Welz chi orgone generators and radionic devices

Welz chi orgone generators and radionic devices NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies Welz chi orgone generators and radionic gadgets subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs
subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs Welz chi orgone generators and radionic gadgets POWER CHI GENERATORS Welz chi orgone generators and radionic gadgets
Manifestation success with Welz chi orgone generators and radionic gadgets Manifestation success with Welz chi orgone generators and radionic gadgets



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Psionics and Orgone Generators Explained

A Psionic Box is a tool of manifestation. In other words, it is a "wish machine."

Psionics is emerging science; it  blends cutting edge technology with techniques of visualization such that  desires easily become reality.

Psychologists unanimously assert that  thoughts, when hardened with expectation and conviction, become self-fulfilling prophecies. They proved this fact in countless double-bind tests.

The technology of psionics allows the operator to FOCUS his thoughts on a desired outcome as well as to crystallize it with symbols and numerical representations. According to empirical observation, this alone is enough to increase probabilities to a favorable outcome.

Psionics, when boosted with life force (chi) stimulators are known as Probability Manipulators. These boxes carry powerful representations of a desired outcome AND energize it with an energy  resonator. According to Karl Welz,   founding father of Chi Generators, the infusion of this energy onto structural symbols of a desired outcome boost probabilities  close to 100%

Hence, Probability Manipulators can easily be thought of as Wish Generators. They do not grant desires 100% of the time. Rather, they swing events in your favor by manipulating probabilities and opening opportunities of you.. It is then your task to seize these opportunities.





Constant chi energy for Covert Influence... Health... Power... Stamina... Charisma... and MORE!

All Prices and DISCOUNTS on this Page are OBSOLETE. Please refer to the updated catalogue.


HIGH END Welz Chi Boosted Radionics


Radionics |  Chi Generators (TM) | Pulser Technology | Transfer couples | Power Boosters |  Remote Influence System

The most RAPID results  for:

  • ESP activation

  • EMF shielding

  • Mental dominance

  • Energy absorption

  • Remote influence and manifestation


manifestation and psionics with Welz radionic boxes

The basic J99 combines power with excellent value. The J99 can provide you with great solutions for years. But if you want the sophistication and special applications for rapid reenergizing, manifestation, trend management and telepathic control, We recommend the high end Chi Generators and Radionic devices.


Middle of the line units provide  more power, and upgraded features. For mainly personal use, we recommend a middle of the line unit such as the RAD 2000 Power Radionics™ Device or the LPOG 2400 DL. Middle of the line units  are a great choice for persons who after telepathic assistance, personality enhancement, charisma augmentation, remote healing, and minor magickal operations.



For vigorous magickal operations, personality overhaul, telepathic coercion, environmental influence, astral projection, and wealth augmentation, you naturally will choose a unit that’s top of the line. Top of the line units (such as the RAD 2400 HD, RAD 5 and ATGS 3000) boast greatly increased chi power output,   and versatility of trend operations. You can cast multiple "spells" or manifestation operations at the same time!!

chi and orgone generators combined / radionics

  Welz Universal RADIONICS Manual
  Welz Manual: External Power Module
  Welz Manual: Performer 2400
  Welz Manual: Aqua Energizer







If you find a product cheaper elsewhere*, let us know and we will match that price!

*Any regular distributor's website. We do not compete with used machines on eBay or auction sites because our items are brand new.


The Welz Chi Generators® (Orgone Generators®)
To energize yourself and to add power to all manifestation, psionic operations or magickal endeavors we recommend a bare bones Welz Chi Generator®). Welz Chi Generators do not have radionic amenities, but they  do boast massive flows of chi energy!

Click on the underlined product names for more info!!

The LPOG 2400 DL = Low Pulse Orgone Generator® deLuxe- Middle of the Line Welz Chi Generator®




The RAD PCHD  = HEAVY DUTY Orgone Generator® deLuxe Top of the Line Welz Chi Generator® with 3X the power of the LPOG 2400DL


The LPOG 2400 HD = Heavy Duty Orgone Generator® Top of the Line Welz Chi Generator®





Performer 2400 = Heavy Duty Specialty Device -  Top of the Line Welz Chi Generator®, specially designed for persons who are involved in sports, body building, and Fitness Programs. Twelve precise settings to accomodate their requirements.



The AO 1100 Water Optimizer v2.00r

Frequency 7.83 Hz - In minutes you can now enjoy the benefits of living water (water in its original state) that is also super charged with life force.


The Power Boosters - to triple the output of the
Welz Chi Generators® 

Carry one part with you and put the large part in front of your Orgone generator. Now, wherever you go, Energy will be transmitted to you without loss. Made of Super-Orgonite, a more potent mix of the original formulation





TC 99 Transfer Couple:  --- Transfer Couple: Put one part in front of the output pipe of any Welz Chi Generator®. Carry the other part on you. You decide which part you prefer to carry on you. Being of orgonite®, the TC 99 provides a slight power boost to the JU 99 CE.




The Power Radionics™ Devices
The purpose of a Radionics Device  is to establish structural links for manifestation or "magickal" operations. The purpose of a Welz Chi Generator® is the generating of life force, of Chi energy to enhance such operations. Therefore, all Radionics devices from HSCTI have a built-in Welz Chi Generator® (orgone generator®) to provide the power necessary for effective action at a distance!

(Click the Underlined product names for more info)

The RAD 2000 - 3-Dial Basic Orgone Radionics™ Device - Built-in middle of the line Welz Chi Generator® (same as in the LPOG 2400 DL)



The RAD 2400 HD - Super Heavy Duty Power Radionics™ Device de Luxe - top of line orgone radionics device Built-in heavy duty Welz Chi Generator® (same as in the LPOG 2400 HD)






The RAD 5 = Radionics Device, 5 Generators in Donut Shape-- top of line orgone radionics™ device -
Donut-shaped orgone generator®, specifically designed for the RI 2400 CD Radionics Program for PC. The five output pipes point to the center. Their frequency settings are radionics settings.

v 3.200

The ATGS 3000 = Astro Trend Generating System™ By far the most versatile and powerful work station for trend management, treat 12 fields of life experience simultaneously or use for 12 different actions at the same time. It works well with the FREE RI 2400 CD radionics program (included)



 Welz Universal RADIONICS Manual

Welz Manual: External Power Module

Welz Manual: Performer 2400  

Welz Manual: Aqua Energizer


  • Self Improvement


  • MAXIMIZE your NLP!

  • Increase Charisma

  • Energy and vitality - energize yourself!

  • Energize your Manifestation for rapid results!

  • Relaxation and stress reduction
    Build confidence!

  • Help develop skills

  • Added energy for workouts

  • Help weight control

  • Enhance supplements

  • Use It In Your environment:
    your drinking water
    Energize house plants
    Provide your pets with energy and vitality

  • Assist Others With Needed Energy
    Energize your bod
    y even at a distance!


Welz Chi and Orgone Generators for Manifestation

XtremeMind believes in developing the total human potential. We believe that with these potent devices, you can hone your abilities to a sharp edge... helping you to achieve ALL your dreams.

We have the lowest Welz prices of the web. Compare!!


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