3 Ways  to Tap Scalar Energy and Create Miracles.

All life is energy. Every nerve impulse in your body is an electric current. Every cell in your body is a mini-battery pumping outside 70-90 millivolts – when healthy.

Our muscles are powered by chemical energy. The steak and potatoes which you eat for dinner are actually only fuel for the fire. Eating is similar to throwing coal in a furnace. Digestion is only a slow kind of burning that creates energy for your body to live on. The truth is, passing itself is defined as the lack of electric activity in the brain. Finally, all life is energy.

Optimize human scalar energy and you also optimize your wellbeing.

Energy is nether created nor destroyed; it simply is. The exact same electricity that’s used by a chiropractor or a physical therapist to stimulate your muscles and encourage healing with a TENS machine is the same electricity that’s used in prisons to execute individuals in electric chairs. Thus, is electricity good or poor? The response is neither. It is only a question of what frequency and amplitude you use and the way you use it.

scalar energy disc

the basic component of most scalar energy tools is the mixture of organic and inorganic materials

Charge your body with all the proper frequencies and you prevent disorder.

The exact same laser light that’s used to shoot down enemy missiles or as a death ray in a film is, in addition, utilized by your eye doctor to enhance your eyesight via Lasik operation or by your plastic surgeon to eliminate facial hair and wrinkles. Again, the difference is only one of frequency and amplitude.

The correct utilization of energy in the healing arts has a long and important history. From the TENS machines and laser surgery that we have already mentioned to using sound waves to break up kidney stones, or X rays and magnetic fields to see into the body to using light to wash the blood.

Some types of energy are more efficient than many others.

As we’ll find, scalar energy is just another use of healing energy. It’s the use of science as nature intended.

scalar energy radionics

psionic machines use crystals to propagate scalar waves

A Fresh Paradigm to Scalar Energy

We’re going to talk about some matters concerning health and nourishment which are likely brand new to you personally. This matter isn’t fundamentally hard to comprehend, but since it signifies a whole paradigm shift in how you are going to look at health and nourishment, we’ll need to go slowly.

We are going to find out the best way to really embed healing energy in nutritional products
In addition, to be able to describe everything, we’ll need to touch on some really esoteric areas such as higher math and sub-atomic particles. Do not panic. It will not be overly involved, and after every hard section, I ‘ll summarize what you just read and tell you the essential points you need to recall.

We are likewise going to learn how fixing energy frequencies are transferred from the goods you ingest into each and every cell of your body – with deep consequences for your general well-being.
The Essence of Scalar Energy

All the energy that we usually think of is defined by both particle and wavelike properties. The waveform of all these energies may be graphed as a hertzian wave (either in the type of a sine wave or a pulsed step wave).

scalar wave energy

We are talking about everything from electricity to magnetism, from light to sound. The sole difference between all these types of energy is the way quickly the waves rise and drop (the frequency) and how extreme those rises and falls are (their amplitude).

Scalar Energy is an odd animal

Scalar energy, nevertheless, is a distinct creature. Take note, scalar energy has always existed – since the start of time – yet, it is just lately that scientists have found and started to use it.

It was really back in the mid 1800’s that the presence of scalar energy was initially suggested in a string of 4 groundbreaking equations by the Scottish mathematician, James Clerk Maxwell.

scalar energy formula

Do not even think about attempting to comprehend these equations.

Just as a small reference, H refers to the magnetic field. E refers to the electric field. Most of the other symbols are Greek letters like epsilon and delta. The upside down triangle symbolizes the Vector Differential.
But forget all of that. The key to these equations – what makes them remarkable in history is using the Scalar Energysymbol, which stands for the Scalar Charge Density – hence signifying the very first time the presence of scalar energy was theoretically proposed. (For the mathematicians and physicists among you looking for a much more complete investigation of how Maxwell’s equations show both vector magnetic potential and scalar electric potential, check out NASA’s Learning Technologies Project site.1)

It was nearly a half century thereafter that Nicola Tesla demonstrated the presence of scalar energy. When Tesla died, he took the key of scalar wave propagation with him and  it took nearly another full century before science was once again able to prove the presence of scalar energy and turn to an exploration of its own potential.

What’re Scalar Waves?

The conventional definition of scalar waves is that they’re made by a set of indistinguishable (or replicant) waves (generally known as the wave and its antiwave) that are in phase spatially, but out of period temporally. That’s to say, both waves are physically indistinguishable, but totally out of period when it comes to time. The net result is the fact that scalar waves are a whole different creature from standard hertzian waves. They even seem different – like an infinitely projected mobius pattern on axis.

How Different Indeed?

scalar wave propagation

Scalar energy differs from normal hertzian electromagnetic fields in several characteristics.

First, it is more area like than wavelike. Instead of running along cables or shooting out in ray, it tends to “fill” its surroundings. This becomes crucial when it comes to developing the technology for embedding merchandises with scalar energy.

For the same reason, scalars are effective at passing through solid things without a loss of strength. The truth is, that’s exactly what Tesla presented over 100 years ago when he projected a scalar wave through the world with no reduction of field strength. Again, this really is critical in the evolution of technology effective at embedding scalar energy in products.

It passes its signature on solid things. This really is really the heart of the matter. All electric fields can plant their signature on things, but not to the level that scalar energy can. This becomes extremely significant when we really discuss the mechanics of embedding the energy field in merchandises, and then transferring that charge from the products into every cell of your body.

Scalar energy can regenerate and repair itself forever. This also has significant consequences for the body. To put it differently, when the charge is planted, you can keep it there with the normal ingestion of energized products.

Actually, the appropriate scalar frequencies have an entire range of profound beneficial influences on the body. (And we’ll detail every single one quite briefly.)

In the New Age community there’s been much talk of the advantage of things like Tachyons, Radionics, and Pyramids, etc. Investigation reveals that these are all, at heart, scalar creating apparatus

Creating Scalar Energy

In fact, scalar waves could be created in several ways. For instance, you can create them Electronically, Magnetically, Physically (by the motion of a mobius strip), or Optically (by the movement of phased patterns on a computer monitor). It is possible to purchase wristwatches that integrate moving mobius strips that create protective scalar fields.

Embedding Scalar Energy in Physical Constructs

As I mentioned before, all life is essentially energy based, and for that reason, all life has structures that can absorb and carry a scalar charge. In point of fact, the very same arrangements that enable the scalar charge to be embedded in tools that pass the charge from body to body. For example:

There are lots of crystalline structures in every cell wall – all capable of carrying a charge
There are lots of liquid crystal arrangements in the collagen network consisting of all the space between cells – also effective at carrying a charge.

And In Your Very DNA

We’re going to get quite abstract, for one final minute, before we start to simplify everything and bring all of it together. So just hang in there for a little more.

There are Quantum Mechanical models that describe subatomic particles including Excitons, Plasmons, and Solitons that could keep and carry biological advice along macromolecules in response to low level scalar energy.

To put it differently, scalar energy is capable of imprinting itself on your very DNA.

You Don’t Even Need Expensive Electronics and Machines To Play With Scalar Waves.

Would you like to experience the flow of scalar energy? It can be done very easily.

The Ki Breathing Method

The human body uses subtle energy known to mystics as chi and prana. Recent advances in science ascertains that this energy does have weight and behaves exactly like scalar energy because both are one and the same… just variants of each other.

You can raise scalar energy internally and project it by.

  1. Calming yourself in a cross legged position.
  2. Focusing your awareness on your navel region and solar plexus
  3. Breathing in slowly and with the rhythm 6-3-6-3 where you breathe in 6 counts, hold your breath 3 counts and exhale 6 counts.
  4. Execution of such manner of breathing leads to strong tingling all around the body’s extremities and scalar energy condenses within the human aura. You can form the energy into any shape and feel its pressure.

The natural energy can be projected to body parts that require healing. Some individuals later discovered that the same flow can be used to create attraction between people. Interested in how to create the latter?



The Scalar Crystal Device

Don Croft and the orgone community proposed a simple tool that propagates scalar waves. Building one is straightforward: procure a double terminated crystal and wind a mobious loop around the unit. Extra power can be generated by pulsing the wire with a low ampere electric current.

succor punch

The Software Alorithm

Scalar waves exist even without the presence of wires and crystals. In fact, a sufficiently strong mental thought can generate scalar waves. Proof? Focus on a cloud long enough with the command to dissipate. It shall.

Computer algorithms can likewise cause enough interaction with the ether and push these obscure waves through space and time.

One of the earliest software tools was the famous CyberShaman. Developed in 2003, it allowed users to interact with energy by simply using computer interfaces.

Technology moved on and what was once the domain of Cybershaman moved to mobile devices. Software now runs on Android and IOS, allowing users to tap energy with nothing more than (gasp) a mobile phone! One such software allows the targetting of multiple individuals and the pulsing of scalars from whatever distance.  Curious? Try it out!