Rebuffed every step of the way? That can be a doozy! There’s nothing like having a  great project planned and facing illogical resistance.

Two years ago, a friend tried to setup a feeding program for the poor. It was a noble dream. But local officials blocked the proposal saying it was a waste of time as decrepit soup kitchen existed on the far northern section of town to meet that need. )The real story was that several of these officials got kickbacks from the latter’s concessionaire.) My friend resorted to magic. Then she got her way.

In today’s tutorial you discover methods of disrupting human energy fields to have people more agreeable with you- or too weak to fight back.

psi jujitsu
Psi Jujitsu may be the easiest way to change minds.  To create rapport and camaraderie with a tough cookie means resonating with unconditional love together with your adversary. It’s easier than you can imagine. The key is to drop into an altered state of being, latch on to the latter’s heart chakra and to flood each other with love. The steps are easy.

  • Relax yourself in a standing position. Ensure that your legs are shoulder-width apart to facilitate chi flow. Breathe deeply and raise your energy. You can do that with pranayama or you can use our free high tech energy music. Download it here.
  • Close your eyes and imagine your adversary standing before you. Reach out and hold hands. Yes literally move your hands and feel that you’re grasping each other. You will feel a slight electric shock.
  • Now flood the adversary with an inner smile so radiant. You will feel an outpouring of unconditional love from your palms into hers.
  • Keep smiling so radiantly and flood warmth and affection. At a certain point you will feel resistance. Close the session and say, “Aram Adam Axadam”

Execute this well and your next meeting will be different. Your opponent might end up a friend.

psi assault
Psi Assaults are not recommended but can be devastating. The method involves fraying the energy field and freezing the frontal section of the brain. Confusion and high suggestibility results. How to do is is amazingly simple. Try it at your next board meeting.

  • As with the prior method, relax yourself and raise energy.
  • In your relaxed state, conjure an image of your target before you. Sweep your hands in circular motions, and flooding dark murky gray green energy all around the target. Feel the haze seep every pore.
  • Now place your left hand on her head and watch your hand and her head turn to ice. Feel the prickly freeze. Your right hand will grasp the genitals and slowly rip upwards to the lip. This reverses the microcosmic orbit.
  • Now move in close and whisper suggestions of fear, loathing and despair. This broadcasting of dark chi is a rudimentary form of  dark magic conducted by the Dark Caster.

At a certain point you will experience saturation. The transfer is done. You have a six hour time window to persuade your opponent. Watch how disjointed, pliable and suggestible she becomes.
DOR Wizardy
Psionic Wizardy utilizes attack-tuned psionic machines for a constant hammering of energy that works even without constant focus. It is the most relentless and unforgiving of tactics. Once a thought of assault is crystalized, the target is bombarded long after you leave the machine alone.

The easiest method with standard psionic devices is to dowse three numbers that represent your target. Assume you got the number 753.

You will write the reverse of that (a counter rate) on a sheet of black paper and broadcast high pitched chi to your target. Audio-based chi generators come in handy for this purpose. The target’s energy field will disrupt within 10 minutes broadcasting.

disrupt human energy fields

DOR Laser
One of our recent innovations commissioned by nefarious readers is the DOR Laser Debilitator. The device emits a blue burning laser and is linked to a portable DOR generator. Aiming the laser at a symbol of the target projects Deadly Orgone in real time. As the the symbol of the target burns to a crisp, the real person’s auric field is frayed.

Naturally we never espoused it’s use on persons- but rather on elementals and pesky entities.

Planning psychic assault? Do understand the Karmic effects of negative intent. The Laws of Physics apply in the etheric realm as well- particularly the third law of thermodynamics. For every force is an equal and opposite force. Unless you shield yourself appropriately.