As you enjoy that relaxation you will continue to relax even more deeply. As you find relaxation somewhere inside your body, it means that you’re beginning to activate a natural phenomenon. Because it’s a natural phenomenon, it’s easy to build on the relaxation you’re experiencing by just allowing it to continue. As it continues to relax by itself, it isn’t just to think about how much more comfortable your mind can feel as you body relaxes.

The Power of The Imagination Command for Covert Hypnosis

Preachers know how compelling it is to have people imagine something – forceful reverie leads to compliance. Wars were won on the rhetoric of Hitler and Nixon.  How do we secretly use the force imagination in covert hypnosis?

It’s not usually possible to simply say “Imagine this. Do that.” or “Put this picture in your mind.” 

We want to be able to come in around the side without peoples‟ attention being drawn to the fact that we are beginning to draw pictures inside of their minds and control the movies that they are making inside of their heads.

Here are three Covert Imagination Techniques:

The first is called the “My Friend John” technique. It rests on the principle that when you talk to someone about someone else‟s experience, they have to, in their own mind, take on that other person‟s experience in order to understand what you‟re talking about.

You’re talking about everything that happened with your friend John (or Jane or Mary), saying how they had some pictures inside of their mind, how they thought certain things, how they had a movie going through their mind, or how they talked with themselves in a certain tone of voice.