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NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
Master  covert NLP persuasion techniques, chi control, and seduction tacticsNLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies ORGONE RADIONICS     The ULTIMATE mind power laboratory: NLP Persuasion Techniques & Advanced Mind Sciences
NLP persuasion & influence strategies and techniquesMaster  covert NLP persuasion techniques, chi control, and seduction tactics
NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies



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Phyton now has V2 core! 2x the output!


We are certain this machine will be a milestone for all other machines in it’s class and features state-of –the art chi emission and trend direction technology.

• Large chi block with the new Jobetite A5 formulation. Now enhanced with sacred botanicals to connect with energies venerated by the ancients for thousands of years !

• Chiblock features 8 minor scalar coils arranged in magnetron configuration, with 3 major scalar generatorRMF Phyton radionic manifesting device assemblies, one “orgone screamer” scalar coil assembly, a main Meta-Mind proprietary scalar + linear coil assembly wound around a handpicked , specially selected Single Terminated collimating crystal.

• Separate targeting circuits for trend and target witnesses for the ultimate in zero-in precision !

• High voltage chi-block pulser (no puny 5 or 8 Volt pulsers !)
• Direct and audio signal inputs with active amplifying circuitry and modulator control.

• One of the crown jewels of the RMF-Phyton : A High Gain (gain= 10,000) intent amplifier operating in CLOSED FEEDBACK configuration with the chi block. The intent is modulated, amplified, broadcasted into the aethers and fed back into the machine for remodulation, reamplification and rebroadcasting, ad infinitum, with each pass being more filtered, more powerful, and more clear. Normally, such high feedback gains will wreck audio and RF power systems in regenerative feedback, or cause unbearable feedback noise, but since is an intent amplification system, so the 10,000 gain amplifier is perfectly functional both in electronic and symbolic terms. This also means, EVEN A SMALL GLIMMER OF HOPE OF YOUR WISH WILL BE AMPLIFIED ASTRONOMICALLY !

• Another crown jewel of the RMF-Phyton : The Meta-Mind Proprietary Orgone Screamer circuitry. The two buttons at the bottom are the controls for the Screamer .

This is the "Nitro Boost" or the "Warp Drive" of this system, and you can use this for a massive power boost if you still want more intent-manifesting power flowing through your machine. The first button is the ARM/CHARGE button. Visualize your intent as you press this button. Then when you feel that "click", that "so be it" feeling in your guts, press the "FIRE" button located next to it. This sends a powerful shot of intent-laden, high-voltage electricity through the chiblock's screamer scalar coils and discharge plates making it, almost literally, "SCREAM". Energy sensitives will see the chi energy "explode" from the machine outward in an expanding, explosive bubble of blue energy. As you operate this feature, a red light shines momentarily inside the case, which is from the high-voltage neon light “discharger” which safely disposes of the dangerous voltage after it has passed through the Screamer coils in the chi-block.


• The Audio input is actively amplified and sound brought through is brought at a higher signal level to the chiblock. This feature brings brings a wide host of powerful uses for the Phyton. If you practice Wicca or other spellcasting arts, you may record your spells or rituals into a CD or MP3 player. Plug the player into the audio input and set it to loop. It’s like continuously casting your spell over and over again without your direct presence or intervention! When used in conjunction with the target and trend circuits, the audio input feature makes trend manifestation a totally automated, trouble-free and extremely effective operation !


I just bought an BIG yacht.

Want it?

• The Direct input/output feature may be used to bring into the Phyton other non-audio signal sources such as video signals. It may also be used to daisy-chain other energy devices such as Ultra RAD’s, Minimax’s, XRB’s etc. This is desirable if you’re performing a “sequential trend” operation. It will also serve as the portal towards other radionic devices which can serve as either additional power sources, or antennae. This port may also be used to power other radionic devices. For instance, the upcoming Meta-Mind Psionic Amplifying Helmet will connect through this port. This will allow the user to experiment with remote viewing, advanced problem solving, thought transference, mind-reading and even contacting disembodied entities (e.g. dead people).

• Multi-mode operation. The combination of Audio, Direct Input/Output, Dials and Orgone Screamer give you a total of 4 modes of operation to totally maximize the coming of your desire. You can use only one or all of them in unison. If you're not the "stick plate type", you may prefer to use the Screamer. For example, you can experiment with sending dreams to your friends! For instance, if we were to send lusty dreams to other people, set the trend circuitry to "Cause Uncontrollable Lust" from the Welz Alphabet of Desire Trend card pack, then the picture of your target on the target plate. Get (or calculate with software or a calculator) the rates for the Trend and Target. Plug in the audio of your VCD/DVD player (playing hetero or gay porn) to the audio input jack and the Video to the direct input jack. If you're even more sadistic than that, visualize your target moaning uncontrollably while asleep while pressing the ARM/CHARGE button and when you feel you're saturated with that intent, press the FIRE button. Then nod your head once and say “It is so, so be it. “ in a firm tone, full of conviction. Of course, we recommend that this machine should be used for more noble causes than this.


Bristling With Chi Energy for Your Command!



The RMF-Phyton comes with a pair of beautiful crystal pyramids which are used as “paperweights” on the trend and target plates and serve to increase all the more the energetic output and manifestation ability of the Phyton as they operate as passive etheric amplifiers and boosters. We’re leaving no stone unturned as we ante up the power! These beautiful and superbly crafted crystal pyramids are far superior to resin or even paramagnetic serpentine pyramids and alone costs USD $80 per pair.

The RMF-Phyton comes bundled with the book "Elementary Psionics" by Charles Cosimano. Alternatively, you may select any one of Charles Cosimano book on the Xtrememind line and we will include it in the CD, in lieu of the Elementary Psionics title. You may also want to order additional books separately (we can only give 1 book free) and most of the teachings will be compatible with the RMF-Phyton.

The RMF-Phyton also comes with a CD containing instructions, public domain trend cards, Solfeggio tones, Sample Rife tones covering common malaises  
 (The Phyton can be used for remote healing!). At the buyer's option, we may even put in the MLF da Babe Expansion pack soundfile, which is excellent for radionics transmission of MLF affirmations.

• And best of all, the price is unbelievable. We are maximizing all our logistics advantages in materials sourcing to bring you this device at an incredible, permanent bargain. At USD $1300, (and even so with the 20% old customer discount applied), we can daresay, daresay again that dollar for dollar, that you will not find a more powerful, more accurate, more versatile and more value-packed single trend/output, dial-type ultra-chi-powered radionic box. Bar none. And as a final, knockdown punch, coup d’ grace, we will throw in the Express Mail Shipping in, FOR FREE !

30-day Money back guarantee ! We’re putting our reputation and money on the line. If after receiving the RMF-Phyton and you cannot agree that this is the most powerful, most accurate, most versatile and most value-packed bundle for its price, send it back to us in saleable condition and in the original box and accessories within 30 days (not counting shipping time) and we will refund your money in full, even the initial shipping charges. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. That’s how confident we are of this new tool, and we are certain, when you get your own unit, you will need to be pried away from it.

Want to be even more perfectly and more solidly convinced ?

Hold your hand over the picture of the RMF-Phyton Trend plate. This is where the energy first shoots up from, because the Phyton, like the XRB 110 before it, is configured as a “Trend-Push” device.

Sometimes the machine pictured above is turned off for certain reasons, but when it’s on, you will feel the energy pouring forth out of the picture in the form of a hot or cool draught or an electrically tingling sensation coming forth out of the tip of the crystal pyramid. For some, holding the palm or back of the hand for 20 seconds or more over the picture will result in a sensation that borders on pain, like being pricked by many needles. That’s the power of this device. A power that will cross oceans and transfer through a picture on a computer screen or printed sheet of paper. If this machine can do that, just imagine what else it can do !

Here are some of the possible applications of the Phyton :

• Thought transference
• Attracting Money
• Attracting New Love
• Charging jewelry to convert them into amulets
• Clearing energetic anomalies in a place
• Influencing plant growth
• Remote healing
• Charging water or other beverages with “clear” energy or with a prescribed trend.
• Influencing business outcomes
• Increasing Psi Powers
• Radiesthesia
• Dowsing for answers using the stick plate.
• World Peace*
• We doubt anyone can list down all of human needs and desires, but that’s just about the breadth of possibilities that the powers of the RMF-Phyton can be applied to. Any wish is possible!

*-may take some time to manifest but it is theoretically possible, especially when a large battery of radionic machines are pointed towards this common trend. This may make an interesting radionics community project performed on a relevant day such as “United Nations Day”.

Yes, we’re now , finally sharing the manifesting power we’ve been enjoying for the past few months with the radionics community at large.

Don’t get caught in the order backlog queue ! Gather up the power of your conviction and manifest the possession of your own RMF-Phyton NOW.



Compare  the Phyton with pricier alternatives!


Please allow a typical lead time of four weeks for delivery. Possibly longer as the order queue increases in length. Each unit is assembled as ordered and not stocked.


Metamind Co. custom builds this unit. Historical estimated turnaround time for Metamind products is three to six weeks.

Test the unit to ascertain it's healing and psi influence capabilities. We offer a two month Money Back Guarantee!


Order the Phyton

USD $1990


Due 3rd Party Manufacturer's Delays Providing this Product, Kindly Email Support for a Custom Paypal Invoice



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