The very first mind machine I ever owned came way back 1993. At a flea market, I picked up a rudimentary Sensor disc developed by Patrick Flanagan in the 70s. That little piece of resin and metal provided startling relief to a leg swollen from soccer practice. Little did I know, the Sensor inflamed my interest for subtle energy tools.

2008. I had amassed over 200 different healing implements, subtle energy devices and healing protocols. My expanding trophy room carried everything from a vintage Copen Labs, several Karl Welz chi generators (which I also sold since 2001), Vega rift machines, Croft, Loohan and Logan units –  and the odd time machine or two. If the tool effected action at a distance  and  promoted healing I snapped it.

In that same span I’ve studied libraries of arcane resources from Abrams to Ruth Drown and even Slim Spurling. I directed the construction of over a thousand radionic and orgonite based units myself. One would think the trophy hunting passion would fizzle. It didn’t.

2018. I stumbled across two units that were startlingly economical and yet highly effective. I refer to the $100 Berkana Labs Radionic Box and the $149 Aurorasky Plasma

The Berkana Labs Radionics

Most multi dialled radionic machines would set you back for thousands of dollars. The massively powerful $3200 Welz RAD5 is one. A vintage multi dial Copen is another. But here comes the uber innovative Berkana Labs Radionics with just three dials and a boatload of expandability. Unlike traditional boxes, this one refuses to confuse you with tons of dials or flashy switches. Instead it offers never-before-seen interfaces that allow the add on of expansion plates, potentizers and third party kits like the Steve  Plasma Ball or a QB scalar projector. The device takes all its external power from any frequency generator and drives that energy into any attachment connected to to it. Like with USB interfaces, you can daisy chain subtle energy tools with the Berkana as its beating heart

In the video above I managed to hook up a the awesome Berkana to a Feeltech FY6600 frequency generator at channel one. The Berkana daisy chained to a quantum entanglement reactor for added action at a distance. I like overkill.

I then set channel 2 to synch with  a Godcaster Rodin I built a year ago. Using a Feeltech 4X amplifier, the 24 internal mobious coils  and external Rodin pulsed this chi generator to the tune directed by the Berkana.  The symphony of power is enough to get Archangel Michael swooning.

You can drive any healing intent from nations away.

If you’re after a little unit that does it all and can expand into whatever Titan you wish it to be, the Berkana Labs is a must buy. I’d choose this over any Copen or even my cherished Welz Rad5.

The Aurorasky Plasma

Plasma healing is perhaps the most powerful near field tool ever invented. I’ve seen sick relatives kick flu in hours with plasma. Diabetes mitigation in months. No drug comes close. The problem is, most Plasa Rife tools cost $1000 to $10000. If you’re sick and poor you’re out of luck.

That is, unless you’ve discovered Steve’s $149 Plasma Ball.

I’ve tested this unit and its field strength is crazy strong. Pegs my meter over three feet away. I and relatives using it can herx in just one hour. The potency is something like Red Bull- you’d literally feel your body throb from the energy.

What else is nice? You can set any frequency up to 100khz. It plays ball with any frequency generator and  can receive power in sync with the Berkana Labs.

Now stop for a moment and think about that. What you have here is the combo of a near-field and remote treatment tool- where not just frequencies but precise intentions can meld into one massive thunderbolt of rejuvenation. Both together would cost about $200.

Moving Forward to Wellness

Got a tumor? What about failing organs? Forget the chemo and the drugs. All you need in this age of technowizardy is a frequency generator, the Spooky2 rife software (or any rife app), the Berkana and the Aurorasky Plasma. You’ll be singing and dancing in no time.

Berkana Labs