dissatisfied after the 6 month period, we’ll refund your money! No questions asked!

*Note, This CD does not provide a full  Kundalini Awakening.What it does is to tap a portion of your latent kundalini for healing purposes. It’s effects are similar to high level Kundalini Reiki. Kundalini Reiki is a few notches lower than Full Kundalini Awakening.


* Please understand that these frequencies are THEORETICAL. Despite being drawn from various  Eastern and Western sources, they are not yet confirmed by traditional western medicine.

* We are fully confident in YOUR MASSIVE RESULTS, that we back our product with a 90 DAY money back guarantee. No questions asked!

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