Like many in the metaphysical arena, I experiment frequently and keep an open mind to what may potentially over turn maturing norms. This is especially true with orgonite, radionics and tensor technology.

Back in 1999 I recall that the de-facto standard for orgonite involved polyester resin and metal shavings. Folks like Loohan and Jonathan Goldman endorsed the energetics of this matrix. Later on, as the scientific method re-evaluated the interaction between the organic and inorganic components, it was found that far more pressure per unit area was generated when powdered elements were used. Analogically, one may compare the large bulky transistors of decades past versus the solid state technology of today. You would need hundreds of transistors (metal shavings) to equal the capacity of a solid state pieces of hardware (micronized elements) Understandably, Karl Welz, Ernie Vega and Priesing took center stage with their highly homogeneous creations.

Today, it seems that tensor technology is taking a similar turn. The late great Slim Spurling set the global standard with the trinity of cubits Sacred, Lost and Empowered. For ten years, I myself used those cubits and viewed them as the only working measurements to generate usable tensor fields. Plants grew lush, people recovered from illness, and water just tasted better.

Then a big step forward.

This December 2019 I finally experienced the sheer power of four new cubits that appear to equal, and even surprass the original three in terms of both bovis and BG3 energy. I refer to the Sacred Cubit, Viking and Ra-Mu measurements of Mariana Sporano and the 528hz of Maurice Moojiman.

Let’s examine first the Soprano Cubits

The Unity RaMU-SC-Viking and 528Hz Tensor

The harmonizer in the preceding photo consist of all three of the Soprano cubits. Flanking this are tensor field generators with the same trinity of measurements. Mariana Alves Soprano is the artist and healer behind these instruments

While the classic cubits tend to be breezy piercing and cold, (especially the empowerment cubit), the tensor newbie will report a subtle, warm and pulsating sensation from holding one of these tools. Think of a hearth with dying embers. One might also imagine grasping a fuzzy beating heart.

I’ve had the opportunity to have a 12- hour jet lagged relative try sleeping next to all three. She reported restored vigor after a very brief power nap. The biological impact is indeed palpable.

Swiss Miss, my fave hot brew, was also on hand. I noted how quickly the RaMu TFG tempered the sweetness of this drink compared with the Empowerment cubit rendering it totally flat and tasteless.

The Unity Harmonizer is actually a gift to my father but prior to turning it over to him, I did a quick dowse of the tools. What I found is pleasant. The harmonizer itself registers over 500,000 bovis with each TFG clocking in at 200k. The Vesica Virtual cone pendulum (and confirmed later with myBG3 pendulum) reports all of the life nourishing spectrums of light and none of the negative vertical green. I have no doubt that with the seat of the pants empirical observations affirmed by the pendulums, these measurements are highly ideal for hospital wards and asylums. Recovery will be fast and swift with little jarring to the physiology.

Let’s move to another surprising cubit, Maurice Moojiman’s 528hz

The Unity RaMU-SC-Viking and 528Hz Tensor

I’ve admired of Slim Spurling especially when he released the Lost Cubit. I fancied the latter due to my passion for manifestation.

Santeria, Wicca, psionics, radionics and derivatives of action at a distance where disciplines I attempted mastery of. The Lost Cubit impacted mental functioning and took these practices to greater heights and so I kept stock of this ring measurement in abundance.

The Lost Cubit remains a favorite but it now has a new contender- Mr. Moojiman’s 528hz ring.

This Christmas of 2019, Mr. Moojiman being the usual gentleman that he is, gifted me with the well-made ring you see above. The average ring churned out by vendors consist of single twists. The Mookiman 528hz is a double twist of heavy gauge cable. Holding it I felt a quick jolt that eventually faded after a few minutes. However, the ring did continue to throb much unlike the Sacred or Lost cubit. Glancing at it from the corner of your eye, you may even catch prismatic sparkles of light.

This ring is powerful. One thing I quickly noticed is how responsive stick plates and pendulums are when placed within it. A yes response jumps like high voltage current zapped the instrument. The ring also flooded me with robust confidence in the answer- no wishy washy doubtful responses. The 528 has impact on….

Confidence. Just keep this in your field and within seconds you exude outrageous confidence. I’m a normally assertive bloke, but this ring took it way up- as though I invoked the Archangel Michael or Santeria Ogun for a kick in the butt to get things done. Perhaps 528hz being the frequency of miracles is behind this?

The Unity RaMU-SC-Viking and 528Hz Tensor

I placed the Moojiman 528hz ring next to Charlotte Garland’s exemplary double twisted lost cubit ring and a double twisted hammered ring made by my brother. Yes I intentionally created the image of Micky Mouse 🙂 The synergy is palpable. Regardless of how smacked you are by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, an unsettling calm of peace and can do attiude will settle on you.

I feel that the 528hz works best with lost cubit in any configuration- it’s most likely a short cut to crafting real miracles.

Is Ascension Around the Corner with these cubits?

Ascension is a tall order and it’s on the wish list of many in the pursuit of empowerment. These new tensors appear to take ever closer steps to this aim. I have no idea what measurements power these cubits, but dowsing affirms a stronger bond to spiritual and mental evolution.

There are many respected and reputable tensor masters out there, but if you were to ask my go to folks for this technology, these would be:

  • Maurice Moojiman – creates beefy, beautiful and massive harmonizers that will overshadow Light Life Technology’s $10,000 Cosmic Washtub
  • Mariana Soprano -brought breathtaking cubits that generate palpable healing even to tensor newbies
  • Charlotte Garland -At every pricepoint, churns out sturdier precision rings of higher value than any I’ve obtained from Slim himself
  • Sagar Healer – a scholar of tensor technology and allied sciences with an equally passionate eye for beauty. You must see his gold dusted tensors for full appreciation