Unfortunately, most gurus / teachers in this field ALSO possess such attitudes, but they’ve become extremely good at glossing over it with showmanship, pickup lines, routines and things like that. In fact they’re so good at it they even score once in a while!

Meanwhile, here are some attributes of the “natural”, the guy who just automatically is surrounded by beautiful women:

  • Doesn’t see sex as important to defining a man’s masculinity.
  • Loves women, thinks they’re beautiful, and is very sexual.
  • But does not care about hooking up or not. Puts no importance or value on it.
  • Does not size women up constantly—does not look at women as vessels to satisfy his needs.
  • Is extremely social.
  • Is attuned to people’s energies and feelings. For this reason, can be very sexually forward when the time is right.
  • At his core has a strong self-esteem and a sense of identity.
  • Doesn’t go for it if it doesn’t feel right – tends to rej ect women more often than not.

Wow, that’s quite a difference. In a random social situation, who do you think—between the two guys —is going to have outstanding success and be very popular among groups of girls?

In fact, let’s say Person A (the first example) is very good looking, and Person B is a bit older, balding, symmetrically challenged. Well the good news is that Person A may get some superficial success, but Person B will be the reigning champion, due to having the proper mindset handled, which is always the most important variables.

Inner Game

Becoming the Second Example: The Key Element

Herein lies a challenge: how do you switch from Person A to Person B?

Well, the first step involves admitting that you have some of those low quality behaviors. This involves also recognizing the fact that being a guy who is constantly “trying” to get laid is not beneficial whatsoever.