Godcaster Ultra Mind Machine

The Eternity Solution: 40 Simultaneous Remote Operations

Godcaster Ultra

One Target.  Is That Fair?

2016 Ultra RAD GodCaster Ultra- 10X as powerful as the GodCaster. 35 cores with V3 tachyon resonators. EMF and scalar powered with a 2014 frequency generator and dual core tablet. Comes with a 5million bovis treated natural precious gem at 500 carats carats. 10x more powerful than the original Godcaster.

 Are You An:  

  • Advanced Magi? CHECK

  • Aspiring Tycoon? CHECK

  • Intermediate Healer? CHECK

  • Pro Athlete? CHECK

  • Lousy Gambler? CHECK

  • Occult Enthusiast? CHECK

  • Mind Warror? CHECK

You want the Godcaster Ultra. Now.40X the Power of the Imagine!

godcaster ultra

The 2014 GodCaster Ultra runs rings around the original Godcaster with its massive  Reality Engine Reactor, extremely large natural ruby and signal generator. Take her for a spin and you’ll discover how Imagination blurs with Reality.



+ 1000 carat Natural Ruby: treated to reach 5 Million Bovis. Linked to the Reality Reactor

+ Reality Engine Reactor: the tachyon matrix bristles with a massive  scalar-crystal resonator. Relish a surge of unlimited bioenergy. 35 cores vs the original 22 of the Godcaster

+ RF Cord cord: Control your Generator with a sophisticated Pulse Generator. An internal 1kHz oscillator is provided for modulation purposes.

+ OsmoTech Tachyon Resonators: The composites,   metals  and micronized crystals formed into the tachyon resonators have undergone a Generation 6 upgrade. A cross section reveals  the gradated casting of the resonators, with the exterior being less dense than the high density inner section.  The low density external shell easily allows unprocessed energy to quickly osmose to the interior, high density core where it is rarified by the Amplifying Coil. Of course, the coil is controlled by the Control Module’s Tuning Board for superb, exhilarating output.

+30 Trend Operations: Simply deploy three different symbols on the three powered Tachyon Wells for simultaneous operations on one target.  It’s a bombardment of energy – directed by you!

godcaster ultra

godcaster ultra

The green gem is a real natural emerald treated to reach high bovis levels

No longer fringe science. Behold our RADX on Mainstream Media

Versions of the Generator for the GodCaster

2010 Frequency Gen


(seen in the video above)

Frequency Range:0.1Hz~3MHz
DDS Technology and FPGA Chip Design
Frequency Resolution :100mHz
High Frequency Accuracy : ± 20ppm
High Frequency Stability : ± 20ppm
Low Distortion Sine Wave:-55dBc,0.1Hz~200kHz

2011 Frequency Gen

Alexan Frequency Generator

This RF-100 is a compact solid-state RF radio frequency generator for the professionals. The frequency range of the unit is from 100kHz to 150MHz with an average accuracy better than ±3%. An internal 1kHz oscillator is provided for modulation purposes. The unit measures 150mm x 250mm x 130mm and weighs approximately 2.5kg.

2012 Frequency Gen

Well Man Gen

Handheld- Full Featured!
DDS type generator (Direct Digital Synthesis)
DAC resolution: 10 bits
Frequency range: from 1 Hz to 1Mhz
Waveforms: sine, square and triangle
Sweep function with bi-direction option

2014 Frequency Gen


Up to 20MHz output frequency and 5V peak-to-peak amplitude
DDS technology with microprocessor control for clean and accurate waveform
Multiple output waveforms include sine, triangle, and square wave
Numerical keypad for simple and accurate frequency setting up to 0.2Hz step

Increase Your Mind Power Like a Pro

The Pulse Generator

Why the inclusion of the Pulse Generator? So you can mold reality with the solfeggio tones and other mind awakening frequencies! Results have been much faster using specific frequencies such as these, and multiples of them.

  • 396  -Red- Liberating Guilt and Fear
  • 417  – Orange – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
  • 528  – Gold – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
  • 639  – Green – Connecting/Relationships
  • 741  – Blue – Awakening Intuition
  • 852  – Purple – Returning to Spiritual Order
  • 7.83  – Schumann Resonator

Each frequency can be played individually or as a sweep of magnetic fields

Increase Your Mind Power Like a Pro

godcaster ultra

Potential of magnetic resonance stimulation include

Enhanced Functioning Immune System
Revitalize Normal DNA
Maxxed Focus and Concentration
Superior mood and sleep
Fortified aura
Sublime and More Focused Meditation
Boundless energy
Enhanced oxygen transport
Accelerated regeneration of sick tissues
Stimulation of neural cells and faster nerve cell healing
Improved regeneration of ulcers, wounds and other tissues
Better fluid exchange through the cell membrane for complete cellular detoxification


The GodCaster deploys a Reality Engine Reactor that’s 10x the powerof the Imagine. But it didn’t stop there. Armed with embedded sacred geometry forms, amplifying coils and honed with  proprietary forging techniques , the Imagine inundates four story house with abundance of life enhancing bioenergy.

For you, this translates into potentially faster manifestation results… with the same ease of use you enjoyed with the Imagine .

Technology Acknowledgements

UltraMind Division Manufacturing fully acknowledges HSCTI’s Karl Welz,  Biogeometry’s Dr. Ibrahim  Karim, and Charles Cosimano as the pioneers of the underlying hybrid technologies used in the UlraRAD

Beyond Manifestation. It’s the Next Health Wave!

In the early 90s, the National Institutes of Health in the United States coined a new term: the Biofield. It  pertains to a host of findings describing a subtle energy matrix*that permeates and extends beyond the physical body. It is a force omnipresent within the universe and concentrated amongst  living creatures

The Biofield is something the ancients knew all along  and which you’ve probably experienced. Called “prana”, “chi” and “ki”, the biofield is a vital force that animates our bodies and powers our daily lives.
When the biofield is out of balance, we’re out of whack. Disease reflects a compromised biofield.

Each minute of our lives, our personal energy fields- the biofields – are weakened  by cellphone towers,  radioactive computer monitors, toxic colleagues,  emotional stress, and hectic crowds. We are worn down by frequencies that literally tear at our wellbeing.

It’s time to reclaim our inner wellness!

The UltraRAD  provides an unlimited source of rarified vital force to strengthen both mind and body. It tunes up the biofield through a resonant effect that harmonizes your energy and helps you to navigate smoothly through a stressful world. Think of the UltraRAD as a conduit of life force which taps into the universal energy reservoir and channels it into your biofield to create an optimal functioning state. Worldly stress causes chaos in your biolfied. The UltraRAD reverses this process, ensuring efficiency, and balance.

The control module connects to the massive Reality Engine Reactor to emit cascades of usable chi energy

Technology FAQ’s

What is the UltraRAD

The UltraRAD ™ is a powerful energy resonator that allows your biofield to function at its optimum level. This strengthens your resilience, reverses the effects of stress and sharpens the powers of your mind.  As your physiology increases in efficiency, you will naturally experience surprising improvements in mental faculties. You will think with more clarity and focus. Your thoughts will be cohesive… even rapidly acquiring you the capabilities of Manifestation which most adherents of the occult practices look for.

What are the benefits of UltraRAD?

People who deploy the UltraRAD report having clearer thinking, augmented awareness, overriding calm, restful  sleep, enhanced mental focus, magnified psi functioning… and more.

  • The UltraRAD smooths out stressors in your life.
  • Increases available chi energy (biofield) to your etheric system
  • Strengthens your capabilities for Manifestation by charging your thoughts with power!

Does the Ultra RAD have a power source or electronic components?

The UltraRAD does not rely on power source because its Resonating Cell works like a tuning fork. This special cell is simultaneously a magnet for chi and its purifier.  It causes nearby living creatures to resonate with life-enhancing information already present within the ether.

Nonetheless, our researchers  discovered that introducing an electrically powered Amplifying Coil into the Resonating Cell creates a magnification of the projected energy waveforms. Rarified chi is cast into 3D space which can pervade a large rooms.

How long do I have to operate it before I enjoy the benefits?

Observation has shown that the physiological effects (calmness, focus, altertness) are instant, but individual experience will vary. For manifestation and reality engineering purposes, it is best to operate the UltraRAD continuously for a few hours.

What exactly is the Biofield and these energies manipulated by the UltraRAD

The universe is composed of matter, which we experience as static objects, and a sea of forces, which act upon these solid things. Now Physics is clear that solid matter is composed of oscillating matter wave packets, and what we call forces are composed of oscillating energy wave packets. Everything is composed of oscillating wave packets of one type of another.

Scientists have wondered about force field phenomena that do not fit the known forces: electroweak, gravity, and nuclear forces. These forces  that do not fall into the traditional forces are called “subtle energies.” They are called “subtle” because they cannot be observed or measured by any known instrumentation. Ironically, these subtle forces have been harnessed by our ancestors through disciplines like Yoga, Pranayama, Chi Kung and Magick. Today, the UltraRAD is among the new technologies capable of controlling these subtle energies

Increase Your Mind Power Like a Pro

What does UltraMind engineer?

UltraMInd  manufactures new types of consumer products called Chi Resonators ™. A Chi Resonator ™ forges a dynamic circuit between subtle energies and classical electromagnetic energies. This circuit accomplishes 3 important things.

  1. It alters subtle energies into clarified, rarified and bioavailable forces. In the sense used here, bioavailable refers to “sanitized” chi energy which had been stripped of stagnation.  It is an ordered, more refined energy.
  2. It projects these sanitized subtle energies into a 3D environmental space. The size of the space can range from a 20 meter spherical diameter to a high of 120 meter spherical radius. When the converted subtle energies are conducted into an environment, they create a more life-sustaining ecosystem for living creatures.
  3. This alteration and projection actively minimizes the detrimental effects of environmental stressors (cell phones, TV waves, etc) and restores the vitality of all living creatures within that vicinity.

What are the Components of the Chi Resonator

The UltraRAD is engineered using 3 components: a Resonating Cell, an Amplifying Coil and a Tuning Interface.

The main component is the Resonating Cell . The Cell works as a metallic and crystalline oscillator to alter and project raw chi energy into coherent living states. At a higher energy level, energy is conducive to the health energy states of living creatures.

The Tuning Interface is controlled by the Operator to actuate the flow of modulated electricity into the Rresonating Cell. As electricity flows,  it carries with it customizable “radionic rates”  programmed by the Operator for manifestation purposes. In essence, the chi radiating from the Resonating Cell acquires a unique programming similar to the way New Age medtitators program their crystals.

Finally, the Amplifying Coil shapes and expands the size of the energy field that is conducted into the Resonating Cell. It multiplies the power of the outgoing chi into a 3D waveform. Ultimately, an entire room will be filled with living chi energy that can be used for health augmentation, technical manifestation and even old style magic spell casting.  Furthermore, it unconditionally sanitizes the  energy states of all nearby living creatures, and thereby maximizing the internal power and resilience of the wearer, allowing him to more effectively filter out noxious  energies.

Increase Your Mind Power Like a Pro

Where are subtle energies converted from? Where are they conducted to?

Dr. William Tiller surmises that subtle energies may be a type of energy within the vacuum state. He postulates that this energy is possibly altered through the magnetic vector potentials identified in quantum physics. These potentials, coming seemingly out of Zero Point Fields, are the parent field for all electromagnetic phenomena. This conversion process is taking place all the time, though in a chaotic state.

The aim of UltraMind is to engineer and produce technology that can tap into these quantum fields and refine it for specific purposes.. UltraMind call its science Chi Resonance Technology(tm) or CRT(tm). It’s direct application is through the OverDrive Engine used in all its inventions. UltraMind seeks to push this technology to mainstream channels – ultimately offering alternative energy products for both the consumer and industrial customers

More on Specifics: Reality Engine Reactor

The Imagine integrates modern techniques to radiate copious amounts of energy that can be used for manifestation, healing, magick, influence and sports.

Connected to the translucent Control Module is the toroid-shaped Reality Engine Reactor (RER). The RER works to refine and project chi energy  within a sweeping one hundred twenty foot radius through scalar wave disturbance, infrared stimulation and magnetic push.

The heart of the Reality Engine Reactor is a crystalline metallic composite believed to slow down the flow of subtle energy (tachyons) that pervade the universe.

Quantum physicists speculate that subtle energy moves at a very fast rate- theoretically faster than light. Introduce the Reality Engine Reactor into any 3D space and it automatically slows down this energy, causing an extremely dense field of lifeforce that can be tapped for personal purposes.

This is where your excitement begins. Once condensed, the agitated etheric waves is processed by the RER’s crystalline structures, pumped through interlocking webs of metallic oxides and minerals, and resonated outwards as rarified energy which  then cascades onto the symbolic trends you set with the Imagine’s TrendEngineeringTM microcomputer.

Confusing? Think of your Imagine as a multiwave oscillator (MWO), but instead of merely broadcasting rich hertzian frequencies, it emanates various colors of chi energy verifiable with measurement instruments like the VC Pendulum.

The bottomline is that you get  rarified  bioavailable energy when you want it!

Prove the POWER to yourself!

Wait for the next time you have a bad cold, the type where you can barely breathe. Try the following  experiment:

Hold your device next to your third eye. Close you eyes. Relax. Breathe in deeply and slowly through your mouth. Then imagine the LongHorn as a spout connected to an infinite ocean of superheated orange water.

Open the spout with a mental command. See it gush superheated orange liquid. Feel it surge into your third eye and down your nostrils and out your body. Feel it carry away all the stuffiness, mucous and debris. Hear the rush of orange turbulence cleanse your soiled breathing tubes. And as you do, easily melt all the blockages with this pure, pristine, unstoppable energy.

I’m confident that one minute is all it takes. Then….

No more cold!

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Increase Your Mind Power Like a Pro

Your Package Includes:

1) The Ultra RAD GodCaster (TM)

2) A user’s CD

3) All our commercial Psionic Casting Software worth $1000 free.

TAKE NOTE: This is a ultra heavy device. Please read construction turn around time and shipping period here.

Your Low Price: $5000

Please email XtremeMind regarding availability. Unit is Custom-built. Please allow 14-30 day assembly. Our average turn around time is 30 days due to complexity. Modded devices can reach 40 days