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Master  covert NLP persuasion techniques, chi control, and seduction tacticsNLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies PSIONIC HELMET     The ULTIMATE mind power laboratory: NLP Persuasion Techniques & Advanced Mind Sciences
NLP persuasion & influence strategies and techniquesMaster  covert NLP persuasion techniques, chi control, and seduction tactics
NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies



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DayDreamer Psionic Amplifier Helmet


MetaMind Enterprises

Thought projection | chi powered | radionic remote influence


The Daydreamer Psionic Amplifier Helmet is an amazing psionic tool which can be used in conjunction with radionics boxes for operations  
involving the crown or the 3rd eye chakra, or as a standalone manifestation device.

Psionic Amplifier helmets work by increasing the quantum energy in the mind/brain area and under these conditions of increased energy, the mind is able to connect effectively to higher dimensions . The Daydreamer operates along the same lines, by using the same circuitry as the well-renowned Minimax Reality Manifestation device. With the Daydreamer, etheric energy is pumped into the head of the operator which allows him to connect to higher realms to achieve uncanny powers, such as remote viewing, clairvoyance, thought reception and thought projection. The Daydreamer may also be used to connect to discarnate intelligences and the “Cosmic Wisdom” for problem solving and knowledge seeking.

The Daydreamer, in standalone mode, is the most fun you’ll ever have doing a manifestation operation. In this mode, you wear the helmet, power it up if you like (it’s not necessary as the unit takes power from ambient EMF and chi sources) and imagine, as vividly as you can your desire. After a few minutes of doing this, take the helmet off and release the thought. It’s amazing how quickly things turn your way when desirable things are called into this reality using the Daydreamer.

When connected to a radionics box, the targeting prowess of the latter gives the Daydreamer the remarkable ability to tune in mentally into any sentient energy signature. Use this to read minds, project thoughts, and to contact entities in the spirit world, to either ask for assistance or knowledge. It is an invaluable tool in evocation and will serve to help the magician simplify his means of contacting higher-dimensional genii.

Etheric Uses of The Psionic Helmet


It may also be used to program one’s own etheric body. Use this tool in conjunction with Xtrememind/Metamind soundtracks. Load your manifestation soundtrack into an mp3 player and plug it into the helmet using the patch cord provided. The affirmations of the soundtracks will enter the etheric body via the crown and 3rd eye chakra and will soon pervade the entire persons aura, thus programming him with the desired intent. Rife and Solfeggio tones are particularly effective for use with the Daydreamer and will bring about wellness in a person.


Prove to yourself the power of this amazing device. Below is a picture of a Daydreamer helmet operating in quasi-active mode. In this mode, no electrical is power applied, only recycled radio waves from celfones, radio stations and Electrical pollution is used to power the scalar assembly which generates life force energy. Hold your palm or the back of your fingers across the picture on your screen, about and around the antenna tip of the Daydreamer and gently move it across the picture. You will feel either a hot, cold or tingling sensation as your palm or fingers move across the picture of the device.

Craft for your dreams.  Manifest your wishes!

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This once more is proof of the power of this device. It can send its energy to you with as little as nothing more than a picture of itself ! This same principle of structural linkages can and will connect you powerfully to the etheric realms. For the daring, applying electrical power to the Daydreamer will increase its output a multitude of times more. This “full active” mode though is not recommended for everyone due to the sensitive nature of the crown and 3rd eye chakra to which the Daydreamer interfaces, and can lead to massive overdoses of life force energy.

The Daydreamer Psionic Helmet comes with its own universal power supply, patch cord, CD with instructions and sample soundtracks which include Rife and Solfeggio tones.

Daydream yourself to the future you’ve always desired…TODAY !

For what it can do, the Daydreamer shouldn’t have a price tag. But for seekers looking for the keys to spiritual evolution, growth and power, we bring you this device for only $ 195 .

Bless yourself with this gift of power, now !

Metamind Co. custom builds this unit. Historical estimated turnaround time for Metamind products is three to six weeks.


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DayDreamer Psionic Helmet

USD $395  (+$30 S&H)

Test the unit to ascertain it's healing and psi influence capabilities. We offer a two month Money Back Guarantee!


Due 3rd Party Manufacturer's Delays Providing this Product, Kindly Email Support for a Custom Paypal Invoice


No FDA approved health benefits claimed.

See Thousands of Glowing Pages from Actual User Reports

Astral Projection. Law of Attraction Telepathy. Telekinesis. Remote Viewing. Death. Pranic Healing. Clairvoyance.

It's everything a radionics Mind Master Like yourself would need:

600+ pages of hard core technique. No fluff

We are very excited with this technology and challenge the reader to take this simple structural test before deciding to purchase this device.

Check the web. No one comes close!


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