Mind Control Drugs- Mental Influence from the Dark Side.

Fancy bending iron wills in just seconds? There’s a way. (and guess what- harmonic tones discussed towards the end reveal how)

The science of Pharmacology has given operatives of shadow governments  a hefty variety of mind altering substances. Some of these drugs aren’t used to directly warp the mind, but to tweak internal organs, or make the person hallucinate, or some useful response that can be utilized to help nefarious mind programming of poor targets.

Mind drugs can achieve several ends often geared to coercion. If one needs to create raving paranoia, just supply the brain with an excessive amount of dopamine in right hemisphere while starving the left hemisphere of dopamine. Reduce serotonin in the individual and the poor target will lose the fight or flight response, making them vulnerable to physical and verbal assualt.

Thorazine was used routinely at the CIA’s Jonestown, Guyana Group Control Experiment. Survivors of Jonestown have testified as to its effectiveness. After this macabre experiment in mind control came to to a halt due to a bloody massacre, considerable amounts of drugs were found. One footlocker at Jonestown alone comprised 11,000 doses. The authorities prevented chemical autopsies of the bodies to insure secrecy of this secret concentration camp which was used for medical and psychiatric experimentation by the CIA.

Drugs Taken for Mind Control.

The CIA  programming facilities have more than 600-700 distinct drugs at their disposal. The following is a partial listing of the drugs available for  mind control (also known as the CIA MK Ultra Programming Project). The horrendous cocktail can easily make someone feel like he’s in paradise, or burning in hell. The drugs are at times used with complex light, sound and movement displaysthat create whatever effect the programmer needs to create. They are able to get someone believe he’s shrinking, or that he’s blown (with mirrors), or that he’s rapidly dying.

mind control drugs

Experiement Digital Drug- Sodium Amytal – LSD

A list of dangerous drugs utilized by the government is listed in this article. All of these are banned and cannot be obtained except through black channels. Now if you’re willing to experiment with the effects of these drugs, our partner has concocted a digital form of the drug into an MP3. To use, simply strap the victim to a chair, blindfold him, and play the music over high quality speakers.

This is not binaural but pure psychedelic frequencies. No headset is thereby required.

Download the Sodium Amytal LSD Composite Mp3

Top Ten Nefarious Mind Control Drugs.

1. Sodium Amytal

Sodium Amytal lowers inhibitions, giving the user mental clarity as well as the impulse to speak while offering the interviewer an unobstructed view of the issues head. World War II was its introduction, when interviewers start utilizing it to work with soldiers whom refused to speak on account of psychological trauma. Sodium Amytal, a barbiturate, would drive the soldier to relive their wartime experiences and talk about them with the interviewer.

2. Mescaline

The peyote cactus may be processed into Mescaline, a hallucinogen with effects much like all those of LSD. The Nazis were first to use it during their mind control experiments, and later on the U.S. Navy gave it a go as a kind of truth serum. Both experiments ultimately adandoned. The Navy found that advice obtained from a psychotic (even when drug-caused) is undependable. The Nazis found it hopeless to control thoughts, in spite of the aid of Mescaline.

3. Scopolamine

Scopolamine is mostly called the “truth serum”, having a remarkable reputation for making offenders sing like canaries. Yet, not too many understand the filthier underbelly of scopolamine. It is also a “zombie drug”, capable to rob users of all free will, leaving them helpless to the wishes of the inducer. In other words, in the event the miniscule number desired does not kill the victim ahead.

4. Lysergic Acid (LSD)

LSD started making its rounds in the torture/interrogation community in the 1950’s during the CIA’s fittingly named “Operation Artichoke”. How LSD is utilized by interrogators is totally contrary to what you might anticipate, however. Rather than relying on the psychosis the drug forces horrible hallucinations to extract the truth.

5. Amphetamine

Amphetamine and methamphetamine turns users into a literal chatterbox … with apparent torture-connected gains. When injected, sufferers experience an irresistible “push” to speak as their memories and emotions flood the brain. It is been theorized that amphetamines would be ideal for drawing the truth outside of subjects which are feigning amnesia or deliberately lying.

6. Pipradrol

Pipradrol works like amphetamine without all of the horrible side effects (i.e. cardiovascular damage). With pipradrol, an internal flooding of emotion gives users an amplified urge to speak and to move around. The value of loose lips does not have to be underscored.

7. Ritalin

Ritalin (or phenidylate) is famous for its anti-depression skills. What isn’t widely known is its ability to “grease the chatter box”, which is an obvious plus for interrogators. Concurrently, the encounter an “arousal of disposition” that’s science-discussion significance it makes them feel good.

8. TD – Powerful Cannabis

TD, or truth drug, is expressed from the cannabis plant and injected into food or cigarettes. As the name implies, it muffles any awareness of prudence in order that users speak without caution. And just like its grass sister, interviewees sink into a state of mirth and are so happy they are willing to discuss on almost anything.

9. Chlorpromazine (thorazine)

Phenothiazine derivates (for example chlorpromazine) could find in conjunction with an agitator or intimidating drug, like LSD. Either interviewees join forces during the interrogation, or the drug isn’t administered -if they speak they get some piece of mind as they can be pumped up with tranquilisers.

10. Twilight Zone

Picture being stuck in that instant of half-dream/ half-reality you feel appropriate as you wake up and right as you fall asleep. Now envision the use somebody like the CIA could get from immobilizing you in that state. This is known as “the twilight zone” technique, and interrogators pump one arm full of a barbiturate (like thiopental) as well as the other full of a stimulant (like amphetamine), locking in one’s mind into a brain-breaking cycle of waking dreams.

11. Sodium pentothal

Sodium Pentothal is a barbiturate which, when not being used as a sedative during penitentiary executions, may be utilized in lighter doses as a “truth serum”. It does not, however, push one into genuine; it just erases discretion and makes truth telling more likely.

12. Versed

Versed is especially diabolical and somewhat frightening. Subjects under the sway sense pain and suffering completely. However , if the drug wears off, all memory of the pain as well as the agony session itself is purged from the head. The diabolical a heart might find the potential in using versed together with non-marking torture techniques.

Fancy more experimenation?

You’ll find more digital versions of a wide array of hallucinogens here. Download these but use with caution.