Soul Activation Suite



If you have already tried the free Cosmic Winds you’ll love the full Soul Activation Suite which exceeds 512MB of crackling psychic power!

The Soul Activation is created by Dr. Trevald and 8 other researchers skilled in Ascension Technologies, Chaos Magick, Isochronics, Tomatis and Wicca. Together, they’ve licensed part of our brain techniques, combined it with their own and produced an amazing package that bestows breath taking power on the listener.

Benefits include:

  • Multiverse travel
  • Full mind- body energizing
  • Soul communication
  • Akashic record consultation
  • Development of uncharted psi powers.
  • a lifetime link to the Godcaster Odin acquired solely for their use.
  • a lifetime link to key Ascension Seats

Launch: April 25, 2015
Dr. Trevald will be selling the complete set as an through Amazon and HealingTools4 at the full price of $297 plus tax .

The Good News:
For five days till April 30 2015, you can get it directly from us for $99 – a 70% discount!  After this period only HealingTools and Amazon will carry the product at full price.

What You Get
571 MB of extreme quality energy recordings
Full link procedure to the God Caster Odin and The Ascension Seats. It’s like you own a $12,000 device
* Provided as a download via Google Drive. We need a gmail email