Today You Will Explore The Nether Realms with a Technique the Flash Uses

credits for this article goes to IACWorld.

The out-of-body or astral projection is a natural phenomenon that we experience every night, often spontaneous and without remembering what had transpired. Now did you know that you can project your soul out of your body with a technique The Flash uses as he speeds up?

But before we learn that, let’s look at the Astral Projection Process. This entire article derives from learnings at IACWorld and personal discoveries in the past.

The beginning technique of astral projection is to maintain a relaxed physical body  in a reclining chair or lying in the supine position and quietly stretched his arms at your sides. The relaxation will gradually be achieved with slower breaths and release of muscle groups.

Avoiding intake of food and fluids diuretics or exciting prepares organically for a healthy astral projection and without interruption to meet the physiological needs.

These are signs that your consciousness is exiting the body: involuntary movements of the muscles; decreased heart rate with the relaxation of the body; reducing the activity of the nervous system; gradual and comfortable slow breathing.

Out of Body Experience for Beginners in 3 Steps

When trying to explain how to astral project for beginners, I usually summarize the process in three steps:

1) you need to take off
2) you need to manage to stay lucid while out
3) you need to recall the experience once you go back to the physical body

1) Taking off
If you are trying to figure out how to astral project easily, the first thing you need to understand is how to produce the take-off. In other words, you need to learn how to relax the physical body to the point your astral body is free to take off.

Aside from the relaxation of the physical body, you will need to have the equivalent “relaxation” of your energosoma (energy body). Knowing how to unblock your chakras and achieve a better distribution of energies throughout the energosoma can be a great help in this process. Ideally, you should achieve a state with your energies that will produce a slight expansion of your energosoma. Since the energosoma is the “glue” between the physical body and the psychosoma (astral body), you will be in a better condition to take off.

Unblocking chakras and expanding the energies are not absolutely necessary conditions to produce a lucid OBE, however, working on it can greatly increase your chances for take-off.

Blocked areas in your energosoma can keep your astral body “glued” to the physical body. For example, you could get to the point of relaxation where you feel your legs and arms floating, and even get the head of the psychosoma to move around a bit, but feel as if there was a weight on top of the chest that keeps you inside the body.

Taking off is the most difficult part. This is where increasing your energetic vibrational state marks the boundary between success and failure.

The Energetic Vibrational State: It’s What Flash Uses to Break the Sound Barrier

This body is comprised of the energy Eastern traditions refer to as Chi / Qui / Ki. It permeates our physical body, and extends just a bit beyond the limits of our skin. It comprises a complex system that includes channels, like the veins in our body, and distribution or circulation centers known as chakras.

Like air this energy is essential to our survival, it is our life force. It has been given a range of English names such as vital energy and etheric energy; in conscientiology it is called bioenergy, the energy of life. Because it is so much subtler than our physical body, we are rarely aware of this part of us. But when we become still and tune into it, or when we take actions to move and develop that body, then we can start to perceive it in a range of ways, including as intense vibrations and pulsations, or subtle tinglings and pinpricks.

Kim McCaul describes this state thus:

When I started to study conscientiology, I learned a technique by which to deliberately induce the vibrational state even when I wasn’t meditating. This technique, called the closed circulation of energy, is essentially an exercise of the mind and involves mentally inducing ever-accelerating movement of the energetic body. You start at the top of your head and move the energy all the way down to your feet before returning back to the top, continuing and accelerating that cycle until reaching the vibrational state (you can find a nice illustration of this here). You can do this while laying in your bed, sitting in a restaurant or standing in a cue.

Kim then discovers how meditation on the third eye chakra does the same:

A meditation technique taught by the Clairvision School works very deliberately with the third-eye chakra, using it as a focus point in exploring our inner world of consciousness. In the course of my still fledgling studies of the Clairvision School’s approach, I decided to combine the focus on the third-eye with the deliberate induction of the vibrational state. Instead of moving energy up and down through my energetic system in the broad sweep of the closed circulation of energies, I have started focusing my full awareness on the pulsations of my third-eye chakra and then extending that pulsation throughout my energetic body. It appears to be a very effective way of inducing the vibrational state. Before long I start to perceive the pulsation in the crown chakra at the top of my head, and the planto-chakras at the centers of my feet and then my entire energetic system enters a subtle but tangible vibrational state. The third-eye chakra has become a switch with which to crank up the volume of the whole energetic body.


How to Achieve The Basic VIbrational State

The vibrational state is a state of our energy body (energosoma). It can feel as if every cell of our body starts to vibrate although in reality they do not, at least not physically.

This state sometimes occurs spontaneously and can be lucidly perceived when the astral body (psychosoma) starts to disconnect from the physical body, initiating the take-off process.

One of the techniques proposed in the book Projectiology, authored by Waldo Vieira, is to try to get a vibrational state astral projection. The main principle is to trigger the vibrational state at will in order to produce an OBE. The idea is to make the vibrational state the cause of the OBE instead of an effect of the take-off process.

Once you trigger it, the vibrations are perceived inside and outside of your body. The intensity and frequency of the vibrations can vary. It can be anything from low frequency, in the range of two cycles per second, to a higher frequency hum. Sometimes it is subtle, although still clearly and thoroughly perceived, and sometimes so strong that you have to make an effort to stay emotionally calm.

Have you ever been in an idling bus and felt your whole body vibrate in sync with the diesel engine? This would be an example of how a vibrational state on the low frequency side would feel like. Sometimes the vibrations that precede an OBE can feel like that. At other times, it may feel more like a buzzing sensation, but not a superficial one on the skin level, but a profound one, where you feel the buzzing deep down to your very bones.

If you would like to start achieving the vibrational state you may use a simple technique:

1) Lay down on a sofa or your bed and close your eyes
2) Concentrate on your physical body and focus on your energies (if you do not know what this means don’t worry; you will perceive your energies throughout practice)
3) Give a mental command for your energies to start moving from your feet to your head and from your head to your feet in a vertical or longitudinal movement, and keep on moving them up and down
4) Once you feel comfortable you may speed this movement up until it reaches the vibrational state.


2) Staying Lucid During Take Off
On the process of learning how to achieve astral projection, lucidity is paramount. Being lucid means to be aware, cognizant, making sense of the information we receive from the environment around us consistently with how we do it in the waking state. We can say that lucidity means to be “awake” however we do not use that word in order to avoid confusion with the state of our physical body.

Our physical body can be awake or asleep. We, as consciousness, can be lucid or not. So the trick to astral project is to put the physical body to sleep but to stay lucid. The consciousness is not the physical body and therefore does not need to sleep.

3) Recalling your Out-of-Body Experience
The third element needed while learning how to do astral projection is to remember the experience after it happens. This is usually not the part that requires the most amount of information and training.

When you are outside the body, everything you experience is captured by you “extraphysical brain” (or parabrain) in your astral body (or psychosoma). Because of that, when you go back to the physical body a transfer of information needs to happen from this parabrain to the physical brain. This is the essence of the recall process.

There are things you can do before the projection to help with the recall. Self-suggestion is one technique you can use before your OBE attempt. This recall technique consists in repeating a phrase to yourself a few times. Repeating it five or ten times is typically effective. If you can say it out loud and do it after you have achieved some relaxation, even better.

The sentence should be simple and direct, something like “I will get out of my body with lucidity and remember everything when I come back”. It is important to pay attention to what you are saying and say it “with energy” and with confidence.

During the OBE you can try to repeat names of people and places that you learn, and also tell yourself that you will remember those names after you wake up. Coming back to the physical body by your own decision usually helps with a more controlled reconnection and with the overall transfer of information to the physical brain.

An important factor on remembering your astral projection experience is to wake up slowly and to keep your attention on the recall process as you reconnect. If you wake up abruptly, after a loud alarm goes off, and quickly move to switch it off, you would reduce your chances of recall.

The ideal scenario for recall is based on a slow reconnection process. Those kinds of alarms that increase the volume slowly can help in this regard. You should ask yourself if you recall anything from the period your physical body was asleep before making any movements.

In summary: put your physical body to sleep, stay lucid, and try to manage the reconnection process to remember the experience.