Special Week – Welz+XM partnership

Next week is a truly special week. 

July 24 2001 was the date Karl Welz of HSCTI reached out to us for a partnership in mutual promotions of Welz Chi generators and psionic tools. It is on this day we expanded from energy MP3s and ebooks to spells, psionics, radionics and pure magick.

Because it is a very special week, we are running a special promo only from now till the last day of July

Purchase of a Demi God will come with a free UVGC*

Purchase of a UVGC* will come with 5 Xsigils***

Purchase of 1 VGC** will come with 2 free Xsigils

Purchase of 3 Xsigils will come with 1 free Xsigil

Thank you for over two decades of growth with us

This coming week is also when the major cosmic event will begin to end. It’s last day is the 22nd and its last effects will be felt by the 27th. Anything created during this period will be extremely powerful.

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XM Spells 20% OFF.

*-UVGC – Ultra Virtual God Caster
**-VGC – Virtual God Caster
More information you may find here: virtual-psionics-sigils