3 Hard Things We Need to Do to Be Happy in Hard Times

You are not the same person you were a year ago, a month ago, or even yesterday. You are always growing… stronger!

Sometimes life slams us in the gut, dealing us such a devastating blow it literally takes our breath away.

A pandemic hits, a loved one gets ill, we lose a breadwinning job, someone we know dies, money gets tight, feelings of depression and despondency overwhelm our better judgment… everything just seems to be going wrong.

So, what can we do when the world around us shatters, and we can’t seem to pick up the pieces?

The times when things are falling apart are precisely the best times to practice presence and mindfulness. These are the times we’re always preparing for, in a way, when we pray, meditate, self-reflect, and generally invest in our personal growth during the good times.

Truth be told, when the world seems to be crumbling, there is immense opportunity. But we must (more…)