Do you masturbate a lot? How’s the smoking. Let’s end that.

What is the base, the force behind addiction? Is it related to desire? Does it have anything to do with a missing or a longing… some will tell you it does.

Opinions and professional quotes and statistics will tell you with priests at their side that the Addict in question is trying to fill something. A need that cannot be fulfilled by something physical, therefore they continue to fail and continue to fall victim to their ―unhealthy obsessions. The mind and all its synaptic fires are the sole producer of the chemicals released into the body that makes you feel the way you do. So In truth, anything you are addicted to is a feeling generated within your own body.

It doesn‘t matter the addiction… sex, cigarettes, food, being victimized, they all create a reaction in our body– and that is what we are addicted to.
There are many forces both seen and unseen at work here.

First, you are not addicted now. If you not addicted (and this leads to guilt) then you won’t feel guilty. Why? Because the damaging behavior  does not exist– let alone exist as an addiction.

And if indeed you are doing that  addictive thing right now that will later make you feel guilty, listen to me now – enjoy it, because it is what you want to be doing. It is only after the fact that you will feel guilty again and classify it as an addiction.

Admit first that you are doing this thing because now, you enjoy it. You are not addicted; you want to do it.

You want to smoke in this moment, you want to make love in this moment, and you want to eat a cookie in this moment. It is something you enjoy. You are not alone.

If you have done these things before, when you were younger, these things were not addictions then. They were just things you wanted to do. So first you must be rid of a victim mentality and allow yourself to admit. You are doing these things in the moment because you want to do them.

You want them, you created and you control them, not the other way around.

Now you are on the mountain, now you can take the higher perspective and say yes I do them because at the time I want to do them. But afterwards I still regret them now what do I do?

Here is where we address a strange energetic and vibrational phenomenon we can apply to this.

Opposing energies will cancel one another out completely.The result is silence. In the case of vibration and sound this is already being taken to market. You may have heard that car designers have created a device that emits a sound to cancel the sound created by your engine thus making the car run almost silently. The two opposing frequencies of sound cancel one another out and you are left with silence.

Now to move on there are questions you must ask yourself, why you would you want to disappoint yourself, what does that do for you.

Because you are doing what you want to do – but then you make yourself feel disappointment and disgust? You continue doing what you want, even though you know it will make you feel bad later.

This may not make sense at first, but I will say… Stop disappointing yourself.

You can do this immediately by smoking and not feeling bad. Do this for 7 days. Do not allow yourself to feel guilty about doing something you have always done, your bad feelings and guilt will only manifest ugly things for you, and make it almost impossible to quit. In that case even if you do if you quit, with this energy, there will always be longing.

Some may not agree. But trust if you do this thing you want, do not feel bad, then it will no longer take the form of this justification for you and it will fall away. There will be no difficulty.

Currently your addiction is only your justification to feel a sense of disappointment with yourself. You will notice when you enjoy the addiction and it disappears – if you do not find the source of this disapproving belief structure you will only find something else in life to fill it.

For example, you enjoy every smoke filled breath the way you did years ago, stress leaves, you smile and laugh, perhaps it will not even take a week for you to wave goodbye to this old acquaintance.

Because it no longer fuels that hidden need that base addiction you have, which is to feel guilty. Understand this, experience this and move forward.

Now to find the base– the beginning – the root of the manifestation of self  disapproval…
After accepting responsibility for everything you create you can begin to view the world differently – you can come from a point of action instead of reaction.

Now, I have searched and come across something that will help you get out of the first physical way of coping.

If you look into the works of Dr. Emoto, I am sure you will find his work on water crystals fascinating. He experiments with exposing water to different words in various forms: spoken aloud, written in different languages and thought including prayer. Then after exposing the water to words he freezes it and takes pictures of the momentary crystals that form. The results are astonishing.

Words that you would consider positive and beautiful yield intricate, complete and beautiful snowflake-like patterns. While on the other hand ugly words and thoughts: like war and hate, as well as certain kinds of music create ugly incomplete crystals and discoloration.

He has experimented with groups of people praying for a body of water. Taking samples from before and after.

Before the prayer – the water from ugly or incomplete crystals. And after a few minutes of prayer – no matter the religion – beautiful complete crystals form.

Every book published by Emoto comes full of color photos of all his results, I am sure you can even find the photos online.

Now consider what, if anything we can agree upon after these results.

One, water can be influenced by thoughts and words. Two, water records the message given.

And three – Water, based on what it is given will reflect and yield a result.

Now consider that your world, your body is more than 70 percent water.

Water that is intimately connected with you, touching you, composing you, flowing through you… influenced by you, your thoughts, your words, all this happening before any action takes place in the world around you.

Every day with every spark of desire, affirmation, negative burden and reaction you are programming your body to yield something beautiful and intricate, or something ugly and incomplete.

Not only what you say to yourself but how you say it influences your makeup and thus your world every day.

Clear , powerful thoughts refashion you into a balanced pure crystal.

I have had trouble with affirmations in the past because the mind steps in and will say ―this is not true. For example ―I am rich or ―I am happy and fit. The mind will argue and say show me. But really the mind is backwards, it is looking to the past for a creation to come in the future.

Now when you look at water with an open fascination, you will find a change, possibilities will begin to arise. And even the mind will say ―that sounds possible.

Our world is changing, just as we are, becoming more open to new ways of thinking, healing and living.

Anything is possible when the fixed thought is abandoned. Information is relative. Einstein has said everything is relative. It is all perspective. If you are riding on a train watching the trees pass by that is what you understand, if the ride is smooth, you will feel that you are static and it is the tree that are speeding by.

Now it is also said that if there are two smooth trains running side by side through empty space and there is no point of comparison to see.
Neither will appear to be moving.

Just as when you turn on a fan, what once you knew to be separate blades appears as a solid disk of color that seems to be static and unmoving. It is just that your eyes cannot see at that speed.

When it comes to addiction, and finding what it is you are truly attached to, it is easy to use the Emoto principle to reverse that addiction. Simply use the following formula:

“I love snacking late and the evening – and I love also getting skinny so I will now love to snack on fruits”

“I love pleasuring myself- and I love giving my wife more pleasure so I will love to reserve my energy for my wife”

See what we are doing here? Eliminate the source of guilt by flooding both the addiction and the future state with positive energy

The mantra is so powerful and it destroys almost any form of negativity and transposes it to light.

Try it today!