Ultimate manifestation tool: chi orgone generators based on zero point energy

Ultimate manifestation tool: chi orgone generators based on zero point energy Ultimate manifestation tool: chi orgone generators based on zero point energy
Master  covert NLP persuasion techniques, chi control, and seduction tacticsNLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies BLACK CHI ENERGY     Ultimate manifestation tool: chi orgone generators based on zero point energy
NLP persuasion & influence strategies and techniquesMaster  covert NLP persuasion techniques, chi control, and seduction tactics
Ultimate manifestation tool: chi orgone generators based on zero point energy




15yr Lifespan

Dark Energy  Composite


Excellent accessory to orgone boosted radionic boxes



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Fight Fire with Fire

Or in Your Case, with an Inferno


The Chaos Magick Final Solution

UltraMIND Division Manufacturing

Entropy Generator | Amplifying Coil | Uranium-238 | Scalar Generator | Crystal energy |  Magnetic stimulator



negative energy generator for chaos magick


Sometimes Being Bad Can Feel So Good


Pest Infestation? Annoying elementals? Malevolent entities? Dowse them with their own  negativity!


The Inferno is an entropy generator. Some call it a DOR emitter, or a dark matter stimulator. We simply call it a Kick In the Ass.


Using the reverse of tachyon coherence technology, this experimental war machine cascades tsunamis of destructive energy  within seconds. You know it's working because you'll feel like Mike Tyson just walked over you.



The Inferno is not for everyone. In fact this will be produced in extremely limited quantities to restrict potential misuse. 


You want the Inferno if:

  • You already have positive energy generators  which will shield you from its detrimental effects. We recommend at least a Welz RAD 1000. But for maximum protection, you want the Welz RAD PCHD or the RAD-X. Fact is, the Inferno will feed the positive generators and boost their energy!

  • You want to dispel pests, hexes and lower life forms that have been tripping you as of late. Usage on humans is severely discouraged: there's a strong chance the energy will backlash on you.

  • You have a copy of the Dark Arts CD and you feel it needs more kick!

  • You're simply a Collector of strange things.

Technology Brief

Entropy energy is generated by opposite forms of the tachyon resonating cells deployed in the UltraRAD line of devices.

  • Black Tachyon Resonator cell composed of negative energy materials including 3% Uranium-238 in micro quantities.

  • Amplifying coils.


You have a pond full of mosquito larvae? Eliminate them with stagnant energy! Set a dark trend to kill the life forms polluting your pool.



Need a bit of rain? Projecting entropy energy to the skies overhead theoretically incites a rain dance.


Earthbound spirits hovering near your bed? Just as you can't stand noise pollution of the punk next door, this device taints the energetic personal space of entities... and sends them packing!


negative energy generator for chaos magick

Time to Kick Some Serious Ass!



Unless you're a masochist, keep this gadget OFF and away from living areas if it won't be used for a long time. Even with the switch in the off position, the Inferno accumulates negative energy over time. You don't want that in your bedroom or your kitchen!

Keep away from Airport scanners: Geiger counters will go off.


UltraMind LLC


USAGE NOTES: It's 1-2-3!


Step 1: Obtain a symbol of your intent or a sample of your target. Position it next to the device.


Step 2: Touch the talismans as you visualize in three dimensions your precise end-goal. Fill your mind with the realization that your desire has already begun to take shape.


Step 3: Turn on the device and walk away. The resultant energy will reinforce your will and increase the probabilities of your intent.


The remote influence of phenomenon and events is made easy through the use of structural links and energy. The symbols you obtain are these links; the intent behind them is energized by the device. In radionics theory, this closes a loop of causal engineering. Bottomline: manipulated reality.



Battery Type Ave. Operating Time
EverReady Heavy 7- 8 hours
EverReady Super Heavy 10- 11 hours
GP Rechargeable 170 maH 13-15 hours



Order today and get these bonuses for a Limited Time!

Free Bonus Gift #1 ($39 Value) Tachyon Resonator Disc by UltraMind LLC. To protect yourself from the bad stuff

Free Bonus Gift #2 ($45 Value) Tachyon Resonator Crystal . Even more protection from the bad stuff..


100% Dissatisfaction Guarantee

(from the targets of the Inferno, that is)


Order the Inferno

USD $499

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