Have you ever wished you didn’t have to type everything out even though you had written it already? Is your typing speed slow or you have a bulk of text you want in soft form?

Just scanning your documents is not going to solve your problem as you can’t edit any of the text.

In this article, we are going to elaborate on how OCR technology can help you improve your business.

OCR technology was initially introduced to digitize everything. It enables everyone and anyone to convert any device into a portable scanner.

Whether it is a piece of paper that was scanned out, a pdf file, or a picture captured with your camera, using an OCR converter will help you edit and search the data.

There are three steps involved to convert an image to text.

  1. Analyzing the structure of the snapshot, pdf file, or image.
  2. Splitting the information into elements.
  3. Dividing the elements into different words and converting those words into characters.
How to Improve Your Business with OCR Technology

What are the advantages of using an OCR converter?

Saving data is important for every business. Data reusability is becoming a huge problem for different departments especially the ones who deal with data.

For instance, the government, insurance companies, human resources, etc.

Here are the top advantages of using online OCR:

Less time and storage consuming:

The whole world is shifting to cloud technology and no one likes their drawers all filled up with papers anymore.

Until you don’t have to have hard copies of documents, companies now prefer to have everything stored online.

Shifting your data from hardware to software manually cannot only consume a lot of time but has a higher risk of human error.

OCR reduces that risk and saves you space and time that can be spent better elsewhere.


It seems almost impossible to compare stored data with provided information in a short span of time with the least errors possible manually.

Thanks to the OCR converter, you can prevent frauds and secure your data easily. It is critical for all the officials like police, detective, or all legal departments.

Data usability:

By using an OCR converter, you can convert images to text and store it on your computer in any form like pdf reader or MS word.

Simply visit any website like imagetotxt.com, Prepostseo.com or to-text.net.

It enables everyone with access to your system or your cloud to access the data and search it easily instead of having to go through all the pages.

Just type in what you are looking for and all the matching data will appear.

Along with that, you can edit the data or make a copy of it and make changes to those files instead of having to type out entire sheets and documents again.

OCR uses in the industry:

Let’s discuss the different industries which are benefitting the most from OCR these days. The different departments in those industries and how it all works.


Banking and finance departments deal with an ocean of data on daily basis.

Whether it is to create an account, making deposits, entering cheques, or giving loans, there is always tons of paperwork in it.

Bank statements:

Dealing with ban statements on an everyday basis can be a headache. Thanks to OCR, you don’t have to do anything much anymore.

The OCR tools can easily read through the statements and let you know whether they are real or not and can help you process them.


Accounting has been made easier with online OCR. You don’t have to go through the receipts, bills, or invoices anymore. All you have to do is extract the data from all the bills and start processing it. All that the manager is left with is defining the data to extract and upload it to work on it.

Transport industry:

The transport industry has found uses of OCR in different means.

Passengers and goods:

Putting a simple bar code to scan can help you check if all the passengers are on board or not.

You can do the same with the goods and see how much and what kind of goods you are carrying.

No need to count all the passengers or keeping a track of everything manually.


Carrying a paper ticket to travel is so 2001 now. Everything can be done on your mobile phones now using e-ticket systems.

Just scan the barcode of your ticket and you are good to go.

OCR converter has changed the industry drastically completely ruling out the need for papers.


There is hardly any other industry or cooperation that produces as much paperwork as the government does.

Keeping a record of millions of people, processing the passports, visas, comparing the original documents and everything was hard before OCR took over.


Voting has been made easier with smartphones. In the US, it allows you to identify yourself with any official paper like your id, driver’s license, etc and proceed to vote in elections.

Online OCR is what gave birth to this system.

Visas, passports, and ids:

Every time you need something renewed or the system wants to check your identity, your official documents are just scanned in.

If you are working with any system related to official work, you can use the converted image to text feature of OCR to quickly scan the whole document and save up a lot of time and effort.


To sum this article up, we have learned that OCR converter has found uses in many different industries. The different positive effects that it can have on your business are:

  • Help as a fast researching tool
  • Help solve storage problems
  • Better customer service
  • Help improve work management
  • Help save time
  • Secure all your documents
  • Reduced costs
  • Eco-friendly

OCR technology has made it easier to avoid human error and make document and data processing easier.

With so many applications in different fields, you can always find a use for it in your field, in your occupation.