Today, you get an energy MP3 that scores of magi had been using to spectacular effect. Free

Stop. for ritual magicians, success is based on two things. The amount of power you can raise internally (with chi or kundalini), and the focused intent that drives that energy towards its target. Most fail at one or both. Several cease their efforts at manifestation.

Today we release a free audio that’s almost magical in velocity and concrete in outcome. The Wizard’s Fire is an Independence Day Gift to our subscribers after 16 years of running this community.

What you get:

  • 40 minute audio laced with the most powerful energy raising frequencies unique to those involved in ritual magic. We’ve synthesized the vibrations of several High Magi practitioners into audio
  • Superb cover music that cascades with power in tune with the hi-chi emanations
  • Isochronics to get you into the ideal casting state.
  • Invocations to the higher powers.
  • Environmental enhancement tones- similar to that pioneered by Bob Dratch when he released the Environmental Clearing music and Grandmother’s Drum 10 years ago (we admire this fellow!). The Tones create a temporary “geopathic stress zone” where it’s played. Ramp your power to the stars!

How to Use:

  • Calm yourself for 3 minutes before use.
  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart.
  • Play the music either on headset , speakers or both. For max effect we recommend the latter.
  • Saturate yourself for 2 minutes then commence your ritual magic, manifestation or techno magic.

The music is geared to do everything for you. No special visualization, chants, or poses required.

**If you loved this, we have a special version that bristles with quadruple the power. It’s the very same energizer used by our magi during casting for our clients. Contact Support to purchase the high powered version for only $39.

Our cover music is composed of:

1.Auracle Music-Stand And Fight
2.Empire Syndicate-The Long Journey
3.Empire Syndicate-The Waiting Game
4.Auracle Music-Run With The Pack
5 Audiomachine – Danuvius
6.Audiomachine-Breath and Life
8.Ryan Taubert-Journey
9.The score-Arrival to earth
10.Killer Tracks -Rags To Rings
11.James Newton Howard-London
12.Florian Bur -White Angel
13.Two steps from hell-For the win
15:Shockwave Sound – Fatal Fight