Mind Power: Secret Master Techniques

You’re about to discover real mind power techniques in a few seconds! Relish the power you discover

Mind Control: it’s the holy grail for those practicing themind power techniques esoteric arts. Notwithstanding its negative connotations, the use of mind power in the hands of the benevolent can bring about great social and physical benefits.

Wikipedia unfortunately defines mind power control in the following manner:

“xxx refers to a process in which a group or individual “systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated”

This definition stands in stark contrast to the esoteric definition of mind power which is loosely defined as:

“the power to influence persons, circumstances and events through non physical means and solely via mental energy- or the force of the mind”

On this site, we are concerned with the latter definition, that is the power of the mind to alter objects events through the mind utilizing subtle energy. It is this capability that can bring sweeping – and profitable changes in your life.

The Mind Power Formula

karl Welz of HCT points out to the esoteric phenomenon known as  action at a distance. He postulated that thought on its own has the capacity to change things in the physical world. At its core he says “Think and so shall it be.” Note how there is a parallelism with the Einstein theory of the same term action at a distance:

“xxxx In physics, action at a distance is the nonlocal interaction of objects that are separated in space.
This term was used most often in the context of early theories of gravity and electromagnetism to describe how an object responds to the influence of distant objects. More generally “action at a distance” describes the failure of early atomistic and mechanistic theories which sought to reduce all physical interaction to collision. The exploration and resolution of this problematic phenomenon led to significant developments in physics, from the concept of a field, to descriptions of quantum entanglement and the mediator particles of the standard model”

Action at a distance, for our purpose, is the utilization of mind power to influence future outcomes. Thought is machine to create those outcomes and Energy is the fuel for that machine.

You can make anything happen when you THINK about it and supply that tought with ENERGY. This is the core of the mind power formula.

Let’s exemplify how this works.

  • Your mother in law requests you to attend her toastmastering event at the local old ladies club. You don’t want to go and start imagining all kinds of scenarios to get out of it. On the night of the event, you genuinely get sick.
  • Your house is on fire and you’re trapped. In desperation, images of your girlfriend flashes to your mind. Thirty minutes later, she arrives with police, saying that horrible images of you popped into her mind and she felt something went out of control.
  • Rummaging through your old yearbook, you see an old friend you haven’t seen in decades. Suddenly she calls.

Each example is no mere contrived story- they’re examples of how mind power, when harnessed unwittingly, can affect the real world- with startling control. Imagine how much more consistent the outcomes would be when you have solid mind power techniques to fully channel the flow of events to your bidding.

The real secret of action at a distance and mental influence is this: Controlled Thought + Energy. Remember that.

Let’s look at both aspects of the technique of mind control.

Mind Control Power is Controlled Thought

For as long as you are thinking of something, you are acting on reality. Thought has force. Imagine for a moment you’re playing ball. You keep thinking you’ll drop the ball. What happens? The ball drops. That’s a simple example of mind power effects.

Thought is as real as a fist flying through space. It affects everything to a certain extent. How that happens is unclear. But know this: at the height of the 70s scandal at the Whitehouse, millions of people literally hated President Nixon. All that hate led to his critical health. The President could have died had the hate continued.

The human mind cannot maintain a thought for extended periods- we are easily distracted. This detracts from the influence of your mind on events. Should that bother you? No. It’s been proven that using pictures, symbols or concrete samples of thoughts is a good as thinking about something 24/7.

A decade back my mom nurtured a leafy plant that gave heart shaped leaves. My mom challenged me to change the shape of the leaves through pure mind power (she’s a yoga enthusiast). She suggested I talk to the plant everyday.  I did- plus I hung a picture of clover leaves on the branches of that plant.

Several weeks passed and after much cajoling- the plant released new leaves. Clover shaped.

That’s the power of your mind for you. With the right techniques, you can mold things to your whim.

Let’s look at the second component of mind power development: energy.

Energy – The Fuel of Thought

The Indians were among the early cultures that postulated on the existence of subtle energy known as prana. Prana is also called Ki by the Japanese and Orgone by the Austrian Wilhelm Reich.  The nomenclature is irrelevant, energy is energy and multiple cultures surmise that this energy is what binds the universe together and sets things in motion.

Pranayama is an exercise designed to cause a great absorption of the energy into the human body. When the body is charged with this energy, the mind can exert great influence on the physical world- such as healing or mind control.

Let’s do a mind control exercise right now.

  1. Sit quietly. Still your mind. Calm your body.
  2. Focus on your breathing. Slow it down. Now breathe rhythmically. 6 breaths in, hold it 3 counts. 6 breaths out. Hold three counts.
  3. Repeat the pattern
  4. Congratulations. You just accomplished the very basic energy accumulation exercise. Carry this on for 10 minutes and your body will literally throb with energy.
  5. Let’s make it more interesting. Let’s create an energy ball with pure mind power. Hold your palms near your stomach parallel to each other. Concentrate for five minutes at the center of both palms. Now feel it like a hose, flooding the space  between your hands with a rapidly condensing ball of chi. As the ball fills, intone the statement “I call upon my higher consciousness, allow me to send this energy to my loved one”
  6. Raise your arms and fling the energy in a continuous stream to a friend who is feeling ill. At a certain point, you will feel a resistance telling you that this is enough. You’ve just accomplished your first healing  technique using mind power.

Thought + Energy Equals Results

Active visualization helps channel your will across the distance- even if that distance is the universe. The problem is, the moment you stop your focus, your thoughts cease their remote influence. Surely there is a more concise method of constant energy transmission.

There is. All you need is a picture of your target and an energy source. Your mind power will work its charms even if your thought goes elsewhere.

Here’s another mind control exercise:

  1. Draw a representation of what you want. If you want a girl to love you, draw each other in sweet embrace.
  2. Raise your energy. Engage in the energy breathing methods described earlier while flooding yourself with unconditional love. See yourself radiating pink love energy. Now form an energy ball of pure pink. Take your time. About five minutes should do. Now position the energy ball over the picture with full deliberation. Flood the image with love and tender affection. Chant “Aum Gang Ganpatye Namah” for about 2 minutes. (This is a chant taught by an indian mystic and he asserts it has very strong effects on ethereal goals)
  3. Command the thought ball to energize the picture for one week. Walk away and forget it. Do not think about the operation. This is vital for energy release. Morbidly obsessing about your desires locks energy in and short circuits your mind power techniques. You must let go.

Believe it or not- the sheer control of your mind will keep that energy inundating the picture for days.  The picture representing your thought then acts upon reality because it draws on your mental faculties. It is a structural link to the ether- and as it changes the ether, the physical world changes with it. Note: Those sensitive to energy will know that the thought ball is in that room when they pass by.

Automatically Boost Your  Mind Power

Wilhelm Reich suggests that  orgone accumulators allow humans to condense subtle energy. The technique involves  using alternating layers of organic and inorganic chi conducting materials. When such a substance is present, energy condenses in the vicinity. Surplus energy can then be unleashed on images, drawings or symbols.

On this site are various tools designed to aid your efforts at boosting your mind power such as:

These devices make it easy to generate energy without conscious effort. Turn on the switch, and energy equal to 10 minutes of focused chi breathing floods out in seconds.

Are such devices necessary?

Your goals determine that. For minor mind power endeavors, doing yoga or pranayama is more than adequate. You can heal a sprain by breathing as described and channeling your life force into the afflicted part.

Now if you plan to raise a constant supply of energy for goals like attracting women, creating wealth online or energizing your entire field of crops, that’s when you might want the easy way out and invest on a chi generator or radionics machine. Think of these devices as a v12 upgrade for your standard 120 horsepower mind power.

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